Itama (いたま) is one of the Incarnations of Kokori no Mikoto.


Itama had a head of two-toned hair, with one side being black and the other half being white with matching eyebrows. He bore great resemblance to his siblings with his dark eyes, and generally wore a simple pair of pin-striped pants, a dark-coloured shirt, and a short haori.



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End of Creation ArcEdit

Itama was a young shinobi from the Ancient Izumo. Upon hearing the news of Meredy's Parents killed by the Black Demon, a tearful Itama assembled alongside his father, and his siblings as the fallen were buried. After his father scolded him for crying, as shinobi were not to show emotions, Itama looked on in shock at the altercation between his father and his eldest brother. Later, while speaking to his brothers about seeking peace for the world, Itama voiced the concern of what would happen to the retribution that should be sought for the death of their relatives. Some time later, Itama was surrounded by members of the Uchiha clan, only to be spared by them thanks to Thunder Strike and his Teammates.


  • Kokori no Mikoto- Original Itama
  • Itama's Cousin- Cousin
  • Itama's Older Brother- Brother
  • Itama's Younger Brother- Brother
  • Itama's Father- Father

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