Cassandra Uzumaki


Cassandra Uzumaki (うずまきカサンドラ, Uzumaki Kasandora)  was an Adopted Sister of Paul Gekko. She is a Mother of Kandy. Paul affectionately refers to her as "Cass". She is a Jinjuriki of the Ten Tailed Demonic Spirit. She is a Daughter of the Renato Clan's Late Princess, Magarita Renato. She is the Younger Twin Sister of Elena Uzumaki.


A stark contrast to her brother, Cassandra is a mild-mannered pacifist. Cassandra was kind and loving and gentle.


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Cassandra was an orphan along with Elena who grew attached to Paul Gekko. After he slew the Three Tailed Monster who attacked the orphanage and rescued the children from the incident, they escaped to the Castle in Izumo and made due with Paul's secret missions. However, once he got badly hurt in a match, she seeks Kyoto's help. The two orphans temporarily stay in his care until her brother was awakened after recovering in the fight with the Gigantic Beast. Unaware of the incident, Cassandra chose to tag along with him in Izumogakure hoping to stave her brother's injuries. Sometimes later, Cassandra comforted Paul about the loss of his brother. She became Friends with Raikō Shimiza. Cassandra recieves her Baby from Paul Takamagahara of Takamagahara Village and she named a young girl Cassandra Junior. Cassandra and her child went with Paul to the Pizzeria to have a Pizza Party. Cassandra and her child chose to help Paul Gekko on his journey.


  • Paul Gekko- Adopted Brother
  • Kyoji Gekko- Adopted Brother
  • Kaede Gekko- Adopted Brother
  • Mira Gekko- Adopted Sister
  • Shunji Gekko- Adopted Brother (Deceased)
  • Yuki Uzuki- Sister-in-Law
  • Ventus Gekko- Nephew
  • Kouichi Takeru- Nephew
  • Elena Uzumaki- Older Twin Sister
  • Paul Kiske- Nephew
  • Princess Magarita Renato- Mother (Deceased)
  • Kandy- Daughter
  • Princess Magarita Renato- Mother (Deceased)
  • Juubi- Love Interest

Tailed BeastsEdit



  • (To Paul Gekko) Big Brother (兄さん, Nii-san)}}
  • (To Fortress Gundam) If you use your power, only hatred will come from it. Stay tranquil deep inside me. (あなたはあなたの力を使用する場合は、唯一の憎しみは、それから来る。深く私の中で静かな滞在, Anata wa anata no chikara o shiyō suru baai wa, yuiitsu no nikushimi wa, sore kara kuru. Fukaku watashi no naka de shizukana taizai.)


  • Cassandra was the only person who cares for her family.
  • Cassandra refers to Cassandra the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy in Greek Mythology.


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