Bricker the Super Shinobi


The very Strong-hearted Shinobi with alot of Jutsus and Spells


After the Fortezza Gundam Affair, He was able to revive Nawaki when hes was scummed to 8 Headed Serpent's Poison. He was able to keep up with Dan Kuto as his sensei physically. Sadly the loss of his sensei was heart broken. Heart broken without his sensei he inherited the will of his sensei and focused his special mind to search for a Jutsu when he was 18 Years Old.


Ressurection JutsuEdit

This Jutsu could bring back Tsunade's Ancestors in the very past and other human heroics.

Darkwing JutsuEdit

The Jutsu makes the Appearence of any Darkwing it holds. I am the Terror that Flaps in the Night!
Darkwing Brick

Darkwing Brick

I am Snake that acts like an ancestor! I am DARKWING BRICK
-Bricker to Tsunade about Nawaki and Dan

Orochi JutsuEdit

This Jutsu came from the name of Fortezza Gundam

Time-Travel Jutsu: Black HoleEdit

This Jutsu makes time portal in order to change Tsunade's Future and any Shinobi Future


Dan Kuto- Adopted Father (Desceased but revived)