Ice Cream Monster

Ice Cream Monster

The Ice Cream Monster (アイスクリームの怪物, Aisukurīmu no kaibutsu) was a giant creature made of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream. Ice Cream Monster is a Type of Monster Eaten by the Four Noble Clans and Sei Terumi.


Ice Cream Monster's Full Appearence

Ice Cream Monster

According to Paul Gekko (Future) and Asahi no Mikoto, The Ice Cream Monster is the the Giant Food like Creature made of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream and has the Ice cream cone like shell with spikes and it's claws are on the strawberry Ice Cream Like hands and on the chocolate ice cream like feet and the Ice cream cone like Spikes on the Tail.




  • It resembles and parodies Bowser, the primary villain of the Nintendo video game series, "Super Mario".

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