Kaede Gekko
Vital statistics
Title Kaede Gekko
Gender Male
Race Hylian
Faction Gekko Family
Health 5212
Level 8662
Status Active
Location Izumogakure

Kaede Gekko (カエデ月光) is the Older Brother of Mikazuchi no Mikoto, Paul Gekko, Kyoji Gekko, Sōma Gekko, Mira Gekko and Shunji Gekko.


Kaede was a tall man with waist-length,he has Brown eyes and Brown Hair sually tied back into a pony tail and fair Skin. wears an all white Special-A Class Strider outfit with brown accessories, with a brown kanji of the first character of his codename imprinted on the upper left of his chest. He wears a Shirt and Short Pants and wears Japanese geta (wooden sandals).


As a Special-A Strider, Kaede is among the strongest Striders on the group, and is likely close to be equal to a Shinobi.


  • Plasma Beam: Kaede winds up much Chakra, lowering his body and raising both hands over him similar to a Tailed Beast Bomb. He then rises up and crosses them in front of him, releasing a large beam of plasma from his mouth.


Early LifeEdit

Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology
Orochi debut

Orochi before the Bowls of Drinks

Paul Gekko was born as one of the Seven Siblings to Kusanagi Gekko, who was a Samurai and Laura Gekko ,who was a Princess. With the loss of the his Father survived the Flood caused by the Eight Headed Serpent attacking Izumogakure, Kyoji and his mother raised Paul Gekko on his building of Technology and doing the Christian Way as child. When Paul Gekko was 5 Years Old, He met Kokori no Mikoto as his Sibling like Figure. Kokori trusted Paul Gekko to carry on his Reputation as the Hero of Time. When Paul Gekko was 6 years Old, He was depressed, Paul Gekko met the old begger woman who lived in the house who consoles him upon learning of his mother and father's death. At this Point, Paul Gekko was a big fan of Speed Racer. Speed Racer gave Paul Gekko an Autograph which he has on Paul Gekko's Book. At some Point his younger brother Sōma Gekko became the captain of the Heaven Pirates. Paul Gekko have visited the Small Planet to taste the pizza and it likes it. However the Child was challenged by the Ōtsutsuki named Kaguya into a Pizza eating Competition and were tied after eating all of the Pizza Garlic Bread and Marinara Sauce. Paul Gekko meets a Young Soo-Won, Hak and Yona playing in the Snow. Paul Gekko throws a Giant Snowball at Hak. On the other hand, Hak started a snowball fight with Yona and Paul Gekko and brought the life back to little Yona’s eyes. Soo-won, Paul Gekko and Hak caught colds from playing in the snow, and how she felt abandoned when her father didn’t visit her in her room. Much to Soo-Won's surprise, Yu-Hon also arrived at the palace to check up on the group, and, despite scaring both Hak, Paul and Yona with his intimidating presence, cheered up Soo-Won with his wishes for Soo-Won's good health. As both the boys drifted off to sleep that night, Yona quietly became saddened over the fact that her father had not come to see her. Even though at the end of the day, all four of them got sick and had to be looked after, it was clear that they didn’t mind being sick as long as it meant staying together. Yona’s feelings are soothed when Il arrives at night with terrible homemade food for his daughter, and the King proves himself to be a doting, though busy, father. (Sonic Underground)

Part IEdit

Paul and Girouette

Paul Gekko and Girouette

Prior to being a Jinjuriki, Girouette was the eighth Jinjuriki of the Eight Headed Snake. Shunji met Girouette, who save Aile. Shunji asks Giro to take good care his younger brother because of the loss of their Mother which Girouette agrees. Paul the chosen one for Model O the Biometal and through Double Megamerge can use the other Biometals. Prairie requested Giro and Paul and Aile to deliver Model X. During the delivery, the two took a break at a cliff, when they were attacked by a Four Legged Maverick which knocked Paul and Aile off the cliff with Model X and Model O, but somehow survived resulting the awakening of Dark Gaia. Giro then fights the Mavericks and tries to reunite with Paul and Aile, with the help of Model Z. He arrives at Area B, and and destroys the Apsalus for Paul and Aile, and explains he's a part of the Guardians.

Paul Gekko Crying

Paul Gekko crying for the loss of Girouette

The two go to Area X, the Guardian Base, and learns that the Maverick attack is being staged by someone. Before more info can be found, however, Paul Gekko and Aile and Giro learn that Area D, which is close to a town with innocent people, is being attacked. Paul Gekko and Aile rushes off to Area D despite Giro's warnings, and Giro follows them. Giro takes a head start, and while rescuing a few of the Guardians, encounters Serpent, Prometheus, and Pandora. Although he tries to fight, he is overpowered by the power of Model W, and Sasuke uses the Sharingan to force Girouette to fight against Paul and Aile. Icy Orochi finishes off Giro, and collects Model Z and Model X's password. Giro's body seems to be damaged beyond repair, so he decides to give Model Z to Paul Gekko, Aile, and turns into a Cyber-elf, which somewhat saves his life, but by doing so he dies. Paul and Aile are very sad and Paul gekko yells how he can't save anyone. Model Z tells him about the double megamerge while the Mavericks approach to kill him. He choose to try it, but after destroying the Mavericks, he faints off exhaustion. Paul awakes in the Guardian Base and finds Sho and other friends that were rescued by the Guardians. Serpent divulges that all Mega Men were designed to destroy each other and survive to control Model W, and that the process was all just a game to decide the ruler of the world. Serpent then continues on to say that even she has the blood of "the man who made Model W" in their veins, which disturbs Aile and Paul. As Flying Fortress begins to collapse, Serpent claims that destruction still awaits them so long as humans have emotions, there will always be hate, they are the true Mavericks. Aile and Paul, still troubled by Serpent's words, is reassured by Giro appearing as a Cyber-elf telling her to forget the past, that destiny is not something that is given and that her power is the key to shaping her own future. With restored confidence, Aile swears to use her power responsibly to fight for what matters. Paul and Aile continue their adventure across the world. Aile then revealed to Paul that Light Gaia had been fighting Dark Gaia in a continuous cycle of destruction and restoration of the planet since the dawn of time. Paul believed that Aile was the reason he remained the same as a Jinjuriki, but Aile revealed that it was Paul's own strong heart that prevented him from succumbing to the darkness. After thanking Paul for showing her the world . Aile tried to leave to stop Dark Gaia on her own, but Paul stopped Aile and convinced him to let him help him. Paul and Aile later arrived at the Amusement Park at the Earth to find the Temple. As they placed the Model X and Model Z and the Continents was moving back into place, Paul and Aile believed it was over, They fell into a hole to the planet's core where they were saved by Model O. However, Dark Gaia then emerged from the core, sucking Paul's new powers to complete itself, curing Paul of the Mega man condition. With Paul too weak to escape the Cyber Elf, Giro, protected Paul and Aile and restore Paul's new Powers and Paul and Aile fought Dark Gaia. During the fight however, Dark Gaia matured and became Perfect Dark Gaia and began casting the world into darkness. As Paul and Aile harnessed the Biometals Model O, Model X, and Model Z, Paul and Aile, defeated Perfect Dark Gaia and sealed it inside the planet. With the Continents coming down, They then returned to the surface of the Planet Dens by Light Gaia, who got sealed inside the planet and returned to dormancy. (Blue Seed)

Laputa ArcEdit



Sakai Laputa was discovered by Paul Gekko, who takes him Home to recover. On waking, Sakai is surprised to find that Paul Gekko is building a small aeroplane, with the intention of finding the lost city of Laputa, as his father had taken a photograph of it while flying. He tells him that his family lived in a small valley to the north named Gondoa, and that he had lived alone once his grandmother had died, until being abducted by the Kuro Akatsuki Leader, Sasuke, who was revived by Dark Gaia and his agents. Later in the day they are pursued by Fairy Tail pirates, and later by Sasuke's soldiers. Eventually, the two fall into an abandoned mine, where they encounter the local eccentric 'Uncle Pomme', who informs them that Sakai's amulet is one of the 'volucite' crystals ('Aetherium' in the American release) formerly used to keep Laputa aloft. Upon leaving the mines, Sakai reveals his name of 'Sakai Laputa'; whereupon they are captured by Muska, and when Paul tries to defend Sakai from the soldiers, he is knocked out in the process, and are taken to the fortress of Tedis; Paul Gekko is imprisoned in the fortress' dark, cold and damp tower while Sakai is imprisoned in a more lavish room. Later, Sasuke shows Sakai a dormant Laputan robot and reveals his knowledge of her secret name, which he interprets as that of a Laputan royal line. If Sakai refuses to cooperate, Sasuke will have Paul Gekko killed by the military. In order to prevent this from happening, Sakai orders Paul Gekko to leave for his own safety. Distraught, Paul Gekko returns to his own house, only to be dragged forcibly inside the house by Fairy Tail wizards and tied up. After being questioned harshly and rudely and deriding him as a "scared little boy who runs away," Makarov explains to Paul that Sakai was forced to tell him this in an effort to protect him. He also explains that once Sasuke has what he wants from her, he will most likely kill him. Upon hearing that airship Goliath will be taking off with Sakai to find Laputa, Makarov and the Gang prepare to intercept and capture the crystal. Paul asks Makarov to join Fairy Tail Guild to save him. Makarov initially refuses, but, after a moment of thought, reluctantly accepts and cuts Paul loose and immediately leave for the fortress of Tedis. Sakai, retained by Sasuke, recites an apotropaic verse and unexpectedly activates the amulet and the robot, who proceeds to destroy the fortress, while Pazu and Makarov's wizards embark in winged 'flaptors' to rescue Sakai themselves. Meanwhile the robot seizes Shakai, but when struck by Sasuke's artillery, retaliates against the fortress, until Sakai orders it to desist, losing her amulet in the process. The robot is then overcome by Goliath, and Paul Gekko rescues Sakai, while Sasuke obtains the amulet. The Wizards, accompanied by Paul and Sakai, return to their airship Tiger Moth, where Dola assigns Sheeta to the galley and Pazu to assist her engineer, and in which they pursue the direction identified by Sakai's amulet as that of Laputa, while Sasuke follows in the same direction in the Goliath. Both airships arrive at Laputa on the following day, where the two children, separated from Makarov's Guild, discover a city devoid of human life, but possessed of a park-like woodland with a gigantic "Eternal tree of life", maintained by a robot resembling that of the fortress. Sasuke's soldiers plunder the city's treasures, holding Natsu, Lucy and Gray captive, with the intention of having them lynched. The ancient city is revealed to be twofold; a crumbling, overgrown yet beautiful ruin of a castle above, and a perfectly preserved scientific marvel below, utilizing the ultimate evolution of the crystal levitation technology displayed by Sakai's amulet, as well as holography, magnetic cohesion, pseudo-nuclear weaponry and a veritable army of the semi-sentient robots. Upon gaining entrance to the city's central sphere, Sasuke captures Sheeta and his agents open fire upon Paul, receiving a scratch to his left cheek; whereupon Pazu frees Makarov's friends and pursues Sasuke. In the center of Laputa, containing the immense 'volucite' crystal keeping the city aloft, Muska identifies himself as "Romuska Palo Ul Laputa", another royal line, and uses Sakai's "key" crystal to access the advanced Laputian technology. He then massacres the soldiers, and destroys the Goliath. During the mayhem, Sheeta seizes her crystal amulet and flees, prompting Muska to pursue her. Encountering Paul and Pazu through a gap in a wall, Sakai gives him his amulet, and is herself later cornered by Muska in Laputa's abandoned throne room. Arguing with Sasuke, Sakai realizes and explains that the people of Laputa left the castle because it had no life. Sakai refuses to believe her, threatening to shoot her ears as well unless the crystal amulet is given to him. Paul then enters and says he'll give the crystal amulet to Sasuke if Paul can talk to Sakai; Sasuke grants the two one minute to negotiate. Sheeta and Pazu then recite a "Spell of Destruction', blinding and killing Sasuke and destroying much of the city. Having survived the collapse, Paul and Sakai re-unite with Makarov and his friends (who have had the presence of mind to swipe some of the city's treasures before fleeing), and later part from them to fly to Izumogakure as Paul had promised. (City Escape)

Yggdrasil Island ArcEdit

Meeting the Ten TailsEdit
Ten Tails' Tailed Beast Bomb

Ten Tails Firing the Tailed Beast Bomb

When Mikazuchi was a young girl, she lived with her brothers, Kyoji Gekko, Paul Gekko, Sōma Gekko and Kaede Gekko and her sister, Mira Gekko. Though the seven of them were poor, Mikazuchi enjoyed her life, until Paul Gekko takes her to Yggdrasil Island where the Ten Tails attacked Rosemary Village. Paul Gekko tries to save Mikazuchi but met the Ten Tails in a chase, whilst she managed to escape with Erzamaru. Since then, Mikazuchi was caught in the Grand Magic Games and Paul Gekko was able to save his sister and Erzamaru. (Speed Racer Reprise)

Resistance ArcEdit

He used it's Version 2 to chase the Izumogakure Truck carrying the Ancient Treasure called Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (天叢雲剣), "Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven"), which is Kallen and Nagata, who were the Japanese Resistance is driving it. Paul Gekko entered Tailed Beast State to slow the Resistance down but ends up battling Kallen with it's Gunpla, RX-79-9 Banshee Gundam since it was created by the Hylians. She is able to escape after ejecting, meeting up with Nagata and the rest of the resistance. However, the Kid found where they were hiding. Paul Gekko activated the Mythology Mode to find that the Resistance is working for Strange Organization called the Kuro Akatsuki. Paul Gekko managed to convince the Resistance that working for the Strange Group will only lead to the Warth of God. Kallen and the Resistance accepts the Truth and finally treats Paul Gekko like younger brother like Figure. Later hears his mother's voice guiding him to being a full responsible boy like his father. Paul's Elder Brother and his followers brought him to the Head of the Family to have a dinner with her about the Wielder of the Tailed Beast. Quess have given him The Curse of the Double Doubloon to make sure that He can controlled the Eight Headed Dragon. When Paul Gekko was 8 Years Old, he manages to subdue the dragon by using the Shadow Rasengan. After a brief struggle, Acnologia, taking advantage of Paul Gekko's Rasengan, absorbed the Chakra from the rasengan and befriends the Jinjuriki of the Yamata no Orochi. Quess comforts Paul and let's go on a journey with his Brother. On Paul Gekko's Sixteenth Birthday at Mountasia, Kyoji have given him a Yasakani no Magatama as Paul's Birthday Present. Kyoji Gekko, the Jinjuriki of the Fortress knows his mother, let alone both parents, because his mother died shortly after giving him up to the Great Five Shinobi of Eight Paths. When Paul Gekko was 13, he caught a Australian Barracuda that was raiding the Village where the boy and his parents were rescued and keeps it as a pet. Kyoji was weakening due to the love and caring for his brother and the loss of his mother.

