Isle Delta

Isle Delta

Isle Delta is a tropical paradise island and vacational resort inhabited by Hylians Mages, Dragons, Ligers and Other Animals based on the World of Naruto Series.


  • Izumo Airstrip- The island's airport
  • Izumo Plaza- A large plaza
  • Izumo Hills- A lakeside village with a giant windmill
  • Izumo Harbor- A busy fishing port located on the outskirts of the island
  • Jello Beach- A sandy and sunny beach and its surrounding coral reef
  • Jurassic Park- The amusement park on the island where many Mages live
  • Shinto Bay- A peaceful and serene bay where mainly
  • Alpha Village- A high village populated mostly by Hylians
  • Master Mountain- An active volcano high above Izumo Plaza
  • Mobotropolis- A Capital City in the Center of Izumo Plaza

Other locationsEdit

  • Yuki Beach- A luxurious beach often visited by Team Takashi
  • Mystery Square- A small port housing an even smaller market
  • Jurassic Mall- A huge, three story mall filled with Hylians and the Members of the Tsuchigumo Clan and Hagoromo Clan
  • Izumo Airport- The island's second airport.


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