Blaster is one of the Legendary Kaijus to ever existed after the Era of the Sage of the Eight Paths.


Blaster has thick, leathery skin and three triple-crowned tails that can be used for long distance attacks. It also has a spike-like protrusion on its chest. It's body is extremely resilient against attacks and its impressive size strikes fear into its foes. Slattern's height is estimated at 596 feet and it is estimated at 6,750 tons. Slattern's face is rather unique; a symmetrical facial structure similar to a hammerhead shark that contains four blue eyes on each side. The Kaiju's chin is slanted.


Blastern Pass

Blastern let's the Ladies Pass

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Blaster is the Guardian of Mount Fuji that guards the gate to the Pizza Palace in the Land of Izumo. Paul Gekko offered the Blastern the Large amount of Money and let's the Entire Gekko Family go the Pizza Place. Blaster is a Big Fan of Paul Takamagahara. He allows the Kantainar to pass because he delivers the babies to their new parents in the Village of the River Banks.


  • Blastern was one of the Guardians that exist before the Uchiha Clan and the Senju Clan.


  • (To any other customers) I supposed, I could accept the Green ones and Golden ones to let you pass. (The Gekko Clan gave him Money) Thank You. You may Pass. (Blaster let's the customers Pass)

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