Ecthelion of the Fountain

Ecthelion of the Fountain

Ecthelion of the Fountain was a mighty lord of Gondolin during the era of Shinseijū since Ancient Times. He is one of the Ancestors of the Gekko Family.


lthough it was never confirmed, it is largely believed that Ecthelion is the original owner of Orcrist. If so, it is interesting due to the fact that Orcrist and its mate Glamdring, killed the two most famous Balrogs of all time.


Creation ArcEdit

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Birth of Shinseijū TreeEdit

Two hundred years after Gondolin was wrought, Ecthelion, Glorfindel and Egalmoth, along with the White Lady of the Ñoldor left the Hidden City due to Aredhel's yearning for the freedom she once had in Valinor. Their orders were to lead her towards Hithlum, where she would meet her elder brother Fingon. When coming upon the Ford of Brithiach, Aredhel ordered them to turn south, for she desired to see the Sons of Fëanor. Thus, Ecthelion and his companions sought admittance to Doriath, but the wardens refused them entrance inside the Girdle of Melian. Having no other choice, they took the dangerous road between the haunted valleys of Ered Gorgoroth. Near Nan Dungortheb, the Valley of Dreadful Death, the riders were caught in a mesh of shadows and they were lost from Aredhel. In vain, they sought her afterwards, but the fell offspring of Ungoliant that dwelt in that place pursued them. Barely escaping alive, the three lords returned to Gondolin without the princess, where they were received in sorrow. Twenty-three years after Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Tuor and Voronwë of Gondolin traveled towards the Hidden City. After being led by Elemmakil through the Seven Gates, Ecthelion appeared before them as Warden of the Great Gate.

End of Creation ArcEdit


Tuor tried to stand in the way of Gothmog, but he was thrown aside. Then Ecthelion, fairest of the Noldor, but whose face now had the pallor of grey steel, dueled him. Losing his sword due to a wound received he was unable to protect himself. Just as Gothmog was about to deliver the finishing blow, Ecthelion jumped and wrapped his legs around the demon, driving the spike of his helmet into Gothmog's body. This caused Gothmog to lose his balance, and he, along with Ecthelion, fell into the Fountain of the King. Gothmog's fire was thus quenched, but Ecthelion also drowned with him and found his death in cool waters, whose lord he was. This may result of creating the Pelennor Village.


  • Paul Gekko- Descendant