Baku No Sasori


The Creature of the Japanese myths and the Naruto Series was translated to Puppet of 6 Branches or Sasori the 6 Forked Serpent. It was the 6 Headed Hylian Dragon. He was also the Tailed Beast.


Sasori Flying

Flying Sasori

The Legendary Beast has 6 heads and 6 tails and it's length was over 6 Hills and 6 Valleys. It's Body has coverings of blood and the place of firr and has wings to fly. On each of it's heads were 2 penatrating burning eyes of Winter cherry. The 8 Years that the Elders are forced to offer their 8th daughter, Mutakato {Wonderous Sand-field princess} to Sasori as the Sacrifice.


The Beast was drunk when it smells the Marshmallow Cakes on each 6 giant bowls. The Beast was sealed with Okaina's body. The beast was the visitor to the river in the Peaceful Monoha.

In Naruto SeriesEdit

Sasori in his Puppet Human form was slain by the hands of Chiyo and Sakura. Turning a Puppet into a Dragon God was part of Sasori rumors.


Mad rushEdit

This Ability allows the Creature to Rush through Mountains in the river banks.

Drilling Beam BulletEdit

This Ability can shoot any Targets in sight.

Head ReplicationEdit

This Ability allows Sasori to grow up to 6 Heads.

Physical FlyingEdit

This Ability that has small wings to fly in the sky.

Inferno BlastEdit

The Ability to Breathe fire at Opponents




Honey D. Okaina

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