Eighth Tsuchikage

Eighth Tsuchikage

The Eighth Tsuchikage is the the Handsomest of all the Tsuchikages.


When Shocked toe the Two  Tailed Bunny, Rau La Crescent rampaging the Hidden Rock Village. He feels sad and feeling hurt that Mizuichi's Parents was dying after placing the Basket carrying the Newborn Mizuichi into the River that leads to Izumo.


Eight Tsuchikage

Birth of Mizuichi

Rōshi became the jinchūriki of the Four-Tails over forty years until the Two Tailed Bunny came and ravaged the Iwagakure. The Eighth Tsuchikage manage to seal the Bunny into Mizuichi and was pumbled by Roshi's Full Son Goku Form.

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