Hylian Hydra Attack

The Ancient World War between the Team Cyclone and the Black Demon Armada.


Team CycloneEdit

Kuro AkatsukiEdit

  • Black Demon (8)
  • Kuro Akatsuki Soilders (10,000)


End of Creation ArcEdit

Thunder Strike Launches

Thunder Strike and the White Legacy

When Asahi no Mikoto was a young Girl, She visited the Shinju the Tree and was given a Boyfriend, and her two sons. As the legends have said, he was the best sky knight in Izumo. He battled the Black Demon and won by sealing it away in the Cave. The Giant Battleship claims that he will return, as long as the Triforce is in it's hand, and also vows that when he does return, the Black Demon will exterminate the Thunder Strike's descendants. After Kuro no Mikoto sealed away the Black Demon, Kuro and Asahi went on the Mission given by the Queen, is to capture a Giant Scorpion Cake in the Eastern Beach of America and bring it to her Palace which Kuro no Mikoto and his team completed it.

Final BattleEdit

Deadly march in the Snow

However, because the Evil Army's heart was not in balance, the Magic Pencil separated upon being touched by the King of Evil, leaving him with only the Pencil of Power and transforming the Sacred Realm into a corrupt world of evil. The Pencil of Wisdom was then bestowed upon Princess Yulia and the Pencil of Courage upon Kokori, respectively. Kokori was then put into a slumber for seven years until he matured enough to properly handle the Blade of Evil's Bane, the Ryuseken. Meanwhile, Kuro Akatsuki used the Pencil of Power to take over Izumo, transforming the land into a world of monsters. Kokori eventually awakens as the Hero of Time and, using the Master Sword and the Pedestal of Time, travels through time to seek the Seven Sages, who were said to have the power to bind the Evil King and return peace to Izumo. With the assistance of the Susanoo no Mikoto, the Hero of Time, wielding the Master Sword, battles the Evil King and weakens him enough to allow the Sages the time they need to bind him and throw him back into the void of the Evil Realm. The King of Evil, threatens to return one day with his Incarnation to exterminate the descendants of the Hero of Time and the Hero of the Summer to make them pay for his imprisonment. With Izumo now at peace, Princess Yulia uses her power as a Sage to send the Hero of Time back to his own age in order to regain his lost childhood. Upon his departure, the Magic Pencil will be found again one day by another Hero that would have need of its power.

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