Eye of Juubi

Ame no Hitosu

Ame no Hitosu (天目一箇神, Ame no Hitotsu no Kami) is the is the Legendary Bloodline Trait and the ultimate visual jutsu which is passed down for many generations in the form of Multiple Stories and Temples by the Sage of the Eight Paths.


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The Legend states that during an era of endless wars between mankind, the entire Gekko Family and the Shimiza Clan have put an end to all the wars that plagued the lands. When Izumogakure was founded, The Sage of the Eight Paths have defeated Satan and splits the Body and Chakura into Ten Tailed Beasts and Jinjuriki. One of the Tailed Beasts, Fortress Gundam as an egg that hatched into a adult version of the eight headed dragon have terroized the village by flooding half of Izumogakure and then demanding the maiden tribute at the turn of the calander. Susanoo Uzumaki weakened the serpent by brewing root beer (Sake in the Japanese version) which caused the Eight Headed Snake to be drunken. Susanoo takes it upon himself to seal the serpent within his descendants. Juubi manages to activate the Ame no Hitosu.


  • Juubi

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