Dendrobium Deidara

Dendrobium Deidara

The Hylian Ninja who was causing Pain and Destruction and he was a former Follower of Lord Farrok and Apaoclypes the 4 Headed Dragon.





The Same Appearence as Deidara's Appearence in Naruto Series.


The Personality was same was Zoro's Personality in One Piece Series.


Dendrobium BackpackEdit

2 Bazzokas

3 Missle Launching Funnels

2 Wire-Guided 5 Barrel Particle Hand Cannons

2 Beam Rifles

2 Dolphin Claws with 2 Hidden Beam Sabers

4 Deadly Snake Missles

1 Bazzoka Sized Beam Rifles

7 Super Trusters


Dendrobium Orchis Mech AbilitiesEdit

Attach and Detach AbilityEdit

The Ability to Attach the Person such as Deidara to the Dendrobium Backpack

Bazooka GrabEdit

When Backpack is Attached, The Person Grabs the 2 Bazzokas from the Arsenal Packets, Carries it on his or her shoulders and fires the Super Rockets

Missle Barrage JutsuEdit

The Jutsu to Launch a Full Scale Missles in the Eartly Skirmish or in the Blue Sky Skirmish.


When Deidara was 55 Years Old, He made his Dendrobuim Backpack with Technology and Jutsus inside the Arsenal Pockets. His Master, Onoki understands the idea. Deidara left the Hidden Stone Village to meet up with the Hylians and Oak.

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