Tailed Beasts and Manda

10 Tailed Animals of the Nippon Zodiac and 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac

The Story that Link the Hylian Samurai loved so much when his Mother told him before the Legend of Yuri had began and the Origin of Planet Dens


10 Tailed Animals of the Nippon Zodiac and 13 ChineseEdit

Tailed Beasts

The Beasts and the Promised Land

A Long Long Time Ago, God the Father decided to created this very Earth, Birds, Fish and Men and then he rested for another time. But God the Father have created the 10 Nippon Tailed Beasts and the 13 animals of the chinese zodiac. One Day, He decided to invite all the Tailed Animals and Chinese Animals to the banquet and the Promised Land, The Land flowing with Milk and Honey. But the time that the Manda was invited to the Promised Land by God the Father. But then, There was the 14th Year, The Tailed Beasts and the Chinese Animals had their stomachs full with alot of food and Milk and Honey because their was no complaints.- Link's Mother

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