Anja Mita


The Warrior that was Folding Double Tornado Fans as his favorite Weapon.


Anja as the kid seeing the flood killing the parents in Izumogakure. Raiken adopted him as his younger brother and treated him nicely and gentle.


Marineford Fields ArcEdit

Anja met Paul Kurosagi (Paul No Tsurugi) as the Chancellor-in-General along with Empress Okami Yuki of
Pelennor Fields in One Piece

Field Trivia

the Nippon Empire along with the Armies was Ranked the Commandore of the Mobile Suit Forces was sent to support the Soilders and secure the Big Zam Squad for Carl the Commandore of the Black Marines and Brings Ace to the B-N Alliance Battleship Gundam MK III HQ.

Mumakil MayhemEdit

Just as the Battle seem one, The Marines struck back with the Herd of Mumakil. As the Last of the Mumakil fell
Anja and Raiken

Raiken and his friend, Anja

, Akainu was killed at the hand of Okami Yuki. The War won at the hands of the Britannia-Nippon Alliance. When Anja was 23 Years Old, He Adopted a brother named Raiken After the Marineford Field mayhem was tense.


Raiken- Adopted Brother

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