One Piece ArcEdit
Birth of Ninja PiratesEdit

Sōma Gekko was known to eaten the Devil Fruit, Kami Kami no Mi. He enters the Grand Line over the Umigakure Village on a Boat as a Legendary Pirate of the Heaven Pirates. He was Also a Member of Heaven Tail. At some point in the three years prior to the present time, Whitebeard read in the newspaper about Soma Gekko increasing fame as the captain of the Heaven Pirates and how Ace refused the offer of a Shichibukai position, and then later finally met Soma and Ace, who had spent a long time looking for him, willing to defeat him and claim his throne as the strongest in the world. Right after the five-day fight between Ace and Jinbe, Whitebeard approached the Spade Pirates on board of the Moby Dick, and telling his own crew that he will deal with Ace and Soma alone. Whitebeard defeated both Ace and his crew without a single scratch on him. After the confrontation, aware of the two boys' talent and, he drafted him into his crew, eventually allowing him to become commander of his Second Division, despite his young age and even though Ace had tried numerous times to kill him. (We are)

Prologue of One PieceEdit
Paul Gekko as the Leader of the Gekko Clan

Paul Gekko as the Family Head of the Gekko Clan

Paul Gekko shows up to see the Disappearance of his Younger Brother. Paul Gekko and the others formed the Ninja Pirates.Over time, the crew gained a great reputation, and Paul Gekko was known as the "master rookie" and was also offered the chance to become one of the Shichibukai, but he refused. He also attracted Edward Newgate's attention through the newspaper like Paul Gekko's Brother. When they finally entered the New World Ace, Paul Gekko immediately went to meet "Red Haired" Shanks in order to thank him for saving his hero. Paul Gekko and his crew eventually decided to keep searching for One Piece the Legendary Treasure and his younger brother, but were stopped by Boa Hancock, who fought Paul Gekko to protect Luffy at Alablasta. Paul Gekko and Luffy reunited again because they share the same dream about finding One Piece and eating of Food. In their haste to get to the restaurant, Luffy and Paul accidentally slammed two men straight through the back of the restaurant and through several houses. To his surprise, one of the men he knocked into was Smoker. Recognizing the Marine, Luffy, Paul Gekko and his Crew instantly ran away and was soon being chased by Smoker and his Marines all over the town. In the midst of the commotion, Luffy, Straw Hat Pirates and the Ninja Pirates were saved by the other man he knocked over, his brother Ace. Hancock violently kicks Paul Gekko to prevent him from racing to Luffy. Regrouping with their own crew back on the Going Merry and the White Angel, Luffy explained things to them and Paul Gekko about Ace. As Luffy was talking to Paul Gekko, Ace appeared and momentarily asked Luffy and his crew to join the crew he was under, the Whitebeard Pirates.

Impel Down ArcEdit
Luffy and the Impel Down Prisoners Diving

Luffy and the Impel Down Prisoners

On White Fox, Prince Maxus tells Paul Gekko that his Younger Brother was at the Underwater Prison that the Umigakure Villagers feared it. Upon Hearing This, Paul Gekko asks for Help from Taanko the Captain of Impel. Taanko accepts his Offer and Set Sails to the Underwater Prison. After the Arrival, Paul Gekko uses the camouflage-like Aura to reach to Level Six just in time to save his brother but was halted by the warden Magellan. Paul Gekko sees Luffy again with Bon Clay who were attending to save Ace in Level Six too. Taanko contacts Paul Gekko on a Walkie Talkie about reaching Level 6 of the underwater prison. Magellan then informs the three that they have blockaded the staircases to Level 5 and Level 3. The 3 remaining Demon Guards and Sadi-chan guard the Level 5 entrance. Hannyabal and a group of guards guard Level 3's entrance. Magellan then uses his Hydra attack and sends Paul Gekko, Luffy and Bon Clay on the run (which Bentham insists on distracting the Warden disguised as Luffy, so the real Luffy could get away) The three split up and Magellan starts to pursue Luffy who has already breathed in some of the poison from Magellan's attack. Bentham starts to worry and begins to think of ways to help only to realize that he himself would get harmed. Magellan also tries to interrogate Luffy on how he snuck into the prison but Luffy refuses to say anything. Luffy, Paul Gekko and the Gang escaped Impel down and head towards to Marineford leaving Bon Clay staying behind in Impel Down.

Marineford ArcEdit
Orochi vs Sengoku

Paul Gekko battles Sengoku of the Marines

At some Point during the "Summit War" at Marineford, Paul Gekko was shocked that his Younger Brother was prepared to be executed along with Ace, Paul Gekko uses the Full Eight Headed Snake Form to save Soma combined with Luffy's Haki to save Ace. According to Soma, Paul Gekko can use his fists into pure lava before throwing it forward, like an over-sized hurricane to sink Marineford. Paul in Orochi starts to sink the Marineford by accident causing the Marines run in fear. Sengoku does not stand idly by watching, instead suddenly transforming into his Buddha form and delivering a powerful shockwave to the Yamata no Orochi, sending the Ace, Luffy, Soma and Paul Gekko flying. Then he warns Paul Gekko to not go around spouting nonsense such as sinking the mighty fortress which represents justice and prepares to fight to defend the pride of the Marines. In the Battle, Yamata no Orochi uses the Magma Hurricane on Sengoku's Shockwave as a defense but is knocked back by the intervention of Garp. Orochi shows the Ultimate Power based on the Gura Gura no Mi that taunted Sengoku and Garp, stating that he will end their age by mercy. Akainu, who was impressed by Paul Geko's new powers attempts to strike the defensless Paul and Luffy with his Magma, but Ace leaps in between them and takes the hit.

Luffy and Ace

Luffy and the Dying Ace

The remaining fragment of the Vivre Card that he gave to Luffy rapidly disintegrates into ash as everyone looks on in shock. Feeling nostalgic for Dadan as well, Ace asked Luffy to give her his regards if he ever ran into her, and that he misses even someone like her, and also stating that he wished that he could have seen Luffy accomplish his dream. Ace affirmed his resolve and noted that just as they swore to each other, he had no regrets about the way he lived his life, and that it wasn't fame, or glory he wanted, but rather the answer on whether or not he truly deserved to be born. Noticing his voice getting quieter, Ace asked Luffy to pass on his final words to his crew. With his last breath, Ace tearfully thanked his family and friends for loving him, causing his crew call out to him in grief. Ace dies smiling, satisfied with his life. Now dead, Ace's lifeless body slips out of Luffy's arms as everyone looks on in shock. Paul Gekko thanks Ace for saving him and Luffy and everything that Luffy cares. To fulfil Ace's wish, Paul Gekko then grabbed his brother and dragged him out saying that he still needed to enroll to the Guild, and that he could have fun later. Paul Gekko, Sōma and his crew were reunited but was cut short by Yugito Nii, who had intentionally led them there, and activated explosive tags which were placed over the tunnels behind them, sealing them in. Knowing that they were from Izumogakure, Paul Gekko and Yugito starts to argue in their respective Tailed Beast Forms but were prevented from fighting by Kyoji Gekko, who is on Wheelchair and Erza Scarlet. Paul Gekko accepted his fate and broke the loop caused by the Izanami to Naori Uchiha. Before Paul Gekko accepted his fate, He telepathically thanks Luffy for being a Great Friend.

Academy ArcEdit


Paul Gekko was present when Natsu brought the egg from which Happy would later hatch to the guild. He suggested that they all eat it together, but was astonished when Natsu claimed the egg to be a dragon's egg as the marks on it were akin to those made by a dragon's claw. He watched on sceptically as Lisanna and Natsu decided to hatch the egg together. The next day, he was as surprised as everybody else when Natsu stormed into the guild, raging about the egg's mysterious disappearance. Gray got angry when Natsu went around accusing people randomly of having stolen the egg. But everybody calmed down when Elfman returned, revealing that he had taken the egg to help warm it up in the night. Soon afterwards, the egg hatched to reveal a winged, blue cat. After the event, everybody returned to their usual jovial mood.

Meeting UramaEdit
Paul Gekko's Tailed Beast Bomb

Paul Gekko during the Izumo Academy Days

Paul Gekko graduated from Duel Academy with his Machina Deck. Paul met Thetis at his beginning of the Pokémon Journey in the Unova Reigon and was successful on becoming the Pokémon Master while Thetis have succeeded in becoming a Pokémon Coordinator. Paul Gekko be came a Pokemon Master of Kalos, Sinnoh, Hoenn and Johto. Some years later, the Village where Paul Gekko went, was demolished by a Giant Moving Statue. Lyon, Bastia, Wang and Urama found the town's sole survivor. Uruma took Paul Gekko as her third student and taught him and Bastia Ice-Make Magic. Paul accepted the training in order to eventually avenge his new deceased neighbors and classmates by capturing the Gedo Juubi using Urama's unorthodox methods. Paul Gekko also obtained the unusual habit of stripping unconsciously from Urama's training methods. When Paul Gekko heard of Gedo Ten Tails' current locaton, he decided to unleash the Orochi against the Gedo Juubi, understanding Urama's and Bastia's warnings. Paul collapsed from battling the Gedo Juubi and woke up to see Urama battling it. Urama told him to take Bastia and run. Paul carries Bastia and saw that Urama has a scar on her cheek. Bastia woke up and tried to cast Iced Shell, stopped him by freezing him. She explained to Paul that Iced Shell was the only thing that would beat the Gedo Juubi, and was surprised to know that Lyon had tried to do what she planned. She then used Iced Shell which caused her body to be destroyed. Before turning into ice, she made Paul promise to tell Bastia that she died and told him to step into the future, since she would seal his darkness. The next day, Bastia woke up and discovered the Gedo Juubi encased in ice and Urama's sacrifice. Basita saw Lyon Vastia and Gray Fullbuster it was Paul that encased the Ten-Tails. Lyon Vastia berated Paul for Ur and Urama's death and the five apprentices parted ways. Lan's Father found Paul Gekko roaming due to the loss of his Master. Lan's Father took him as his pupil. He then trained them in the ways of Martial Arts like his son did. When Paul Gekko saw the stranger that resurrected the Worst nightmare: The Body of the Ten Tailed Beast, Lan's Father managed to stop Madara and forced him to retreat and battled the Giant Statue. Lan's Father sacrificed his life to seal the Gedo Juubi and to save Paul Gekko from being haunted by it's presence. Lan teaches Paul Gekko about how to use Martial Art Skills to honor his father's legacy. Before Paul Gekko regroups with his brothers and one sister, He was attacked by Gray Fullbuster but managed to escape with the remaining fragments of the Ten Tailed Deliora. Fū was surprised about Paul Gekko's stronger style. Fū was hated and neglected by her village, and that the citizens thought that she was captured and killed. but with Paul Gekko around, Paul Gekko transforms into the Eight Headed Dragon causing the citizens to apologize for Fū and the citizens were vaporized by Paul Gekko's Megaman Transformation much to Fū's dismay. Fū introduces herself to Paul Gekko by transforming into the Seven Tails. Although Paul Gekko gives Fū the Chaos Emerald for good luck, Sonic the Hedgehog came and is convinced. As a couple of police officers are driving down the highway sharing their excitement for capturing a blue hedgehog and the two Jinchūriki.The police set up a road block covering a long range of the highway where Fu and Paul Gekko are racing and running but When Sonic hears about Paul Gekko, he turns himself in to save Paul Gekko and Fū. Sonic thinks he'll get out without tricks and he'll meet with Paul Gekko again. Sonic is taken away while Paul Gekko and Fū says that they will not let anyone stand in the Shinobi. At the Takigakure, The Four Noble Clans throws a party and congratulates Paul and Fu on doing their adventure.

