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Asuka Gekko (飛鳥月光) is the Relative of Paul Gekko. She is the Member of the Gekko Family.


Asuka wears wears a white short sleeved traditional Japanese shirt with black flower design at the left side of her top, black hakama with a white triangle design in side of her hakama with red linings and black, red and white in-step protectors. She also wears matching gray and white fingerless gloves with red and black knuckle guards and a white headband tied around her forehead.


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She is the Member of the Gekko Family. She is the Kindest Girl that understands Paul Gekko's Feelings. Ever since she was a child, Asuka received training in Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts from her father. Upon returning home one day, Asuka found pupils of her father discovered the Strange Blue Stone. She learned from her father's pupils that the Man's Sister showed up at the dojo, severely gave the Blue Stone to her Father. Upon hearing this, Asuka helps Paul Gekko on his Adventures to fight Doctor Eggman and the Kuro Akatsuki.