Jinan Rangetsu (2019)

Jinan Rangetsu is the member of the Rangetsu Family that served the Great Charmers and the younger brother of Chōnan Rangetsu. He is known as the King of Hyrule.


Jinan Rangetsu is fair-skinned young boy of somewhat short statue and lean-built. He has large blue eyes and black hair. Noticeably, most of his hair is straight and chin-length, framing his face, while the rest is tied in a high ponytail, reaching his ankles. His most noticeable trait is small horizontal scar running across the bridge of his nose. He is usually seen wearing a traditional samurai attire consisting of a hakama with a white under shirt, red robe that shifts into white at the hem and edge of the sleeves, and blue pants. He also wears simple sandals without tabi. He is almost always seen with his sword, a standard katana.


Jinan is a carefree, hot-blooded person who is always ready for a fight. Due to his courage, bravery, and kindness, he has earned the affection from many girls.