Death Saurer

Death Saurer

Death Saurer is a dinosaur-type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms.


The Death Saurer is a Dinosaur-type Zoid modeled after the fictional Japanese monster Godzilla, and was used by Paul Gekko. The Death Saurer is one of the most powerful Artifacts ever to have existed. Death Saurer was armed with a new weapon, the Charged Particle Cannon. This weapon, long considered to be one of the most powerful ever mounted on a Zoid, was capable of leveling almost any target in a single blast. No form of armor or defense was effective against this weapon. While many other Zoids have mounted Charged Particle Cannons as well, the Death Saurer's is still the most powerful. Additionally, unlike most other CPC-armed Zoids, the Death Saurer does not need to be immobilized in order to fire its weapon. In addition to its powerful weapons, the Death Saurer is also covered by some of the thickest armor on any Gunpla.


  • Paul Gekko

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