Dr. Jade Balfour

Dr. Jade Balfour

Dr. Jade Balfour, more commonly known as Jade Curtiss (ジェイド・カーティス Jeido Kaatisu) or by his title Jade the Necromancer (ネクロマンサー・ジェイド Nekuromansaa Jeido) is a Colonel serving in the Third Division of the Malkuth military and an exceptional wielder of fonic artes well known throughout Dens. He is always smiling, or at least cheerful, regardless of the events taking place around him, giving little indication of his true thoughts on anything.


Deep inside, Jade feels guilty for all the people he has killed, especially Professor Nebilim. Because he is very adept at masking his deepest thoughts and feelings, Jade is often able to see through others when they try to hide things. Jade's sarcastic and harsh words are often well-founded, and he uses them to express his often disapproving opinions. Other than amusement, Jade rarely shows any sign of his emotions. However, occasionally he loses his composure and his emotions burst out.


Jade wields spears in battle, an unusual weapon for a spellcaster. Unlike the rest of the party, he does not physically carry his weapon in battles; rather he produces it seemingly from nowhere via a unique technique he developed and then sends it away again after finishing his attack. Like with Tear's wands, Jade's spears act more as a focus for his fonic attack power rather than a direct combat weapon, but he can still wield it that way if need be. When Jade first meets the party, he joins at an abnormally high level, possessing all of the artes that he has access to by that level, such as Blessed Drops and Ground Dasher. However, Largo uses a fon slot seal to block Jade's abilities during the invasion of the Tartarus. Jade's strength drops significantly, and he loses nearly all of his fonic and strike artes.


Yggdrasil Island ArcEdit

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Beginning of Naruto ArcEdit

Jade and Nephry

Young Jade and Young Nephry

He lived in the wintery port city of Keterburg, along with Dist, who was then known as Saphir, the future Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX, and his own younger sister, Nephry Osborne. In his youth, he was, as described by his sister, a "devil" who was highly adept in casting fonic artes; his sister saw him as one who did not understand the significance of life or perhaps that anything but himself could be sentient, and therefore he enjoyed killing monsters through fonic artes even adults found difficult. When he was nine he created the process known as fomicry, the science of extracting data from an existing entity to produce a perfect copy known as a "replica". His first attempt was when his sister, Nephry, broke her favorite doll, at which point Jade created a replica to appease her.

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