Dharc (2019)

Dharc also known as the Sage of Darkness, is the one of the six guardians of the Triforce.


Dharc has black hair and eyes. He wears the outfit of the mage consisted of black and white color robes.


Dharc is cold toward others, unmoved by and uninterested in what they do or think of him, choosing instead to keep to himself.


Dharc possess the series of dark magic due to Tabuu's influence of the force. Dharc can mutate normally harmless beings into monstrous versions of themselves due to his vast supernatural powers. Dharc can also manipulate the power of traps and explosions that activate once touched. The sorceress harnesses the ability to summon Dark Links, although for her to do so would require the hero to be overwhelmed with confidence. On one occasion Dharc was shown to be capable of receiving premonitions of his own future through his dreams, which he can then act upon. It is also shown that if the corrupted creature dies, the spell will be broken and the creature will transform back to its original form.


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Dharc is one of the Great Charmers born from Raimei Ōtsutsuki's tears. Dharc accidentally chooses Valgas, to be his champion and trains him to be a powerful general and warrior. This leads him to create the Dark Stone which Dharc given to Valgas.