Enrique (Fan-made)


Enrique (エンリック) or Enrique Eggman (エンリケ・エッグマン) is the Prince of the Galactic Kingdom of Dr. Eggman.


Enrique could be considered feminine in appearance, short in height and slightly-built. His blonde hair is neatly fringed in front and sleekly well-groomed in back. He has wide, bright blue eyes, and wears dark violet clothing, and a breastplate. Enrique wields a rapier in combat.


Enrique has a strongly and deeply entrenched moral sense, something that puts him at odds with the questionable values of the majority of the Egg Parade nobility. He is a charismatic speaker, the force of his heart filling his words with sincerity that might not otherwise be believed coming from a Eggman's noble.


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Early LifeEdit

In his childhood, Enrique was taken care of by servants like the Swat Troopers for example and saw Lyon- who was like an uncle to him- far more often. As a young adult, he helped the Egg Parade conquer Konohatropolis. When a woman placed the two infants in the center of the forest, Enrique and his brother, Hydron adopted the two infants.


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