Space Colony YukiEdit

Lan ArcEdit

One day out in a forest, Paul Gekko steps in and meets Mr. Kisaragi's Zygarde in his first time being a Pokemon Lover. When Paul Gekko got separated from his Teamates, the Izumo Military Troops picked him up which is taking him to the Isla Trusta. When Paul Gekko is Eighteen, he received a pet three headed puppy. Paul Gekko fed the beast with massive Pizza. The People welcomed and comfort him with the The Good Ship Misery Song. The Ship Docks on Isla Trusta thus letting Paul Gekko be reunited with his teammates. Paul Gekko met a new friend named Soumei Uchiha and became friend when learning how to stand on water. When Sitting on a Ice like Island with his friend, Paul and Soumei were pursued by Killer Whales. Soumei lets Paul Gekko swim to the Ice Bird while Soumei drives the six Killer Whales away. Paul saw Okaina rescued his friend and finally made it way back to Isla Trusta. Some Time Later, Paul Gekko and Lan went to the Izumo Academy only to find that, Wang, Bastia and the X Clan members, Sekai X, Paula X is part of the Academy. Paul Gekko, In the Izumo's 1st Place Racing Trophy, was the RX-78-2 Gunpla, He then used it for his first Gunpla battle until a surprise attack by Fuuma - resulting his Gunpla being destroyed. But it turns out there was another Gunpla inside the shell called the BG-011B Build Burning Gundam same as Paul Gekko's RX-78-2 gunpla's final form turns out to be the RX-79-9 Banshee Gundam and then the battle continues until Sekai's Sister interrupted the gunpla battle by entering the battle area which causes the system to abort the battle, she then grabbed her brother and dragged him out saying that he still needed to enroll to the school, and that he could have fun later. The two friends are being chased by a Bully. In order to evade the fearsome Guy at the Academy, Paul and Lan hops across a river, and "flushes" the Bully down the stream. Elated at their close victory, Paul says good bye as the bully was carried down the river. Pumbaa, the warthog, however, is concerned about the close call. Despite his friend's fears, Paul Gekko and Lan considers the escape a lucky, fortunate charm. No sooner has Timon bragged about his good luck when Paula X appeared with the Panther and chases the four into a giant hallow tree. Paul immediately descends into panic, as the panther remains poised outside the sole entryway, but Lan is convinced that they can climb the tree and jump from bough to bough in escape. Their plan, however, is cut off by the Fairy Tail Guild Members, Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Erza who were in a rage about the new guild, chops down all the trees in their area. After this first failure, Paul devises a escape method, which Lan agrees on summoning the Kuro Akatsuki, Deliora and the Ten Tailed Rabbit and it worked.

Meeting the Super ScientistEdit

Sai Ōtsutsuki the Son of the Super Scientists met Paul Gekko when he is the young Megaman Volnutt. Paul Gekko is at Professor Karima's side, stood upon one of the floating Fleet of White Angel Ships. Karima boasts that his armada is over 2,000 years old. "The perfect holy machine... ready to impose terror in unimaginable ways!".

Gundam ArcEdit

As the Izumo Academy Students, and other colonists, were gathering to depart, a group of Shinobi dressed as clowns arrived, who were specialized in doing acrobatics, gymnastics (including tumbling and trampoline), aerial acts (such as trapeze, aerial silk, corde lisse), contortion, stilts and a variety of other routines. Juggling is one of the most common acts in a circus; the combination of juggling and gymnastics is called equilibristics and include acts like plate spinning and the rolling globe. Acts like these are the some of the most common, and the most traditional in Birthday Parites. A Shinobi who was kind hearted gives Paul Gekko a Scooter as a Gift. Desil is first met when Paul almost runs him over with a scooter. Desil had a small injury that Paul offered to take care of back on the White Angel. At the time this event seemed to be a coincidence, however events indicate that Desil set everything up so he could get the opportunity to observe Paul and the Gundam. After Paul treats the wound Desil plays a game of tag by bouncing around the gravity-less room until Flit caught him. After that he asks to see the mobile suits on the ship, to which Flit agrees seeing nothing wrong with a young boy being interested in mobile suits. When the UE presence was made known Desil stole the AGE device from Paul and used it to activate the Gundam which he piloted out into space. There he engaged the Gafran, however from Flit's eyes it appeared Desil wasn't serious and was only playing around as the Gundam zipped around the battlefield in a manner similar to Desil's earlier game. Still Desil proved to have amazing skill and could read the Gafran so well he knew what they were going to do. After the battle Desil took the Gundam to an isolated section of the colony's port, with Paul following in a Mecha Paul Gekko, where he returned both the AGE device and the Gundam to Paul saying that he expected more from them. In the Dream World, Paul Gekko revives his counterpart Kaede after escaping from the Terrible Dog Fish. Paul Gekko and his Family met the Blastern and finally gave the Creature the Money enough to pass and celebrate his family's birthday. Twelve Years Later, Yuki Uzuki and Paul Gekko recieve two Baby Boys from Takamagahara, the Heavenly Land. After the Yamata no Orochi Arc, before Christmas Eve, Mizumi and Palm helps Paul Gekko gift wrap many presents at Mizumi's House. Later, that Christmas Night at Paul Gekko's House, Paul Gekko gives Palm a ball of yarn and Pill a Jar of Honey. Paul Gekko gives a Golden Watch with the Golden Chain to Princess Yuki Uzuki as a good luck charm. Paul Gekko is given a Gift from Princesses Mizumi and Yuki Uzuki, a Mobile Suit RX-79-9 Banshee Gundam and a Good Luck Charm, Grass Cutting Great Sword. When Paul Gekko is 19 Years Old, Paul Gekko meets the Leviathan when he is swimming with his Brother. While Paul Gekko and Lan is on Vacation, theye encountered the Two Boys, Yamato and Arthur. Athrun builds a robotic pet bird, Birdy (Torii(which means bird) in the Japanese version), which he gives to Kira. Morgenroete secretly develops five mobile suits for the Earth Alliance in a concealed base on the space colony Heliopolis, belonging to the supposedly neutral Orb. The mobile suits are intended to counter ZAFT's superior military technology. The Le Creuset team raids the base, managing to steal only four of the five mobile suits, because ZAFT pilot Rusty Mackenzie is shot and killed during the raid. During the Raid, Paul Gekko, Lan and Kira helped Earth Alliance officer Murrue Ramius, he recognized an approaching ZAFT soldier as his childhood friend Athrun Zala. The two friends were stunned by each other's presence in the battlefield. Paul Gekko's Gundam, when in Auto-Pilot was able to hold off the ZAFT Forces to help Kira and Athrun rebuild their Friendship.

Mahouka Koukou no RettouseiEdit

Meeting Shiba TatsuyaEdit
Paul Gekko and Shiba Tatsuya

Paul and Shiba

After Graduatuing from Izumo Academy, Paul Gekko arrives at the National Magic University Affiliated First High School in April AD2095. Paul Gekko realised that the Kokori's Descendants are there to and this made Paul Gekko shocked. Paul Gekko and his old timing Friends were enrolled in the New School. Paul Gekko was encountered by Tatsuya and Miyuki. At the opening ceremony Miyuki is complaining about Tatsuya not being the freshman representative. After reprimanding her Tatsuya reminds her that practical magic skills are more important that written tests and that even if she were to refuse the position of representative as a 'Weed' he would not be chosen to replace her. After encouraging her she leaves for the rehearsal. Paul Gekko leading to an argument between Erika, Leo and Mizuki and the Course 1 students. After Mizuki askes how much better the Course 1 students think they are considering that classes just began a student draws a weapon while Leo charges him, only to be stopped by Erika's batton. Several other male students begin to cast magic and Paul Gekko entering Tailed Beast Mode causing a female student to tell them to stop and begin casting her own magic. (Share the one School)

Shinobi King AwakesEdit
Shiba trains Paul Gekko

Shiba and Paul Gekko

Everyone is surprised at how quick Tatsuya defeated Hattori in the duel. Tatsuya begins his work as part of the Disciplinary Committee. Meanwhile, Miyuki starts showing more mixed emotions towards her big brother. Azuwa also shows great intest in Tatsuya's CAD, silver horn of the silver series, created by the genius Taurus Silver. Paul Gekko was feeling lonely about how to use Magic, Tatsuya reminds Paul Gekko that using Tailed Beasts and magic skills are more important that written tests. Paul Gekko thanks Tatsuya for the Courage that he gaves him. Tatsuya finishes his report about the incident. The group, consisting of Erika, Leo, Mizuki, Miyuki and Tatsuya go to a cafe, where they talk about Tatsuya's cast jamming. Mibu asks Tatsuya to join the kendo club, but Tatsuya declines, Mibu then tells Tatsuya that the non-magic specialised clubs plan to join together to tell their thoughts about the couse 1, course 2 discrimination. Tatsuya asks Mibu what she plans to do after telling her thoughts to the school. Tatsuya and his friends confront the terrorists in their hideout. Tsukasa Hajime, leader of the Japanese branch of Blanche, confirms Tatsuya that he manipulated Sayaka's memories. He tried to hypnotise Tatsuya using Evil Eye magic; when it failed, he fled and eventually got subdued by Kirihara who chopped his arm. After the terrorists were taken into custody, Tatsuya and his friends visited Sayaka after she was discharged at the hospital. Afterwards, they return back to their normal school life.

Yokohama DisturbanceEdit

The First High Magic Thesis team successfully delivers their presentation to the audience, with Cardinal George congratulating Tatsuya backstage but promising that his school will beat them. Before they can begin their presentation, however, the convention center is attacked. The convention defense forces engage the assaulting teams but are bogged down by slow progress with evacuating the students and convention personnel, but discover that the attack is being launched from an unidentified disguised ship anchored in the harbor. Armed assailants assault the main hall,but are easily countered by Tatsuya combined with Paul Gekko's Partial Mode Clones after he inspires the other students to resist. Cardinal George confronts Tatsuya on using a top-secret technique used by STARS called Molecular Divider, but Tatsuya ignores him, saying that he doesn't have time to explain himself. Asuza casts a charm to calm everyone in the hall, and the evacuation begins to an underground shelter via an emergency underground tunnel. Tatsuya's group lead the counterattack against the main terrorist force attacking the center. Shizuku uses her family's knowledge to take the group to the VIP conference room so they can use the network to get a better idea on what's going on outside, then meet with the rest of the First High student council members in the green room to discuss their next move. The group deciphers the enemy's motive to be to raid the Magic Association's main database. Just as the group decides to evacuate to the shelter with everyone else, Major Kazama and Fujibayashi arrive and dispatch new orders to Tatsuya, revealing to everyone's great surprise there that he is a JSDF operative. Major Kazama tells everyone that this is confidential information, and his status must remain secret. Miyuki unlocks the seals on Tatsuya's powers and activates him to answer the Paul Gekko's call and JSDF's call to defend the city. Crimson Prince brutally kills attackers while his allies look on in comparable horror. The main personnel evacuation continues through the tunnels despite resistance, Mr. Tsuzura prevents a ceiling collapse that would have killed many of the people in the tunnel. Mayumi and Shizuku call their fathers to lend helicopters to evacuate the personnel who were unable to reach the bunker, and everyone is extracted. Tatsuya takes to the skies in the flight suit, which R&D had improved beyond his own design, and begins by destroying the attackers' recon drones.The battle for the city continues, with notable First High members and Crimson Prince fighting back the attackers. Kirihara is severely wounded and Kei is killed in an ambush, but Miyuki and Paul Gekko arrives, eliminating the attackers using Cocytus and the Flower Blaster and calls for Tatsuya, who uses his magic to restore both Kirihara and Kei before departing to support another area. Tatsuya and other airborne comrades obliterating an enemy mechanized battalion. Some enemy soldiers recognize him as Mahesvara. Meanwhile, Jummonji leads magicians from Magic Branch Association charasmatically, resulting in the enemy retreating. The Crimson Prince reaches the house of Zhou Gongjin and demands that he allow him to kill the perpetrators, to which Zhou agrees and assures The Prince that he had also been victimized. The scene then moves to the Saegusa helicopter. The students in the helicopter are very curious about Tatsuya's magic, which healed Kei and Kirihara's wounds. Miyuki explains Tatsuya's magic Regrowth and how he has to take a lot of pain whenever he uses it. Later, they defeat Lu Gong-Hu and his employer at the branch of Magic Association building. The battle proceeds with the airborne troops and the magicians led by Jummonji, sandwiching the enemy from 2 sides, successfully obliterating most of the enemy. Some manage to escape to the camouflaged ship, though. Later, Major Kazama authorizes Tatsuya to activate Strategic Class Magic, Material Burst, which can convert mass into energy. Tatsuya uses Material Burst on the prepping Great Asian Alliance's navy, completely annihilating them. Meanwhile, Miyuki has a short talk with Yotsuba Maya, who invites them to come by the Yotsuba House. The event is referred to as Scorched Halloween, the day when magic surpassed any mechanical weapon. Yotsuba Maya inviting Kazama and the siblings on the same day, while Tatsuya hugs Miyuki, on his return with Paul Gekko.

