Hotaru Uzumaki

Hotaru Uzumaki

Hotaru (うずまきほたる) is the daughter of a family of martial artists, but is not very fond of violence. She is the Relative of the Gekko Family.


Hotaru is a calm and joyful girl, who was shaken by being abandoned by her family. She still has high hopes that her family will be united again.

Although it is highly implied that Gato is possibly her missing brother, nothing officially states that this claim is true. Itokatsu seems to warm up to him and Hotaru declares that he is based on woman's intuition. However, if this scenario is true, then Hotaru knows nothing about why Gato left their home or the real reason behind her mother's death.


  • Hotaru Uzumaki has the strong resemblance of Hotaru.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

Hotaru is the daughter of a family of martial artists, but is not very fond of violence. She never wants to hurt others, which is the probable reason why her father taught her the lighter side of Chinese Kenpo; the Juu-kei style, which suits her easygoing personality. However, after her mother's death, both her father and her older brother were missing from her home. Paul Gekko and she finds Gato and claims that he's her older brother. She slaps him when he denies even knowing her. He then leaves with Paul Gekko after he takes her to the Izumogakure, and Hotaru silently prays for her older brother to come back to her. Paul Gekko easily defeats her brother when unleashing the Fortress Gundam Form and then kills her Father, who murdered he mother.


  • Gato- Possible Brother
  • Mother (Deceased)
  • Father (Deceased)
  • Paul Gekko- Guardian


  • Rukus (Crocodile)

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