• Normal Form
  • Mega Evolved Form

Heretical Art of Rinne Rebirth (外道・輪廻天生の術, Gedō: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu) is the Jutsu. The wielder can re-infuse new life force energy into the bodies of those who have died. With their rejuvenated bodies acting as an anchor, the individual souls are then able to leave even the crossroad between life and the afterlife, returning back to their physical vessels.


To perform this technique, the user must first acquire some of the Mege Stone or a Fruit of the Shinseijū they intend to reincarnate. This remarks that this basically amounts to grave-robbing also work. Next, a person is required for the soul of the Mega Evolved. Once all prerequisites for the technique have been met, and the Mega Stone or a Fruit of the Shinseijū is smeared on a special scroll and once the scroll is activated, the remains spread out in the form of a special shape shifting in the centre. The person is then Mega Evolved.


  • Itachi Uchiha was able to use Kotoamatsukami to layer another order on top of the one established by this technique overriding the user's Mega Evolution Transformation.
  • The sequence of hand seals for cancelling the technique is Rat → Ox → Monkey → Tiger → Dragon → Boar and saying "release" (解, kai). This also does work when the mega evolved person gets returned into it's normal state.


Known Mega Evolution FormsEdit

Mega Evovled Forms
Rin Nohara
Yamata no Orochi
Yamata no Orochi II
Raimei's Brother

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