Shinobi King ArcEdit

Dakr Aura's Death Magic

Dark Aura awakes

Tatsuya and Miyuki thanks Paul Gekko for some assistance during the War in Yokohama city. Paul Gekko and Kokori's Descendants saying the last words, good bye after graduating from the National Magic University Affiliated First High School. They went on board the White Fox the Mothership of the Ninja Pirates. While leaving the Valley of Clouds and Lightning after training, Killer B discovers Paul Gekko on board the ship heading to the Kamigakure village to see the Fairy Tail Wizards at the Heaven Tail Guild.

Battle of the EclipseEdit
Paul Gekko vs Killer B

Paul Gekko fight Killer B

Paul Gekko watches at the Grand Magic Games as Rufus declares that there is no way he can be beat, Gray replies that since he's been a Fairy Tail Mage, he has never lost to the same opponent twice, much to Rufus' amusement. As Gray performs his next attack, Ice-Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance, Rufus finds his memorization unable to keep up with the spell's speed, which causes him to be hit by this attack. As Rufus claims that he has memorized flames strong enough to defeat Gray's ice and uses his Memory-Make: Karma of the Burning Land Gray replies that he has memorized even stronger flames and delivers a final blow with Ice-Make: Ice Bringer, defeating Rufus and taking his hat for himself. Paul Gekko's Friend, Hibiki summons Paul to the Stage to defeat the Erza Scarlet. Paul Gekko enters Tailed Beast State in the Form of a Brachio Tank to encounter Erza's Nakagami Armor with numerous of Altair Bombs and takes on the Original version of the Gray Fullbuster head on firing the numerous shot and Gray recieves maximum amount of final blows from the attacking monster and killed Minerva Orlando. Gray's is screamed out in agony. Killer B saw the cries of Juvia and Lyon, B entered a seven-tailed Version 1 form and attacked Paul Gekko but misses with the Hey diddle diddle jump. B reminded Gyuki that he would just kill the girl and the blue wizard in the process of protecting itself. Eight-Tails begrudgingly let B use the Version 2 form, as well as giving B advice during the battle. B entered a Version 2 form and created chakra-bones to use in a more powerful Lariat. Paul Gekko was not effected by the Lariat, returning B to a Version 1 form. A and the other Kage were surprised that there's a Jinjuriki summoned in the Stadium. B was forced to throw Paul Gekko at the Wall causing Heaven Tail to win the Grand Magic Games. B confronted Paul Gekko, only for Paul Gekko to render all of B's counterattacks ineffective and slowly absorb his chakra all the while. When B lost consciousness, Paul Gekko tels B that it's pointless to fight the Wizard with the Tailed Beast, the Gyuki yelled at B to wake up, as both B and it were nearly out of chakra. Future Rogue later appears atop Mercurius, just as Lucy and Yukino finish closing the Eclipse Gate, commenting on their just-prior act of meddling. Rogue then states, ignoring Lucy and Yukino, that seven Dragons is plenty, as controlling ten thousand would have been a nightmare. Future Rogue then smirks as Lucy deduces that bringing out the Dragons was his goal from the beginning. Raising his arms into the air, Future Rogue demands that they listen well, declaring, as the seven Dragons swarm around him, that the human race will become extinct as the era of Dragons ushers in. The Shadow Dragon Slayer then turns his attention upwards, ordering the Dragons to locate and kill every Mage in Crocus, and, much to the surprise of those present, five of them obey him. With a dark expression on his face, Future Rogue dismisses the questions of those present by stating that he's using Dragon Supremacy Magic: the secret, Dragon-controlling art. Getting on the claw of the sixth Dragon, Future Rogue turns around and tells the seventh Dragon, Zirconis, that he can do as he pleases. Eventually One of the Seven Dragons, Atlas Flame continues to see Paul in Orochi form consuming it's flames along with Natsu Dragneel. Angered by the Dragon Slayer's actions, Atlas continues to bang his body everywhere, ashamed to have a mere human eating his flames. Momentarily, he is filled with nostalgia as he comes to the conclusion that the sensation he is feeling is indeed just like the Flame Dragon King, Igneel. Stopping his actions, he asks Natsu to state his connection to Igneel; revealing that he and Igneel are friends. Natsu smiles as he announces that Igneel is his dad. Quickly lunging into battle, Atlas grabs a hold of Motherglare's neck with his mouth; circling around whilst keeping a firm hold. As the battle rages on, Motherglare releases a massive roar that passes right through Atlas' body and hits a spacious area of Crocus, creating an immense impact upon reaching the ground. Atlas makes note of his flamed body, stating that Motherglare's mere breath is futile. Hearing this, Motherglare contradicts his claim and says that Atlas' flames cannot penetrate its Adamantine armor. But Orochi's Tailed Beast bomb's destroys Adamantine armor leaving Motherglare naked and and it's revelation made Fatherglare laugh at Motherglare being naked by a blast and destroying the Eclipse Gate completely leaving the History returning to normal.

Sabertooh Afraid

Sting and the Sabertooth scared of the Shinobi King

After Heaven Tail Guild won the Grand Magic Games, but before Paul Gekko and the Heaven Tail Friends celebrate at the Castle of Tartarus, Paul Gekko encounters the Sabertooth's Guild Master, Jiemma That night, in the Sabertooth lodgings, an outraged Jiemma bellows at Sting and Rogue for their defeat, beating them and saying that they must undergo excommunication. A scared Lector attempts to reason with him but Jiemma does not recognize the Exceed. Upon learning that he is also from Sabertooth, Jiemma, enraged at the thought of a weak cat being part of his guild. Paul Gekko steps in and interferes and tells Jiemma to step out of his goals as a Shinobi King, blasting him with a powerful Rasen Shuriken, creating a large hole through his torso. Minerva tells him that because of his victory, Sting is now a candidate to be their next Guild Master. The festivities then take off: Ichiya grabs a microphone and tells the performing band to play "that song" in B flat, much to their befuddlement, Cana and Bacchus once again begin a drinking match, being cheered by Team Quatro Puppy as such a thing begins. Concurrently, Kagura makes her way through the grand hall and is flattered by her teammates on her appearance as she blushingly states that such looks don't suit her; Millianna however, only looks down at the floor in sadness. Meanwhile, Makarov and the members of his old team, relishing in the benefits of living long lives, sit and drink together.

Fairy Tail ArcEdit

Kusanagi's Ragnarok ArcEdit

Locating Kusanagi' grave is the second part of the most recent S-Class Mage Promotion Trial and Paul Gekko is the first to reach his Father's grave. As Paul stands before the grave, his Biometal, Model O suddenly glows, Paul Gekko approaches the grave and asks His Father to lend him the power to protect his Friends, saying that he loves his guild. Hearing His Son's words, Kusanagi somehow telepathically comforts Paul and lends him the power to use one of the three great Fairy Magics, Ice Make: Shell Summoning. Seeing the group, He then leads the group to the Stone Monument and the Creature frozen in Ice engraved by Founder of Heaven Tail. Deliora stands frozen before Gray and the others. Lucy Heartfilia speculates that maybe the curse and Deliora’s presence are related, and Gray agrees. He says that the Demon is in fact alive, and Natsu Dragneel suggests they destroy him. This infuriates Gray, who punches him down. Happy is shocked to see that, but Lucy states that it’s not that rare. Gray Fullbuster orders Natsu to stay away from it, because if Deliora is freed, no one would be able to stop it. Then, Gray discloses that his former master, Ur, froze Deliora by using Iced Shell. Iced Shell is a kind of never melting ice, being resistant to every kind of Magic. He then wonders why it was brought there. Natsu and Lucy opine to follow and interrogate the other non-inhabitants they saw before, but Gray decides to wait there, until the moon is high. He decides it because he hears one of the non-inhabitants say “Soon, we’ll be able to collect enough moonlight”, and deducts that Deliora and the Village’s curse is somehow connected to the moon. Lucy agrees and after Natsu falls asleep, they patiently await for nightfall. Lucy is bored, so she decides to summon Lyra, the singing spirit. She asks why Lucy doesn't summon her more, to which Lucy responds that she can only be called three days a month. She starts singing a very heart–felt and sad song, which calms everyone, but saddens Gray to the point that tears roll down his cheek. He is reminded of his training with Ur, one in which he finally learned Ice-Make: Shield. When he finally learns it, she smiles and nods in acknowledgement, the memory of which makes Gray cry. He denies it, and, moments later, everyone falls asleep. They are woken up by a tremor. Light is raining down from the ceiling, and they quickly climb up to find out where it is coming from. They find a group of sorcerers chanting an incantation, which is absorbing the moonlight. Lyra explains that the spell they are witnessing is called Moon Drip, an ancient kind of Magic used to nullify any kind of Magical effect. They are using it in order to free Deliora from the Ice. While they decide on which course of action to take, four figures appear, shrouded in mystery. They approach the ritual site and discuss the intruders; consequently the masked one orders the destruction of the village. His three subordinates abide, and by his voice Gray is reminded of someone.

Desperate RescueEdit
Kusanagi's Debut

Kusanagi emerges from Deliora

Paul Gekko and the other Incarnations and Kusanagi Gekko then comes out hiding, and refers the masked figure to Unagi Hyūga or simply, Lyon Vastia. Paul and the other Incarnations talked about the History of Magic to Unagi for his actions, and they argue. His subordinates part on Unagi’s orders, and when Natsu tried to follow them, Lyon uses Ice-Make: Diamond Cage on him. Gray orders Happy to grab Lucy and leave, and he concurs. He is heart broken by what he did to Natsu, but ultimately thinks of the Villagers, and Lucy cheers him up by saying that nothing will happen to his friend. Meanwhile, Gray kicks Natsu down the mountain, in order to remove him from Lyon’s range of Magic. Paul Gekko and the Gang realises the Legacy of Ur and Kusanagi, Lyon unmasks himself and shuts Gray up by saying that he was the one who killed Ur. Concurrently the battle between Lyon, Paul Gekko and Gray truly starts, and after fighting for sometime both Paul and Lyon were a tie to the Finishing Blows on Gray. Lyon says that his dream was to surpass Ur and that Gray ruined that dream, but he could still achieve it by destroying Deliora, the monster Ur could not defeat. Paul Gekko and Lyon shares a similar trait to Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha while attacking each other and Gray. Paul Gekko uses the New Mega merged form Called Fortress Stinger that is recently Ten Times Larger than Deliora. Lyon gets mad and while attacking Gray and hits Paul Gekko with a barrage of attacks an unnamed Ice-Make Spell he tells him that that was exactly what a wizard became a mega man thus capturing the Jinchūriki and left Gray to die. Elsewhere, Lucy wakes up to a crying Sherry. She cries as she expresses her sorrow about how Lyon won’t love her and also because Angelica is hurt. Lucy doesn't seem fazed by this and the cat fight begins. Sherry creates a Doll Attack: Wood Doll and Lucy summons Taurus who breaks the tree in one shot. However, Sherry reveals that Celestial Spirit Mages are at a disadvantage before her, since she can control the Celestial Spirits themselves. Paul Gekko's Image of the Ten Tails was summoned to destroy Paul Gekko was rescued by Erza, her counterpart, Lucy and Gray Fullbuster. Paul Gekko uses the XYZ Flower Cannon to destroy the Temple which can used to revive Deliora, but Natsu punches him out of it. Gray insists that he be the one to take care of Lyon even at the cost of his life, but Natsu criticizes this as running away from the problem. However, their argument is cut short as the temple begins to shake. Gray apologized for not stating this earlier because he promised Ur that he would tell him she was dead. In response, Lyon stabs Gray and tells him he knew all along and that it isn't Ur anymore, just scraps of ice. Paul Gekko uses the Chimeratech Overdragon and Chimeratech Fortress Dragon and Malefic Truth Dragon during a rematch. His Fortress Dragon overpowers Lyon with the Super Sonic Screech. However, Lyon uses Magic by casting Ice-Make: Snow Dragon and hitting Gray on his wounds again but was consumed by Malefic Truth Dragon. Gray then uses his Ice-Make: Ice Cannon to finish Lyon off. As he does, a cacophonic noise fills the air. Deliora is free, and Gray’s only choice of defeating it is through Iced Shell. Meanwhile, Erza defeats Toby at the peak, who claims that they are too late as Deliora is completely free. Gray Fullbuster, now facing Deliora, meets Natsu who wants to kill it. Lyon Vastia interrupts while crawling near them and announces that he will kill Deliora. He is reminded of the first time he looked for Ur and about the time when she scolded him for asking why she accepted Gray. This makes him stand up, but Gray knocks him out. Paul Gekko summons the King Granel Meklord and charging at Deliora before it attacks. When Deliora attacks King Granel Meklord, King Granel Meklord known to us a Magical Force Field and Deliora crumbles to pieces because Kusanagi had been slowly sealing Deliora's Life Force and what they saw were Deliora's final moments before sealing it away. Finally, the Demon of Destruction is no more. Kusanagi, who is Spirit was revived in Human Form, joins the Guild of Heaven Tail, happy that the guild became a happy one.

