Izumo Incident (Comic Version)

Izumo Incident

Izumo Incident (出雲の事件) was the Disaster that on Izumo Continent.


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The Eight Headed Serpent comes each year, who lived in the Lake near the Village at Mount Sentsu and then ravaged the Village in Izumo demanding maidens as sacrifices and killed the 3 Bullies, who bullied Edward Falcon and Valgas when they were kids . Susanoo turned Kushinada into a kushi 櫛 "comb" for safekeeping. The Elders bultied walls, at each gate tie [together] eight platforms, on each platform put a liquor-vat, and into each vat pour the eight-fold refined liquor, and wait. So as they waited after having thus prepared everything in accordance with his bidding, the eight-forked serpent came truly as [the old man] had said, and immediately dipped a head into each vat, and drank the liquor. Thereupon it was intoxicated with drinking, and all [the heads] lay down and slept. Then Susanoo Uzumaki drew the Ryuseken Blade that was augustly girded on him, and sealed the Serpent within Honey D. Okaina and found the Ame no Murakumo inside the Serpent's Flesh and thus making Girouette the Jinjuriki of the monster. Enraged of the Incident, Irei Shimizu recently went to the secret home only to find that Hakinin Shimizu was dying with his last words saying Please... Take care... of... Jenny.... Irei. When Jenny saw Irei, Jenny was shocked with tears about His Older Brother died passing his will and promise to Irei. When Irei Hears Yuki Imai screaming in Horror about the Her Parents being chased by the One of the Kuro Akatsuki's Mobile Suits that caused her to enter Tailed Beast State at the Final Battle in Ka Boa Bu, Irei stops and calms her down by giving her a Hug.


  • The Incident was based on the Naruto Shippuden Series.

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