Castro the Titan


Castro (カストロ) is one of the Titans.


A giant of a man, Castro is easily the largest character. He has waist-length white wavy hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. he wears a loincloth and a set of what appears to be large heavily modified green samurai armor.


Castro is shown to be kind and peaceful, not wanting to fight.



Early LifeEdit

After the Creation of Planet Dens, Castro was discovered by a group of boys that met the Seagull named Shuttle. He is able to escape but was put to deep sleep by the Spirit of God. After a Deep Sleep, Castro encountered the Shinju that got mad at Kaguya for stealing the Curse Fruit that contains Chakra. Castro watched the Shinju manifested into it's Tailed Beast Form, The Ten-Tails. Castro is with the group of Ligers, Hylians and Pokemon (creature) that were chased by the Ten Tailed Beast. After the Chase, the Gekko Family and the Shimiza Clan met the Giant.

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