Cruise Line Impel

Impel is an Izumogakure Cruise Line designed to be travel-cargo carrying-battle Cruiser.

Impel Crew MembersEdit

  • Taanko (Captian)
  • Kouichi Uchiha
  • Yamato Uzumaki
  • Mutiple Waiters
  • Mutliple Chefs

Ship Design and AppearenceEdit

Impel have two to four masts with two to three sails per mast. They are painted green with black marks on the side of the ship. The size of these ships can vary. It has 8 Levels of the Ship, Level 1 is the Main Deck, Level 2 is the Bedroom, Level 3 is the Cargo Room, Level 4 is the Buffet Room, Level 5 is the Prison Room, Level 6 is the Kitchen, Level 7 is the Escape Hatch and the Level 8 is the Bridge.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

When Paul Gekko got separated from his Teamates, the Izumo Military Troops picked him up which is taking him to the Isla Trusta. The People welcomed and comfort him with the The Good Ship Misery Song The Ship Docks on Isla Trusta thus letting Paul Gekko be reunited with his teammates.


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