Cara Yamata


Cara Yamata was a daughter of the great Hira. She is a Jinjuriki of the Lernaean Hydra.


Cara Yamata was a Kind-Hearted girl and a great explorer like her father. When Cara was born, Lernaean Hydra first appeard in Hira's Village. She saw Ten-Tails on her 15th birthday and she offers Ten-Tails to let Link the Hylian Samurai and her father to seal it in her body as proof. Okami Yuki manages to have a relationship physically with her. Cara became friends with Yuki and have alot of good times. Yuki and Cara learned to make Ice Cream and Milkshakes and Nippon Pizza. Due to the weakening of the seal, The Doctors were able to see her baby girl being born. Cara Yamata named her Haruto.

In Naruto CalamityEdit

She is one of the Popular Supporting Characters that helped Honey D. Paul and his Friend defeat the JDG-00X Devil Gundam. She takes the role of Kagami Kyosuke, Matt, T.K., Mimi, Izzy, Sora, Zelda and J.P.


Jinjuriki TransformationsEdit

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As a Jinjuriki, By simply tapping into their beast's chakra, a jinchūriki begins their initial transformation. They are surrounded by a layer of red, wispy chakra and are granted enhanced strength, speed and healing.


  • Hira- Father
  • Mizuichi- Adopted Older Brother
  • Cara's Mother- Mother
  • Haruto- Daughter
  • Nutakata- Uncle

Tailed BeastsEdit