Hinka more commonly known (Simply) as Karate Kid was the Legendary Martial Arts Master, who was linked to the Yamata no Orochi Story.


Hinka is round in appearance. He wears black tights, a karate gi, a red belt, and a white bandana, and he has brown hair and a brown ponytail similar to that of Yamikage.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology 

Hinka's parents died after the Yamata no Orochi Attack on Izumogakure. Hinka trained Paul Gekko in order for his top student to control his tailed beast. He was captured by Naori Gekko and his students in his dojo attempt to save their sensei but was able to be free from Izanami by surrendering their lives to She and her comrade. Hinka was freed and tells Naori about the Mountain of Jurakings.

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