Hylian Dragons

Dragons in Hyrule

Hylian Dragon is the group of dragons. These Creatures lived in the Planet Dens. They were ruled by a Dragon Queen and the Dragon King.


Hylian Dragons has two wheels as it's legs and Horns at the side of the Heads and the Horns on the Top and has green scales and has coverings of moss and Gundanium Alloy Armor.


Hylian Dragon Species

Hylian Dragon Army

The Hylian Dragon were aggressive and fiesty as the Mountain slithering Fish known as the Snakeheads. They build thier nests on the mountains in America and Izumo. More than 400 years ago, they were the rulers of the land and humans were considered to be merely a food source. But the Dragon King was born along with the Dragon Queen. The reputed couple was proclaimed Dragon King and Queen.

Favorite FoodEdit

The food that the Hylian Dragons Eat was Herring and anchovies in the Pacific Ocean. In North America and Japan, They could eat more fish each year and rice fields.


Hylian Dragons (Evolved Versions)

Panzer Hylians

The female Hylian Dragon can lay up to 99,000 eggs and the Males takes the herring to the mountain tops once it hatches in 1 Day. After 1 Day the Eggs Hatches in to Young Hylian Dragon Larvae. The Larvae eats like a Giant Snake and grows in one night and became an adult as a result.