Gato (うずまきガトー) is the Member of the Great Uzumaki Clan.


Gato has the strong resemblance of Gato. He has Black hair and eyes and wears a japanese kenpo longtail scarred yellow outfit.


Gato is ruthless and very serious; he grunts a lot. He cruelly looks down on others and rarely shows respect for them. Even so, he softens slightly before Hotaru's presence. But when Paul Gekko tells him about his past, he does the same as hotaru.


Gato is a martial artist who trained with his father constantly in his youth. However, when his father mysteriously killed his mother, he decided to abandon everything from his former life in order to get revenge. In his Mark of the Wolves ending, a stranger -believed to be his father- saves Kain R. Heinlein from the crumbling mansion. Gato is blinded by the stranger before he can act, and can do nothing while the stranger taunts him. When Paul Gekko came after dropping Hotaru Uzumaki in Izumogakure, who was heard of the Murderer, Paul Gekko was successfully forced to transform into the Full Orochi Mode to kill the Murderer.


  • Hotaru Uzumaki- Sister
  • Mother (Deceased)
  • Father (Deceased)
  • Paul Gekko- Guardian


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