The Clan Wars II also known as the Second World Clan War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. It involved the Gekko Family and the Shimizu Clan. This War leads to the birth of the Galactic Eggman Empire. It was part of the Great Grand Civil War.

Day 1: The Aftermath of the Eight Headed SerpentEdit

  • The Impel brings the Food Supply, Ammo and Weapons and Tanks and Trojan Horse Walkers to the Gekko Clan's River Bed Village.
  • The Fuuma Village and the Shimizu Clan starts a massive night time assault on the Gekko Family's Mansion while the Izumo Patrol fall asleep guarding the gates.

Day 2:Massive RampageEdit

Day 3: IncidentEdit

  • Iroku Shimizu killed Soumei and Kourin.
  • The Shimizu Clan collapses in the burning building and Raikou Shimizu kills Iroku.
  • Paul Gekko finds Aile and Vent in the amusement park.
  • Girouette adopted Team Vent and made them part of the Guardians.
  • Girouette dies by bestowing Model Z to Team Vent.


  • Paul, Vent and Aile then stormed Slither HQ, defeating the eight Pseudroids once more and eventually confronting Serpent. After a skirmish, Serpent used their rage, anger, and other negative emotions to fully fuel the Model W, and then fused with it to become a mechanical monstrosity. Vent, Paul and Aile, momentarily demoralized, quickly recollected themselves and managed to destroy Serpent and the W. As the building collapsed, the two managed to escape, partly due to Giro's assistance as a Cyber Elf (think of an energy-based soul) and reunite with Prarie and the Guardians to celebrate.