Hawt House

Hawt House

The Hawt House is a building made for partying in Diamond City located in Izumo.


At the Hawt House, the fans were already waiting for the appearance of their stars. Then a speaker announced the gig of "Mona and The Hot Slices" and they came on the stage and rocked the house. Mona met Paul Tekko, who was the Biggest Fans of Mona that sings Moshimo song for the Hylian Concert at the Hawt House in the Forest of Terror with the Singer Takeru Uchiha. However, Paul Tekko realized that it was almost 12 pm, Mona gives him a slice of Pizza as the Token of the friendship that he promised. Mona placed Paul Tekko's left sandal onto his left foot of Paul Tekko's and realized that the chakura that she saw transforms the Shinobi clothes into Modern Clothes and the Slices promoted to allies of the Gekko Clan.

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