Jakiten (弱点, Jakten) was the Legendary Pilot of the Vagan Gear Max.


He was charming and soft spoken; he was gifted with youthful charisma often compared to those of modern idols.


Vagan Gear Max with Beam Fingers

Jakiten facing the Army of Shinobi

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Jakiten was assigned to test drive the Massive Mobile Armor to test its performance capabilities by intervening in the conflict in Krugis. Once there, Jakiten proceeded to eliminate all warring sides until everything was destroyed. He spared no one but one boy, Kuromaki, as he saw the young child reflect him with such awe and worship. He would later comment on it as a "momentary impulse... but also a sort of mercy."


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  • Jakiten means weakness.
  • Jakiten was similar to Ribbons from Gundam 00 Series.

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