The Giant Squid was a large cephalopod that served as the guardian of the Isle Delta.

Personality Edit

The squid was both very dutiful and hostile in nature, attacking anyone or anything that came near the Amusement Park even Team Takashi and Team Okaina.

Appearance Edit

The giant squid had big black pupils and the outside of its eyes were a dark yellow colour. The rest of its body resembled a giant squid and its body was a pinkish colour.

Abilities Edit

The giant squid could use its long huge tentacles to grab, hold and restrain its opponents.


Paul Gekko ArcEdit

Birth of Ventus ArcEdit

When the Luxury Plane carries Team Takashi and Team Okaina to the Tropical Paradise, it attacked the Plane, but was stopped by Paul Skywalker with the Power of the Dark side.

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