Fortress Gundam's Original Sibling


The Eight Tailed Feather Dragon is a Sibling to the Yamata no Orochi.


One of the Sacred Beasts of Izumo, The magic contained in the crystal egg holding Renn soon hatched, with the small whiteish-blue flying fluff ball sprouting forth. Very short tempered he often takes to attacking others with a surprisingly large fire ball, reaffirming the fact that he is indeed a dragon. Renn was found by Paul Gekko. Renn's small stature soon changed as he grew under the care of Paul's Future Wife, Yuki Uzuki, becoming giant in size. Renn transforms into his true form, the Feathered Dragon. Renn is able to merge with Paul transforming Paul's armor and weapons, as well as increasing his power, turning him into Zero Custom, the Knight of Silver Wings.