Johnny Gekko

Johnny Gekko

Johnny Gekko was a Eldest Member of the Gekko Family.


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A 7th-grader attending Seiho Academy whose family owns the Iori Model shop. He has been a Gunpla fan from a young age. Johnny has shown an advanced knowledge of Gundam and a proficieny with building Gunpla that is often compared to his father's, who was a remarkable Gunpla builder himself. For example, he gave an excellent overview of the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam's abilities and characteristics to a customer. (Sei also gets so excited that when talking about the Wing, he starts to briefly tell the customer about the history of the unit!). He is the creator of a customized RX-78-10 Wing Gundam Bijuu.


  • Takeshi Iroi- Adopted Father
  • Rinko- Adopted Mother
  • Sei Iroi- Adopted Brother


  • The Name refers to Johnny Ridden (ジョニー・ライデン Jonī Raiden?) was one of the many ace pilots who fought for the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War. His nickname was originally said to be the Red Blitz (赤い稲妻 Akai Inazuma?), but this was later retconned into the Crimson Lightning (真紅の稲妻 Shinku no Inazuma?). Ridden gained fame as a character from Mobile Suit Gundam 's variant line, MSV.

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