Kaboomer was a 8 Year Old Boy with alot of sorrow and
Kaboomer crying


sadness abou his parents passing away. He was a Jinjuriki of Mataru.

Legend of YuriEdit

Long ago, When Fortezza Gundam first appeared in Townsilla village, Kaboomer's parents were killed by the Black Beast, Orochi right before his very starry night sky eyes. Kaboomer was raised and adopted by Link the Hylian Samurai. Link slew the Orochi and avenged his Parents' Death. Kaboomer changed his sorrow into happiness once again.
Loss of Kaboomer's Parents

Orochi attack


  • Link- Adopted father
  • Kaboomer's Father- Father (Desceased)
  • Kaboomer's Mother- Mother (Desceased)

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