Tower of Heaven ArcEdit
Meeting Jellal FernandesEdit
Shinseiju as Mr. Fernanders

Jellal Fernandes

Paul Gekko emerges with his Chimeratech Overdragon upon the tower, an action which proves to damage the tower badly and bewilders Jellal, who decides to punish Natsu with his strongest attack, Altairis. He begins to charge this attack, but before he can release it Erza wakes and steps infront of Natsu, planning to block the attack herself. Paul's Chimeratech Overdragon attempted to save Erza Scarlet, but it never reaches it's target as Simon runs in and blocks both Natsu and Erza from the attack. Simon uses his Magic to try a fend Altairis off, but it proves to be too much for him. He collapses and though Erza tries to keep his eyes open, he proclaims his love for her and dies, remembering Erza when she was young and leaving the world with a smile. Paul Gekko was so sad about the loss but Natsu comforts him by Punching Jellal down. Then, meaning to replenish his strength, he eats burning Etherion. Both Erza and Jellal comment on the stupidity of such an action, because while Etherion does contain Fire Magic power, it also has many other forms of Magic power within it. At first Natsu's body doesn’t want to digest it, but soon, his powers increase, his skin becomes scaly, and he bulks up. An image of a burning Dragon appears after him; proof that his body is absorbing Etherion. Natsu's counterattack is vicious. He punches Jellal several floors down through the tower, and even after Jellal activates Meteor, he is able to keep up with the speed. Jellal is at odds, and he retells his story with Zeref. He flies high, and starts activating Abyss Break in an attempt to destroy the tower with Natsu in it, but this fails due to the damage his body obtained from Erza’s earlier attacks. Natsu then flies up to Jellal, and as he punches him, he states that no freedom can exist for someone who is possessed by a ghost. He descents, and punches Jellal another time, ending Erza’s nightmare once and for all. Paul Gekko riding on Chimeratech Overdragon carries both Natsu and Erza to escape before the tower collapses on them. This is pointless, as, even if they left, the explosion caused by the Magic release would envelop them. Erza concludes she has to become one with the Etherion, and hopes she will have the strength to channel the fleeting energy upwards into the sky. As she begins to fuse herself with the Lacrima, Natsu wakes up. Natsu tries to stop her from fusing her body, but Erza states that this is the only way to protect those she loves, and that if it means the protection of everyone she would gladly give her body and life. Her fusion is then complete and she gives Natsu her farewell as the tower around her explodes. The explosion is however contained as the Magic power heads up into the sky, and everyone but Erza is safe. Erza opens her eyes to see that she is still alive by the shore of the sea. She sees her friends rushing to get to her and then notices that she is being carried by Natsu along with Paul Gekko. Tears starts to flow from her eye as she realizes that Natsu was able to pull her out of that sea of Magic energy. He tearfully tells her not to do the same thing ever again, as they are all the same. Erza agrees, and tells him that dying for one's friends is not the answer, living for them is. Living for them is how you create a brighter future. Hours later, Erza extends an invitation to the former prisoners of the Tower of Heaven, offering them a place in Fairy Tail, if they have nowhere else to go. At first they agree, and Erza is left with the impression that Jellal spoke to her. Believing this is to be impossible, she tells Lucy that once Zeref's spirit left Jellal's body, it was him who redirected the Etherion into the sky. She tells her it was him who saved her, losing his life in the process. That night, Erza's former comrades decide to leave Erza's side, saying that they have caused her too much pain. Erza denies it, stating that there were good memories as well. She then prepares the official Fairy Tail's Farewell Ceremony for them and cries out of both eyes as she watches them off, with a promise to meet again. When the group arrives at the guild, they see that much has changed. The guild has been completely rebuilt with a new design. Natsu frets that this is not the same guild and the master introduces the two new members, Juvia, who has changed her attitude as well as her clothes and the second is Gajeel. Everyone is shocked at his sight, but the master calms them. Erza however, requests that he should be monitored carefully. Mirajane sings a welcome song and when Gajeel begins to sing a song about friends, Natsu starts to fight with him, which ignites a war throughout the Guild. Natsu happily states that this is the true Fairy Tail Guild.

Part IIEdit

Naruto Shippuden ArcEdit

Paul and Otachi

Naruto Slaying Otachi

While the exhausted Paul was returning to the village, Amane found him and carried him back. He was greeted by the entire village and celebrated as a hero. Paul Gekko, disguised as Naruto Uzumaki manage to kill Kantainar's ancient enemy, the Kaiju Makers and slew the Giant Golem by chopping the arms, legs and head and then piercing it on the Chest with the Katana and slew the Three Tailed Kaiju who attempted to attack Monoha by piercing it's hearts and chopping it's Tails finding the Three Treasures of Izumo, the Six Colored Beads, Golden Mountain Sword and Master Shield while adopting Cassandra and manages to slay the Flying Dinosaur by piercing it on the belly and chopping the wings into pieces and cutting it's head off.

Kirby ArcEdit
Paul slaying Leatherback

Paul Gekko slaying the Leatherback

On the island was in danger of going barren because people and Pokémon had stripped it of nearly all its berries. The island’s two strongest Pokémon, Ursaring and Beartic fought each other to a standstill over the last remaining berry, and things looked grim. but a small boy with Paul Gekko picked the berry and split it in two, offering half to each Pokémon and telling them to share. The island recovered, and today, the Pokémon Sumo competition honors that fierce battle. Saturn Gekko talks to Paul about being a Pokemon Master. Mars Gekko congratulated Paul Gekko of being a Pokemon Master. Paul Gekko and his Family enter a western town, with his Older Son talking in a western accent. The two try to greet the people in the town but they run away because they mistake Paul for Cisco Snake (シスコオロチ, Cisco Pig). Paul think that there's something scary in the town and the two get in a store, but the people in the store mistake for Paul for Cisco Snake as well and run away, while the store owner quickly gives the clan money. Paul Gekko was finally reunited with his brother. Paul Gekko single handedly rescued the Boy in Shinto School from the pack of kidnappers. Paul Gekko went to Pop Star where he met kirby on a spaceship. Paul, Kyoji and Kirby entered the Planet Size Fortress with the Help of White Angel that manages to destroy the entire armada of the Space Ships and summons the Star Rod which destroyed Nightmare and escapes from the destruction of the Fortress and successfully completing the mission and returning home which is caused by the Tailed Beast State finishing the Boss of the Fortress off and the White Angel's Full Burst Lazers destroying the reactor. Paul Gekko made it to Kirby's Planet with Kyoji and Kirby. Paul Gekko meets Domon Kasshu, the Gundam Fighter of Neo Japan, arrives on Earth after his Shining Gundam has unexpectedly veered off course and crashed at Rome, together with his childhood friend and support crew Rain Mikamura; as he proceeds to show people a picture of a man and to ask if they have seen him, he runs into trouble involving the men of the local Mafia boss and Gundam Fighter for Neo Italy, Michelo Chariot, and two children, not to mention a local police inspector who is hostile towards Gundam Fighters for the destruction they bring on Earth. After Michelo kidnaps one of the children to provoke Domon into fighting him, Domon and Paul Gekko saves the little Sophia and rises to the challenge; in the ensuing fight, Michelo and his Neros Gundam are defeated and disqualified from the Tournament. Paul Gekko says farewell to Kirby and leaves that magical sock for Kirby to come visit whenever he wants. The team took part in the Chūnin Exams, where Juubi arrived late for a second round in the Forest of Death having stopped to help an elderly woman. Juubi attempted to impress Cass with the Uchiha clan's fire technique, but ended up choking on the candy the elderly woman had given him and was soon defeated by Ray Gekko. Domon, Paul Gekko and Rain travel to Neo America. There, Domon searches for the country's Gundam Fighter, American hero Chibodee Crocket, pilot of the GF13-006NA Gundam Maxter. Paul Gekko was known to have won a boxing match against Chibodee. Paul Gekko encounters a clown named Romario Monini. Romario gives Paul Gekko a Chaos Emerald as a gift. Roamario reveals to Paul that he is "Sonic the Hedgehog"'s Fan. Paul Gekko is ordered to head to Neo China to face its Gundam Fighter, Sai Saici, the pilot of GF13-011NC Dragon Gundam. Two monks named Zuisen and Keiun take Rain hostage, tasking Domon with killing Sai Saici or else Rain would die. Domon finds that Sai Saici is running a gang, and using the Dragon Gundam to terrorize Chinese citizens. Domon is captured by the gang, but a kid that he had met earlier rescues him, taking the Gundam and revealing himself as the true Sai Saici. After Sai explains that he and the Gundam were separated during the descent to Earth, with the Gundam being stolen by the gang. The two commence the Gundam Fight, and Domon nearly uses the Shining Finger to crush Dragon Gundam's head, but the monks force Domon to accept a draw. As Sai Saici had wrapped its tail around the Shining Gundam's head during Domon's attack, they accept the draw. In his eagerness, Paul Gekko is attracted to the Gundam Rose and it's Opponent. Desperate to meet George in battle, Paul Gekko with his RT-55-09 Orochi Gundam, accepts a plan of the Princess of Neo France, Marie Louise, who gives Paul Gekko a Chaos Emerald to fake her kidnapping and have George come to save her with his Gundam Rose. George obliges, but during the fight he willingly lets himself open for attack as he prevents the Eiffel Tower from falling on Rain and Marie Louise, and Paul Gekko refuses to take off his Gundam's head. After the match, after revealing that the kidnapping was a stage-up, George declares to not know the man of the picture, and Domon, Paul and Rain leave for Neo Russia. In Neo Russia, Domon has gone after the local Gundam Fighter, but he is arrested by the local police and thrown into a large prison; he discovers that Neo Russia's tactic is based on luring other Fighters there, only to have them arrested and their Gundams examined and scavenged for technology to improve their own. As Domon manages to escape with the help of two other prisoners, one of them is revealed as Argo Gulskii, the Neo Russian Fighter, who went along to have Domon expose his Gundam. Domon and Argo fight, and in the end Domon wins by a narrow margin. Later, Domon and Rain are told that Argo is a former space pirate who has been coerced in becoming a Gundam Fighter, with a bomb strapped on his chest to ensure his loyalty, and that he can find freedom only in fighting. Their questions still unanswered, they leave again. Domon returns and lets Paul Gekko into the Neo Japan space colony .Kyoji and Domon's father show Domon the new Gundam they invented, the Dark Gundam. All of a sudden the police burst in and kill Domon's mother in the process. It is revealed that Kyoji was taking the Ultimate Gundam he escaped from the colony of Neo Japan and traveled to Earth, the damage taken by the Gundam and its artificial intelligence caused it to become the Devil Gundam, and him its pilot. However, the true story that is revealed to Domon during the finals of the 13th Gundam Fight in Hong Kong. When Major Ulube Ishikawa of the Neo Japanese military, who decided to use the Ultimate Gundam for his own evil schemes, attempts to confiscate the Gundam, Dr. Kasshu tells Kyoji to take the Gundam to Earth to keep it out of the hands of the military. The next simulation is Paul Gekko fighting the Dark Gundam. Paul Gekko uses Chaos Control to transform Orochi Gundam into Shining Gundam in Super Mode. Paul, Domon and Rain were heading back to Dens. Paul Gekko running around the Beach thus people seeing him as "Sonic the Hedgehog" in Neo Mexico, but upon arrival Domon learns that the fighter has run away and is being hunted by the local authorities. The fighter is running away with his dying sister and refuses to fight. In Neo Turkey Rain runs into an old friend from school. It is learned that he is the Neo Turkey Gundam fighter and he has been taken over by DG cells. He can be cured as long as the cells have not reached his brain. Domon and Paul Gekko fights and nearly destroys the Neo Turkey fighter, but he stops just before killing him because Rain pleads with him. The fighter is cured of DG cells and is fine afterwards. Reports of the Dark Gundam surfacing in Shinjuku send Domon and Rain flying to Neo Japan. They run into an army of soldiers controlled by the Dark Gundam and Paul Gekko is going "Sonic Boom". However, a masked man tells him and Domon not to and defeats the mobile suits with his bare hands. Domon immediately recognizes the fighting style of his teacher, Master Asia. The reunion is warm, but there is no time for idleness.

Devil Gundam ArcEdit
Meeting Kyoji KasshuEdit

An earthquake shakes Shinjuku, and all the members of the Shuffle Alliance along with their teams and "Sonic the Hedgehog" are trapped underground. Rain sees the Devil Gundam merging with its troops. Master Asia sees Rain, but he is stopped by an invisible man. Domon finds Master Asia and Paul Gekko confronts him, but Master Asia says it is too late and that the Devil Gundam is ready to rise. Above ground again, all the fights get pummeled by Master Asia. Domon sees the Devil Gundam and Paul Gekko goes to attack it by going "Sonic Boom", but Master Asia gets in the way. All of a sudden, the invisible fighter comes out and reveals himself as Schwarz Bruder, the Gundam fighter for Neo Germany. He fights on par with Master Asia and allows Domon and Paul time to attack the Devil Gundam. Paul Gekko uses Chaos Control to destroy it but the Devil Gundam takes all seven Chaos Emeralds from Paul Gekko and uses it's energy to fully revive. Master Asia and the Dark Gundam disappear with the Chaos Emeralds. George is haunted by a massacre that occurred in the Neo France colony a year before. He was fighting his rival, Mirabeau, when Mirabeau targeted the audience and everyone ended up dying. George feels guilty, and his will to fight has been drained. His butler, Raymond, is trying to help him out. He shows George's fight data to Domon, Paul Gekko and Rain, but George catches him and fires him. Mirabeau breaks out of prison on the colony and heads to the Guyana Highlands in order to defeat George. Domon and "Sonic" helps out George and seemingly destroys Mirabeau's Gundam. The Gundam regenerates, and it is learned that upon reaching Earth, Mirabeau ran into Master Asia and obtained some DG cells. George and Paul Gekko overcomes their fears and beats the Gundam. He uses his shuffle crest to get rid of the DG cells in Mirabeau's body. After seeing this, Domon realizes how far he has to go in his training and vows to try harder.

