Delta Lee

Delta Lee

Delta Lee (デルタ·リー,) is one of the X Brothers that were part of Kuro no Mikoto's Team, Team Cyclone.



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End of Creation ArcEdit

Thunder Strike Launches

Thunder Strike and the White Legacy

The X Brothers, Delta X, Delta Lee, Melk and Fuuma were orphans of the X Clan. They were adopted by Queen Cyclone and was loyal to Thunder Strike to face the Deadly Battleship, the Black Demon. After Kuro no Mikoto sealed away the Black Demon, Kuro and Asahi went on the Mission given by the Queen, is to capture a Giant Scorpion Cake in the Eastern Beach of America and bring it to her Palace which Kuro no Mikoto and his team completed it.


Delta Lee was a stoic and composed individual with a logical and pragmatic approach to life. He took a rational and practical approach to situations such as when he noted that if adults wanted to end the senseless bloodshed, all they needed to do was enter into a treaty and adhere to it.


  • Melk- Sister
  • Delta X- Brother
  • Fuuma- Brother


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