Gochi-in no Tajima

Gochi-in no Tajima

Gochi-in no Tajima (五智院 但馬) was a Father of Paul Skywalker.


Tajima had dark-coloured eyes, as well as dark-coloured hair that was shaved in the back, all framing a gaunt-looking face which was further accentuated by his mouth which naturally curled upwards. Attire-wise, he wore a standard black attire, with a high collar, a breastplate with additional plating over the outer legs, foot wraps, sandals and a tantō strapped horizontally to his back.


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Initially a father of five sons, Tajima's two of them grow up to begin a new life and being independent, and was left with Paul Skywalker and M Uchiha. Tajima was pleased nonetheless that this member of the Shadow Clan is a Desciple of Yulia Jue and a Friend to Thunder Strike.

Toshiya Gekko ArcEdit

When the Bus arrives, Tajima was pleased to come with his son along with Izuna and Paul Skywalker to Gunpla Park.


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