Retrieving the Chaos EmeraldsEdit

The Finals are only three days away and Domon and the others are still training. Domon almost finishes his training but is interrupted by the Dark Army. Domon tries to call the Gundam but it is attacked and the Shuffle Alliance help Rain and the Gundam make it to Domon and Paul Gekko's location. However Master manages to trap them. The Shuffle Alliance members decide to fight the Death Army in order to give Rain and Domon time to fix the Shining Gundam which was recently damaged by Master Asia. Schwarz Bruder has a plan, and takes a signal flare and places it into a river. He then disappears. The Death Army attacks and is repelled by the Shuffle Alliance. After some time Master Asia decides he should make a personal appearance, so he heads into the battle with his Master Gundam. He notices the flare Schwarz put in the river and blows it up. Schwarz sees this and attacks a waterfall. The water gushes forth and consumes the Dark Army. This gives the Shuffle Alliance time to escape. Domon and Paul Gekko decides to stay back, but they entrusted Rain to the Neo Russia support crew and to defeat Master Asia and the Devil Gundam. Paul Gekko and Domon getting thrashed by Master Asia, who is bent on forcing Domon to engage the Super Mode. The attempts at angering Domon are working, and he is slowly losing control until Schwarz Bruder shows up and tries to calm down Domon. Schwarz leaves, hoping Domon will calm down if he has to fight by himself, but Paul Gekko is able to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds from the Devil Gundam. Paul states to Domon that the Devil Gundam has absorbed the Emeralds' negative power, and that Domon should be able to harness their positive power. Domon using his anger and using the positive energy of his friend, Domon restores the Chaos Emeralds to their normal state and transforms his Gundam into Super Shining Gundam and fights the Devil Gundam on a Rampage. Paul Gekko uses the Gatling Gum Punch that easily defeats Master Asia. Schwarz comes back to Domon and Paul's aid. Master destroys Schwarz's cockpit, seriously injuring Schwarz in the process. This calms Domon down. Schwarz reminds Domon of his training in the cave, and Domon finally understands. Domon awakens the sleeping force within him and sends the Super Shining Gundam into its true Hyper Mode. Paul and Domon aims an all-powerful Shining Finger at the Devil Gundam and Kyoji. Domon and Paul Gekko barely makes it to Hong Kong because Master continued their fight from earlier. Also some unidentified mobile suits attack them. Domon and Paul Gekko arrives in Neo Hong Kong seconds before the deadline. The opening ceremonies start and Domon and the others are surprised to learn that Master Asia is back in his Master Gundam, and Michelob and Chapman are back even though Domon defeated both of them earlier on.

Meeting Yuki ImaiEdit

Paul Gekko is set to face off against Allenby Beardsely, a dangerous woman who defeated Argo in under one minute. Paul Gekko meets Yuki Imai and became good friends about the Chaos Emeralds and gives Yuki Imai the blue Chaos Emerald as a gift. Domon meets her in an arcade and they become friends. Rain is jealous of the two's friendship and thinks it's wrong for Gundam fighters to be so close to each other. The fight ensues, and Paul Gekko and Allenby are having a great time until Allenby's crew decides to engage her Berserker Mode. Paul Gekko is able to use Chaos Control to break the Berkserker Mode and they finish the fight. Paul Gekko wins because Allenby is too tired to continue. Schwarz Bruder goes to the Neo Hong Kong government building and sees the Dark Gundam in there healing. He is noticed by Master Asia, and he flees. He spots Rain following him and carries her to safety. Prime Minister Wong believes Domon is the one who was spying, so he sets up a tag team match with Paul Gekko and Allenby versus two other Gundam fighters. Paul Gekko transforms into a Eight Headed Dragon and destroyed magnet which produces a gravitational field 2,000 times that of normal gravity. Paul Gekko and Allenby then use a Double Chaos Finger attack in order to easily defeat their opponents. The match starts and Paul Gekko gets pummeled by Schwarz. After a while, Schwarz decides to end the fight because Paul Gekko repeatedly profuses that he needs nobody but himself. Paul Gekko sees the six Chaos Emeralds giving him a hand. Paul Gekko combines with Orochi into Super Shining Orochi Gundam and finally learns that he needs his friends, and above all Domon needs Rain to win. Schwarz attacks and Paul Gekko uses Chaos Claw to defeat him. The ring explodes and Paul Gekko is victorious. At the end, the paramedics have to take off Schwarz's mask and Domon found out that Schwarz is really Kyoji Kasshu. Domon has Rain go scope out the situation with Schwarz/Kyoji while he goes to the Battle Royale. Rain sneaks in as a doctor and discovers that Schwarz is an android made up of DG cells. Rain's father also finds out since he's an expert in cybernetics. Paul Gekko is fighting in the Battle Royale. He easily defeats Zeus Gundam, but the Dark Gundam claims Zeus Gundam and he comes back to attack Paul Gekko. The Dark Gundam rises and Master Asia issues a challenge to Domon. Paul Gekko uses the six Chaos Emeralds to combines with Orochi into Super Shining Orochi Gundam. Michelo Chariot transforms into the Raven Gundam and starts an attack on Domon while Zeus Gundam was defeated when it can't hold Paul Gekko still. With the help of Sai Saici and Argo, Paul Gekko defeats Michelo and heads for the next Heavenly King, Grand Gundam. Meanwhile at the hospital it is revealed the Dark Gundam was intended to restore the Earth. However Dr. Mikamura became jealous of Dr Kasshu's work and betrayed him and his family to Ulbe to get its power. When Ulbe arrived to take the Gundam and use it for the military, Kyoji's mother died trying to protect her son. Kyoji took the Gundam to Earth where its programing was damaged and it captured Kyoji. However, he managed to make an android of himself to guide his younger brother Domon. Ulbe used Domon and Rain to find the Dark Gundam. After Chibodee and George have defeated the Grand Gundam, Allenby appears and seems to be under the influence of the DG cells and Domon tries to reason with her. But Super Shining Orochi Gundam is able to save Allenby. But once fighting against the Devil Gundam, Domon learns from an injured Schwarz that he is just an android copy of Kyoji created by DG cells, and that Neo Japan's Major Ulube and Rain's father Dr. Mikamura (who have been Domon's primary contacts from Neo Japan's government) were the real conspirators behind the Devil Gundam incident. In reality, the Devil Gundam was originally called the Ultimate Gundam, and its three theories of self-recovery, self-evolution, and self-multiplication were intended to restore Earth. However, Kyoji stole the Ultimate Gundam to prevent Ulube from getting ahold of it and it crashed on Earth. The Gundam's computer malfunctioned, transforming into the Devil Gundam and absorbing Kyoji as the life force unit. Shortly thereafter, Schwarz decides to sacrifice himself and Kyoji in order to defeat the Devil Gundam; after much hesitation from Paul Gekko, a tearful Domon accepts to give him the last and killing blow. After the Devil Gundam fight has resolved, an enraged Master Asia attacks Domon and reveals that not only is he disgusted by the current condition of the world caused by the previous Gundam fights, but also that he had joined the Devil Gundam and used Wong to help his plan to force the remaining people to space. He expresses his belief that once humanity is gone nature can restore itself. But after defeating his former sensei in battle, Domon convinces Master Asia that his plan would have failed anyway, since humans are also part of nature and that removing them from Earth wouldn't solve anything. Before Master Asia died, both made amends and Domon held his master in his arms when he died. Dr. Eggman attacks and fights his way into Wong Yunfat's Base in Neo Hong Kong and reaches the capsule containing Dark Paul Gekko and releases him, astonished to see the silhouette of a human-like hedgehog in the cryogenic vapors. Dark Paul Gekko pledges his loyalty to Eggman. Just then the robot appears and Dark Paul Gekko destroys the robot. When the Devil Gundam senses Dark Paul Gekko's Resurrection, Devil Gundam pledges loyalty to Eggman by destroying Neo Hong Kong thus aiding him in his goal of world domination. And on its ruins, Eggman built Eggmanland, the ultimate city where Eggman will rule the world. Eggman now has the Dark Gundam at its fullest, but though diabolical, he does risk innocent lives. While on the trip, Ulube read through of the late Wong Yunfat's research and learned that the ideal pilot for the Devil Gundam was Paul Gekko and a woman. Dr. Eggman destroyed Ulube Ishikawa, this lead Dr. Mikamura running out of Ulube's office and tried to save his daughter by pushing her to a nearby elevator to evade Ulube's evil plot, but soon Dark Paul Gekko shot Dr. Mikamura in front of Rain and kidnapped and gave her and seven Chaos Emeralds to the Devil Gundam, which then bonded with the colony after feeding off her negative emotions and the negative energies from the Emeralds. Paul Gekko was shocked that Yuki Imai gave the Chaos Emerald to Rain. Eggman was using Rain as the new life core unit of the Devil Gundam and then merged it with the Neo Japan colony turning it into the Colony Devil Gundam. With the help from his Shuffle Alliance allies and the now reformed Dr. Mikamura, who released Dr. Kasshu's capsule at the cost of his life while begging Domon to apologize to Rain for him and tell her not to blame herself for his actions. The five Gundam Fighters make it into the colony as Allenby, Kyral, and the nations' other Gundam Fighters gather to protect the Earth from the Devil Gundam. Domon, alongside his Shuffle Alliance allies, is able to defeat Ulube in his Grand Master Gundam, only to learn from his father that he needed to shut down the life core unit, which meant killing Rain. Domon then went on his own to find Rain and Paul Gekko while the rest of the Shuffle Alliance dealt with the Grand Master Gundam that was regenerated through DG cells, Domon is able to find the main body of the Devil Gundam within the Colony Devil Gundam but is warned by his father that Rain is controlling it. With a reminder from Allenby about why Rain wanted to distance herself from Domon and further encouragement from his Shuffle Alliance friends, Domon and Paul Gekko is able to tell Rain about what her late father said and admit his feelings towards her. After Rain severs herself from the Devil Gundam, they combine their energy and use the Erupting Burning Finger Sekiha Love-Love Tenkyoken to permanently destroy it. In the end, the two go to Earth together to presumably be married thus letting Eggman escape with Dark Paul Gekko.

Raiko ArcEdit

Meeting RaikoEdit

Dr. Eggman discovered the existence of the Samurai of Destruction by accidentally coming across the long-forgotten Monster, Jurassic Orochi. As such, he broke into the City of Tokyo in the Island of Japan with his Eggman Fleet and the Egg Walker. Happening upon the cryogenic Tomb where the Samurai and it's weapon was sealed, Eggman used his grandfather's password: MARIA, the name of Gerald's granddaughter and Eggman's late cousin, then inserted a Chaos Emerald into the control console The vault opened, releasing the ultimate samurai: Minamoto no Raikō. He mistook Raiko for Sonic at first glance, but Raiko, in gratitude for being released, offered to grant Eggman one wish. In exchange, Raiko agreed to aid the doctor in his plans to take over the world. Their meeting was interrupted by one of G.U.N.'s Big Foot mechas, which Shadow the Hedgehog quickly engaged and easily destroyed. Raiko then fled Prison Island, telling Eggman to bring him more Chaos Emeralds and that he would be waiting aboard the Space Colony. Eggman headed back and returned to his Pyramid base and caught up on the news. A newsflash announcing the theft of a Chaos Emerald from Central City's federal reserve bank caught the doctor's attention, and although the media and public had identified the suspect as Sonic, Eggman knew it could only be Raiko. Using his base's space transporter, Dr. Eggman beamed himself to the Space Colony Yuki to meet with Raiko. There, Raiko revealed the Genesis Factory, a weapon of mass destruction capable of producing the Largest Army of Machines The factory required the seven Chaos Emeralds to meet its immense power demands. He trained extensively between the second and third round and told Lyn his dream of becoming Hokage; however, he was eliminated from the exams in another bout with Ray, who was then beaten by Souka, allowing him to rise to the rank of chūnin. Ryofu was pinned by Ray having a change of heart because of Juubi's parting words, arrived and saved Juubi shielding him from Taiseki's attack, but damaging his right Shoulder. To save his team-mate, Juubi awakened his Sharingan for the first time, allowing him to see through Taiseki's camouflage and kill him. the Right Shoulder, Juubi noticed Ray was about to be crushed by a Ryofu's Tempest Attack, he pushed him out of the way and the Blast accidently hit Juubi's Body and became unconscious. With no way to Battle, Juubi accepted his Fate and made an offering: giving Paul Gekko the Blade of Kindness as an apology for forgetting to get him a present earlier and Promising him about Protecting Lyn Nohora. After Years of being unconscious, He finally recovered in the Hospital due to Cassandra's care. Cassandra fell in love with Juubi and finally develops a crush on Him. Paul Gekko was on his own when he suddenly met the Guardian Units of Nations who arrested him, claiming he had robbed a federal reserve bank of a Chaos Emerald. Handcuffed, Paul Gekko was brought onboard a military helicopter, but while over Central City, Paul Gekko successfully escaped. After escaping, Paul Gekko encountered Minamoto no Raiko, the true thief of the Chaos Emerald. Realizing that he had been mistaken for Raiko for the theft, Paul Gekko attacked him, but Raiko used Chaos Control to escape.

