Banshee Booster

Banshee Booster

EX-79 Banshee Booster is the mobile suit unit combined with the RX-79-9 Banshee Gundam. It was Piloted by Paul Gekko


As described in the MG model manual and MS encyclopedia, while the initial two designs of the Gundam Development Project were specifically designed for an offensive role, the Earth Federation Forces also needed a design for territorial defense in space, also known as Area Dominance tactic.


  • Weapons Containers

Primarily used for clearing out massive quantities of enemy units, the Orchis was armed with two weapons containers with 8 sets of missiles per container. These containers are able to carry additional beam rifles, bazookas, or even a spare shield for the Stamen unit if needed, a set of chain mines, and 3-tube missile launchers and sets of 108-tube micromissile launchers are also included.

  • Beam Gatling Guns

A manipulator-operated, Gatling-style beam weapon capable of high-rate firing. Originally a Neo Zeon weapon, the beam gatling gun can be used with the Unicorn due to Anaheim's universal weapons standard. While the weapon is capable of unleashing a torrent of beam fire, individual shots are relatively weak as they are seen to only chip away at the armor of an AMX-009 Dreissen mobile suit.



The Mobile Suit Unit was created by the Hylian Federation. It was given to Paul Gekko for the Final Battle at the Ka Boa Bu.

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