Haradrim Soldier

Haradrim Soldier

Haradrim, also called in Westron the Southrons, were a race of Men from Harad in the region of Ancient Izumo.


The lands of the Haradrim lie to the south of Ancient Izumo past the river Poros. These hardy people lived in one of the harshest environments in Planet Dens.

Military TacticsEdit

The Haradrim are said to be skilled archers and horsemen. In battle, they usually drove their Mûmakil into the enemy's ranks, causing terror and panic; with their foes in disarray, the Haradrim then flung spears and fired arrows down upon them from the covered canvas frame atop the mûmak. Their bows, possibly of compound design, were made out of composite materials like antlers and wood and used bamboo arrows from leather or bamboo quivers. Usually this would be enough to rout their foe, but if not the main host charged in behind the great beasts, using their spears, swords and bows with bloodthirsty zeal.



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End of Creation ArcEdit

The 18,000 Haradrim, mostly mounted on the mumakil, were a great threat to the Team Cyclone. Team Cyclone convinces the Haradrim Army to return to their own villages.

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