Zeref ArcEdit

Paul Gekko's Pokemon Zygarde collecting the keys to Zeref's seal that was inside Eight Treasure Chests in Yggdrasil Island. Zeref is then shocked to see Paul Gekko, saying that he has "grown". Shocked by the Dark Mage's words, Paul Gekko entered Tailed Beast Form to supress Zeref. Paul Gekko manages to bring Zeref to Umigakure to be treated well by Lan. Paul Gekko, Yuia and Yuki Uzuki takes the Airplane to Yggdrasil Island for a great Vacation.

Dhaos ArcEdit
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Defeat of Paul Gekko (Future)

Future Paul Gekko's Defeat

Anna's Yggdrasil Family was born who is more friendly to Paul Gekko. Yggdrasil Island was guarded by the Yggdrasil Guardians. Paul Gekko realised that Yulia and Yuki Uzuki were Twins born by the Hand of God. Paul Gekko was spying on the Songs and Hyms were eventually to be learned by Tear Grants and Van Grants at the Castle when singing and counting Pokemon. Paul Gekko warns Yulia and Yuki by using the Ryuseken No Tsurugi as the Singing Microphone (Under the Sea). In the Middle of the Song, Tear Grants discovers that Yulia and Yuki Uzuki were twins. She crosses through a portal and breaks into the Fabre manor where she finds Van feigning as young Luke Fon Fabre's swordmaster and mentor, and encounter Paul Gekko and the Twins, Paul Fon Fabre and Paula Fon Fabre. Before the song ends, Luke Fon Fabre intervenes, causing an isofon-induced hyperressonance which transports the five away into Izumogakure. Paul Gekko and his new four classmates accidently crash landed into the entrance to the the Catacombs which lies within the Temple of Dhaos ans which killed Mars the Demonic Knight, learning the historical records of the Shinju, Kenji, Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Paul Gekko stumbled upon Cress, Mint, and Trinicus and Ami Burklight. Paul Gekko was shocked and was able to cut off the Ropes of those who are captured by Mars with his Tailed Beast Form and his Pokemon, Pikachu and accidently unlock his seal. Dhaos is released, and promptly restore Paul Gekko's strength to remember the the boy named Hoshi. Taking an attack for the children of his friends, Trinicus transports them to the past using his divine power, fully intending to protect them. After they vanish through time, Dhaos taunts Trinicus for lacking the foresight to send himself back in time with them. Overcome with rage for his imprisonment, Dhaos promptly executes Trinicus with piercing beams of light. Paul Gekko and his friends attacks monsters on the plains with his sword. He has two new companions named Arche Klein and Claus F. Lester whom defend Midgard from atop the castle wall. Mint is usually with them but today she is asked for a meeting with the king where she can tell the higher-ups about mana and how it is impossible to kill Dhaos without it. Paul Gekko wipes an entire squadron of monsters out of the sky with his Tailed Beast Bomb. A woman's voice calls out to Ami and Paul Gekko and Mint, asking for help and telling her not to hurt the tree. The rest of the group head overseas to the Forest of Spirits where Mint must find the giant tree she saw in her vision. The journey proves to be a long one, but they do eventually find the tree in the middle of a great glade. However, it seems as though it is dying. Mint tries to save it with her healing powers but she does not have enough strength and so the tree tries to kill her. Cress and Arche make attempts at saving her but they find themselves cut off from her by an invisible barrier. At the very last minute, Dhaos appears before the group and walks up to the tree, placing his hand on it. To everyone's surprise, he is actually trying to help them by giving some of his own life to the tree, regenerating it and saving Mint in the process. Their job done, the group returns to Midgard where Claus and Reisen have finished their time-space transfer gate. After arriving to the "future" the group heads to Heimdall to form the pact with Origin. Before they get to the village the elf sentries demand that no half-elves may enter the village so Arche temporarily leaves. As Cress, Mint, and Claus talk to the village chief, Chester, not being a political person, decides to be with Arche until they would meet Origin. As the group were waiting a fire starts, caused by rouge ninja, under Dhaos's command to prevent the group from forming the pact but as Cress and the other are about to fight, Suzu Fujibayashi stops the fires and defeats some of the ninja while the leader escapes. After Suzu leaves Origin comes forth and forms the pact with Claus. The Kingdom were Lundgrom reports to his superiors of the heroes status and they plan to attack Dhaos directly and confront within his own castle. As the party members realize that by saving their world they have doomed his, Martel takes pity on their plight and sends a mana seed into space in an attempt to rejuvenate Derri-Kharlan's tree as Cress and his team return to their proper times. While Paul Gekko is stuck on a journey with Luke, Tear, Paul and Paula, Ami comes along to help him. They get a ride to the capital. They find out that they are in Malkuth. They go to Engeve, and Luke is blamed for the recent food robberies. After being taken to the mayor, Rose, they meet Ion, the Fon Master of the Order of Lorelei who is supposed to be missing and Anise. Luke and Tear go to the Cheagle Woods to confront the cheagles and the Queen of the Cheagles. They meet Ion again at the entrance, and he accompanies them. When confronting the cheagles, they learn that a cheagle accidentally set fire to the ligers' home. Now they must steal food to feed the ligers so they are not eaten. Fon Master Ion, Luke, and Tear decide to talk to the Liger Queen. Mieu, the cheagle who set fire to the liger's home, goes with them and acts as a translator. After defeating them with help from Jade, a Colonel in the Malkuth military, Mieu is exiled from the Cheagle Woods and must serve Luke for a full cycle of the seasons. Paul Gekko and his companions are then arrested by the Malkuth military. Luke reveals himself to be the son of the duke of Kimlasca and is then asked to deliver a peace treaty to the king of Kimlasca. On their way to Kimlasca however, the Tartarus is attacked by a large number of Griffins and Ligers. They were attacked by Largo the Black Lion and Jade ends up getting hit by a fon slot seal. Anise were to take Fon Master Ion and escape, while Jade manage to defeat Largo after getting hit by the fon slot seal. Ion and Anise were to flee but Ion was captured by the Oracle knights and Anise was seen thrown off the Tartarus. Luke, Tear and Jade are then locked up in the ambush on the bridge but they were able to shut down the Tartarus. Their next move is to retrieve Ion, which was successful due to the appearance of Guy, a servant in Fabre's manor. Guy's phobia is first shown here. The party is attacked by Oracle Knights and Luke refuses to kill any soldiers which result in wounding Tear, who was trying to protect him. ear awakens after the attack, and heals herself. The party learns that Anise has already moved to the second location which is Kaitzur. Luke learns that Van is also at Kaitzur and is determined to head there immediately. The party meets up with Anise who is seen trying to enter Kaitzur but it seems she had lost her passport. Van enters and Tear readies her weapon causing a scene. Ion explains what happen so far to Van, Tear seems untrusting of her brother. It is revealed that Tear is assigned by Mohs to look for the Seventh Fonstone. Arietta kidnaps the engineer at the Kaitzur Port and tells everyone to bring Luke and Ion to Coral Castle. Two young men beg the Fon Master to rescue the engineer, who then agrees. Guy had another reaction when Anise hugs him from behind, while entering the Castle. Luke is then kidnapped not long after that, and everybody was attacked by Arietta the Wild and her monster friends, in which the party finds out that the Liger Queen they had killed was her mother. Dist and Sync did something to Luke while everybody takes on Arietta and Guy manages to go find Luke first. Guy then attacks Sync, who fled the scene right after, and gives a fon disc dropped by Sync to Jade, who appeared shocked looking at the Fon machinery Luke was found in. The party then departs Kaitzur and headed to Baticul.

Battle of the FutureEdit
Yuki Gekko

Paul's Classmate

Paul Gekko and his entire Family moves to America for migration and meets alot of Americans. Paul Gekko and his two brothers and one sister joined the Fairy Tail Guild and they were now reserved members. Paul Gekko met the strange puppet master along with Hank before they could undo the seal from his body and they are hoping to give the Orochi power to their unknown master. Botan serves Saiki faithfully, but makes the mistake of standing too closely to Ash when Saiki possesses him, and is blown away by the resulting energy surge (allowing Paul Gekko to enter Tailed Beast State to blow away those from the past members). Future Paul Gekko appears before his Present Self with the fully revived Black Demon. Future Paul Gekko replies that his reason for traveling into the past was to revive the The Giant Demon that was slain by Kuro no Mikoto That being said, he then proceeds to tell them about the two different functions of the Black Demon's Revival: The Blood Pact and the Weakening of the Seal. Two Paul Gekkos battled and Paul Gekko's Future sled then informs the group of how seven years before his bleak future occurred, somebody prevented the revival of the demonic battleship, Lucy Heartfilia as the Battle continued, the Black Demon opts to strike Paul Gekko's Present self with lightning instead. The Black Demon tells Paul Gekko's Present self about after the imprisoning for many years the Black Demon was revived by his Future Self and was programmed him to weaken his present self. They share the same goal: spreading the Izumogakure with the clouds of darkness. Paul Gekko's Future Self tells Paul Gekko's Present self that he hasn't witness his Future Self's Ture Power: Shadow Rasengan. Futue Paul Gekko attempts strike Present Paul Gekko on it's chest but instead Lucy of the Future intervened and takes a shot for her present counterpart. receiving a fatal wound in the process. As she dies, Future Lucy tells her present counterpart that she never closed the gate and wouldn't do so either. Unable to be healed, Future Lucy tells her friends that she was glad to have seen them once again. Though she tells everyone not to be sad as she was not from their time, Happy claims that she is still Lucy and is their friend all the same. Hearing this, she asks to see the present Lucy's guild mark. Taking her hand as she sees it, Future Lucy dies soon after, much to everyone's sadness. However, the Black Demon considers her to be a Monster and though the present Lucy claims she won't do anything, he refuses to acknowledge her words and prepares to attack. As the two Paul Gekkos and the Black Demon battling and attacking each other Natsu attacks him first, angrily stating that he will not let anyone take away Lucy's future. Paul Gekko's Present Self was able to seal the Black Demon with cost of the Orochi's Cloak. Two Paul Gekko's make an attempt to battle in their own Tailed Beast Modes. However, and Octopus Dragon drew Future Paul Gekko away from Present Paul Gekko and Natsu in order to force him to release them to pursue the Dragon named Killer B. During the course of their battle, Atlas Flame and Dialga knocks Future Orochi into a building, causing Future Rogue and Natsu to lose balance. As he takes Natsu's attack, Future Paul, understanding his Present self why after he trusted his future brothers and sisters. He then questions his very existence and purpose, saying that Kallen doesn't understand the concept of friendship, thereby implying that he is weak and has no friends. Present Paul Gekko then reprimands Future Paul Gekko for not considering Yuki his friend. The two then argue over what species Yuki is, which ends with Future Paul Gekko reaffirming the fact that Yuki is his friend.

