TND also codnamed Teens. Next. Door Book is the Book of Rexadous. It is said that the Title represents College Empire tried to conquer the universe with the College by 4 Technology but was defeated by Paul Gekko who bring Freedom to the Dyna Galaxy.

Page 1Edit

10x4 TechnologyEdit
  • Sled Wings (Multiple)
  • F.L.I.E.R.P.L.A.C.E (Multiple)
  • Teens Next Door Tranports (20)
  • B.O.O.M.E.R (Multiple)

Page 2Edit

School PlanetsEdit
  • Rainbow High Planet
  • James Monroe High Planet
  • Mantooine High Planet
  • Broth High Planet
  • Mespin High Planet
  • Tendor High Planet

Page 3Edit

Bases in PlanetsEdit
  • Mecha Base (Broth High)
  • Rainbow City (Mespin High)
  • Memory Base (James Monroe High)

Page 4Edit


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