Honey D. Okaina


Honey D. Okaina is the Jinjuriki of the Yamata no Orochi. She was a young Member of the Gekko Family. He is the Member of the Heaven Pirates.


Honey D. Okaina Appearance

Honey D. Okaina Full Appearance

Okaina is a Giant with Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes and has red lips. She is wearing a navy blue coat, a fur shawl with a teru teru bōzu attached to it, as well as a Russian Cossack hat.


Paul Gekko ArcEdit

Yamata no Orochi ArcEdit

Link sealing Yamata no Orochi

Link Sealing Orochi

Susanoo Uzumaki drew the Ryuseken Blade that was augustly girded on him, splitting the Serpent into Eight and sealed the First Serpent within Honey D. Okaina and found the Ame no Murakumo inside the Serpent's Flesh and thus making Girouette the Jinjuriki of the monster and the Biometal User. After Susanoo and Kushinada wed, The Shinobi constructed the house for them and living the lives with the couples children. At some Point, Okaina and Honey D. Paul wed and had a son and a daughter. After Childbirth, Okaina chose the two successors of the Izumo's new Susanoo, Kyoji Gekko and Paul Gekko. The Second Eight Headed Serpent was sealed within Kyoji. Paul Gekko was chosen by the Third Eight Headed Serpent in Biometal Form. Girouette dies after giving Paul Gekko the Tailed Beast in Biometal Form as a present.


Tailed BeastsEdit


Fire Style: Full Flame Cannon Wind Style: Multi Sand Snake Jutsu Water Style: Flashflood Jutsu

Devil FruitsEdit

Mizu Mizu no Mi



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