Aqua was one of the members of the reborn Team Okaina.


Aqua, alongside Terra, is one of Shinji's pupils. Like Terra, Aqua also has a dream of becoming a Keyblade master. One Day, an Emperor of Izumo, Paul Gekko arrived and gave Shinji Takato new pupil, Ventus. Terra and Aqua start to question him but this ends up troubling him and he passes out. Shinji explains that he has confusion so Aqua takes on to caring for him. While countless days pass, one day Ventus wakes up in front of Aqua. Aqua gave Terra and Ventus the good luck charms, and saves one for herself before Team Okaina was reborn.

Birth of Ventus ArcEdit

Many Years have passed, Future Paul Gekko was now with the ressurected Black Demon. Ventus and his team managed to stop Future Paul Gekko's Plan, to save the Gekko Clan and the Other Clans.


Aqua has blue eyes, but her hair is blue and shorter. She wears a black and blue, high-collared halter top, two pink, intersecting belts over her chest, and black shorts. She wears an odd silver badge similar to badges also worn by Ven and Terra, though Terra's is gold. On Aqua's arms are white bell-sleeves and tan, fingerless gloves. She also wears a small, segmented piece of armor on each of her upper arms. She wears what appear to be black stockings or socks on her legs which reach to about halfway up her thighs, leaving a small area of bare skin on her upper thighs. Aqua also bears two strips of blue cloth that drape over either side of her hips, along with a smaller, white strip of cloth tied around her waist, draped in the same manner. Finally, she wears pointed, armored, silver boots with a sharp "hook" on the outer side of each.



  • Aqua was loosely based on Aqua in Kingdom Hearts.

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