Kuro Akatsuki ArcEdit
Fateful encounter


After Paul Gekko was hand-chosen to be Susanoo's successor, Cloud watches Paul fought and finally weakened Fuu, Naruto Uzumaki and Killer B. Since Paul finally defeated the Three Jinjuriki, Cloud and Paul met at Side 3 and Hotaru Uchiha befriended the Rivals and their preacious ones. Unfortunately Cloud have taken the Three Knocked out Jinjuriki to the Ka Boa Bu the Space Fortress that makes Paul anxious about rescuing them in Mecha King Ghidorah but was blocked by Tifa and her Shadowy Mobile Armor. Yami, Kuro Akatsuki's General then tries to take advantage of Sasuke's hatred to help him defeat Mecha King Ghidorah. Sasuke, however, having learned the truth about Itachi, sided with his brother over Kuro Akatsuki and Paul summons Izanagi to weaken the General Yami and Itachi then admits to Konoha's dark side, but still firmly considers himself a Konoha ninja, greatly shocking Sasuke. Admitting to his own faults for how Sasuke turned out, Itachi promises to tell him something important after the battle, which he intends to finish with "Izanami". Itachi explained the mechanism behind Izanami and when he used it. Seemingly angered when Itachi told him why he used a technique that could be cancelled by the victim, Sasuke listens as Itachi explained his reasons for doing so, before Itachi tells him that he would be stopping the Impure World Reincarnation. Resigned to the fact that he could not change his brother's mind, Sasuke told Itachi that it was because he remembered his time with Itachi that he would not give up his vendetta against Konoha and in the same manner that Itachi strived to protect it, he would destroy it. With that, he wished his brother farewell before he noticed Itachi walking towards him with his hand outstretched. Itachi then explains to Sasuke that what Danzō and Tobi had told him had been the truth: he had been given the choice to either die along with his clan or to kill the Uchiha, protecting the village and Sasuke. Itachi reaches Sasuke and puts his hand on the back of Sasuke's head and his forehead on his, telling him that he knows that he can't change Sasuke's mind, but no matter what path he chose, he would love Sasuke forever. Sasuke then watches as his brother's soul is released from the Impure World Reincarnation, leaving him with Paul and Yami. Paul's Vision that Sasuke used to locate Cloud. Unfortunately Paul's Vision was true. Sasuke saw The Nine Tails extracted from Naruto along with the Two Tailed Beasts extreacted from Jinjuriki by Cloud's Fully designed Gedo Statue like Mobile Armor. Paul and Tifa met on Side 6, where Amuro found Lalah in front of a lakeside house. They share the similarity about Amuro was attracted to her with his Newtype powers. They met again some time later when Amuro's car got stuck in the mud. Another vehicle pulled over and offered to help him, aboard it was Lalah and Char Aznable, Amuro's archrival (the two had not yet seen each other face to face). Amuro immediately recognised both of them, but Char and Lalah had yet to figure out Amuro's identity. Following this, Lalah saw her first action in combat as she tested the Elmeth in an attack on Solomon, which was now under Federation control. Following additional adjustments to the Elmeth's system, Paul Gekko and Tifa shared a "Newtype bonding", a sort of telepathic bond. Unfortunately Cloud, who is the second Char Aznable in the Mobile Armor called Apsalus Dragon arrived and chastised Tifa for "consorting with the enemy" and raised his beam naginata to strike down Paul's Brother, Kaede. However Cloud hesitated as Paul goes for Cloud's Cockpit as the Escape Pod that resembles a Dragon Based Head of the Mobile Armor as a Weak Spot, Lalah's Elmeth knocked away the Mobile Armor and took the fatal strike. Lalah died immediately and her death a profound effect on both men and Tifa, as their rivalry escalates from a professional to a very personal one which culminated in the movie Char's Counterattack. Jade discuss with everybody what on the Fon Disc. He explains that the Fon Disc contains information about Lorelei, the aggregate sentience of the Seventh Fonon whose existence is hypothetical. Luke still do not comprehend the information given in which Tear learns that Luke had to recall everything he had lost such as remembering his parent's faces and words. The ship was then attacked by an unknown fontech signature, and the party rushes outside to see the problem. Only to be greeted by Dist the Reaper, one of the God-Generals, in which Jade calls him Dist the "Runny". Dist demands the return of the Fon Disc that was taken from Choral Castle. He successfully snatch the disc from Jade only to find out that Jade has already memorized the contents within the disc, enraging him even further. Kaizer Dist R was summoned and was soon damaged by Splash cast by Jade. Van shows up and destroys the Fontech along with Dist, who was seen falling in the ocean. Jade commented on the fact that Dist has the tenacity of a cockroach. Luke releases hyperresonace later in the evening, scaring him. Van tells him to calm down and tells him that the reason why he was holed up in his manor because the King wanted to use him as a weapon of Kimlasca. Though initially getting Paul Gekko's Mobile Suit and Cloud's MSN-09 Extra Blaster Zeong Mobile Suit losing their own Special Equipment in the Final Battle at Ka Boa Bu, Only the War in the Astroid Fortess to be stopped by Banagher in his Unicorn Mobile Suit and Marida in her Banshee's Counterpart Mobile Suit go temporarily insane and attack anything that resembled a "Gundam", including Riddhe's Delta Plus. In the end she hears Cloud calling the Gundam which she faints and falls out of the cockpit and is caught by Zinnerman. Yuki Uzuki was instructed to go after Paul Gekko to lend support to Him. After finally catching up to Paul, the two old friends have a dispute after Paul and Yuki met who had just finished urinating. As the two made their way towards the battlefield to catch up with Heaven Tail, they are confronted by Cloud and his minions with the Black Demon being launched from Ka Boa Bu. Paul Gekko and Yuki jumps aboard the ressurected Giant Battleship to meet up with Yuki's Doctor to lead them to the Black Demon's Main Reactor, which Paul Gekko shut it dowm by accident by taking the crystal that was powering it but Yuki and Paul and Yuki's Doctor managed to escape to prevent the Black Demon to destroy the Hylian Fleet. Now that they have a strategy to use against Tobi, Paul Gekko begin to coordinate their efforts. One of Naruto's shadow clones attacks Tobi, but the attack appears to fail and the clone disappears. The real Naruto attacks immediately afterwards with a Tailed Beast Ball, which Tobi avoids by retreating to the other dimension. There he finds Naruto's shadow clone waiting for him, having been sent there by Kakashi's Kamui. Before he has a chance to react he is hit in the face with a Rasengan, shattering his mask. His face revealed, Team Kyoji recognize him as Obito Uchiha. Kyoji Gekko surprised with Obito's presence, wonders how he is still alive, while Yuki Imai confirmed it to be Kakashi's former team-mate upon seeing both his Mangekyō Sharingan and a visibly altered face on the right half. When asked how he survived and why he never returned to Konoha, Obito states that it was because Kakashi had let Rin die. Joining Madara atop of the Ten-Tails' head, two tendrils attached themselves to the Uchiha to give them control over it. Wanting to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi immediately, Obito was dismayed when Madara expressed wanting to test out the beast's power first. Obito and Madara Uchiha is then separated from the Ten-Tails as Paul Gekko recognizes the resemblance of Shinseijū. Forced to battle the enemies directly, Obito and Madara collaborated their attacks, which fail to kill any shinobi in the Allied Forces thanks to the chakra cloak Naruto provided each of them. Obito chastised Naruto again, noting that he was contradicting himself in saying that he felt closer to his friends when they died, yet was overexerting himself to protect them. Naruto quickly rebuffed Obito's logic, telling him that a loner like him would not understand. As the Ten-Tails grew more restless, he decided the time for him to become its jinchūriki had arrived. Noticing Kakashi preparing to warp the beast away again, Obito intercepted him noting that he was waiting for Kakashi to make another attempt. As they both use Kamui on the other, they were warped away to Kamui's dimension.

Ten Tails ArcEdit

Van Grant's BetrayalEdit
Millia and Paul Gekko

Juubi facing a Sky Diver

Luke and the others arrive at Akzeriuth after hearing the score about Luke's destiny. Everyone except Luke did what they can to neutralize the miasma around the area. Going into tunnel 14, Luke and Ion encounters Van who leads them to a Sephiroth. At that time, Van tells Luke to release a hyperreasonance with the words "Foolish Replica Luke". Luke opens all of his fon slots, causing the destruction of the passage rings and Akzeriuth. Tear informs Jade that Van is trying to destroy Akzeriuth and Asch arrives at the scene too late. Tear accuses Van that he betrayed them all and Van addressing Tear as Mystearica, telling her about the folly of the world and to use the fonic hymns. Tear saves Luke and the others, but failed to protect Akzeriuth, and they fall to the Qlipoth. They went into the Tartarus, which is operational enough to go through the mud and miasma. Tear then informs the group about the world they live in is called the Shell world. However, the Sephiroth that supports Akzeriuth was destroyed by Luke, who says it's not his fault. Everyone leaves Luke except for Mieu, who understands his pain. They arrive at Yulia City and Luke refuses to go inside the Mayor's office and Paul Gekko and Ami is confronted by Asch, who fought Luke, Ami and Paul Gekko, and won. Luke awakens to find himself in Asch's body; he learned that perfect isofons can communicate with each other in which his fon slots were opened at Choral Castle. Asch enters the meeting room in which everybody agrees to assist him except Tear, who will stay in Yulia City. The Tartarus returns to the Outer Lands via the memory particles that caused the Sephiroth to appear where Akzeriuth had once been. The party head to Belkend where Van visits often to gather information. They went in an office where they learned that the traitor to Kimlasca, Spinoza, is still working in Belkend. Jade is then revealed to be Dr Balfour, the Father of Fomicry. Spinoza escapes but not before mentioning Van's preservation project and left an information leading to Ortion Cave. Guy leaves the party for Luke at Aramis Spring. Asch dreams of his past seven years ago when he was kidnapped and when Luke was born. Reaching the end of the cavern, they found out that fonimin that is mined out of the cavern covers at least a tenth of Auldrant. Data of the residents of Hod, which should have been removed by the Malkuth military, is also found. An earthquake happens and Asch tells the party that the earthquake was caused by the falling of the Runica Plains. Luke is sent back to his own body and confronts Tear about the destruction of Akeriuth. He plans to change and as proof of that he cuts his hair.

Paul Gekko to the RescueEdit
Orochi and the Liger Queen

Orochi and the Liger Queen

Natalia is told that her father is alive and that they know where he is. She is also told his name and that he was working with Fon Master Mohs. Her father is none other than Badaq, or as he is known as now, Largo the Black Lion. Luke and the others discovered from Spinoza that they can access Auldrant by using the jewel to absorb the seventh fonons at the absorption gate, but they also have to go to the radiation gate simultaneously. So Luke, Natalia, and Guy go to the radiation gate and Tear, Jade, and Anise go to the absorption gate. When Luke, Natalia, and Guy arrive they encounter Largo, and they fight to the death. Natalia shoots an arrow in order to prevent Largo from killing Luke and it hits Largo and he dies telling Natalia that she looks like her mother. Tear, Jade, and Anise arrive at the absorption gate and they encounter Fon Master Mohs, who brings Van back from the core in exchange for the seventh fonstone. Van tells them how he came back to life and Tear and the others prepare to fight Fon Master Mohs and Tear kills him with Holy Cross. Luke then fills the key with seventh fonons and opens the road to Eldrant. With Mohs and Largo dead and the Planet Storm stopped at last, the shield surrounding Eldrant has been brought down, but the raised city is still protected by heavy anti-aircraft artillery. While Kimlasca and Malkuth prepare for an attack, Luke and the others prepare themselves as well. Guy gives up his quest for vengeance, Natalia accepts her birth father's death, and Luke and Asch quarrel over the reason for their existence. Finally, the military forces of both countries create a diversion to draw the fire of Eldrant's anti-aircraft defenses, and as the city of Eldrant attempts to ram the Albiore, Ginji crashes the Albiore III into the side of the city, creating an opening. The party heads for the newly made entrance to Eldrant while Van awaits their arrival. Luke and the others arrive at Eldrant and prepare for the battle against Van, but on the way, they are informed by Ginji that Asch went to fight on his own. While running in to a room, the group encounters Asch who was killing Oracle Knight replicas and they fall for a trap, which Asch and Luke fall into another room. Tear and the others are left to fight Legretta and Sync. Tear and Jade fight Legretta and Anise and Guy fight Sync. They manage to defeat Legretta and Sync and look for Luke. Meanwhile Luke talks to Asch and tells him to fight Van which infuriates because Luke isn't doing anything to acknowledge himself. Asch challenges Luke calling him a replica and Luke wins and so Asch hands Luke the key of Lorelei. Asch stays behind in order to fight the Oracle Knights in the room. But Asch fights not as Asch the Bloody, but as the real Luke Fon Fabre. Luke finds the others and they go to fight Van. Asch manages to kill most of the knights but he suddenly had a pain in his chest because he was slowly dying and ends up getting stabbed from behind. Asch then kills all the replicas and dies. Luke senses Asch's death and informs them of it. Natalia becomes heartbroken, and Jade tells Natalia to get up and to know who was really suffering. Luke and the others go to fight Van for the final showdown. Paul Gekko steps in to help the group by entering Tailed Beaste Mode. Ami hops on to Paul Gekko's Dragon Form's Back. The battle with Van begins. Van utilizes the power of Lorelei and starts to defeat the heroes. Tear begins to sing the Grand Fonic Hymn. Van is defeated by Paul Gekko who was taken over by the Nine Tailed Fox's Chakra. As everyone leaves, Luke promises Tear he will return. Hod begins to fall and Luke catches Asch. Paul Gekko in Orochi Mode destroys the crash landed Fortress Eldrant Two years later Tear and the others are at the Cove where the adventure begun as a memorial for Luke. In the distance, a man approaches the group and tells Tear that he came to the Cove to fulfill his promise to her. Everyone gathers around to greet the man. While the man appears to be a physical combination of both Luke and Asch, a final view of the man shows him carrying his sword in the same fashion as Luke. At the end of the Final Battle in the Ka Boa Bu, Apsalus Dragon was finally transformed into the Ten Tails' Alter Ego Dice and meets Seven Jinchuurikis of the Eight Headed Serpent, Yamata no Orochi. They are interested in the Peace Treaty after the War. Unfortunately, Scuttle comes with an attack force of various sea creatures to attack. This causes Dice to Transform into the Dragon Form of Ten Tails. Paul Gekko remembered the Ten Tails since they met at Yggdrasil Island. Team Kyoji came who was preparing to launch a point-blank range Tow cables and Harpoons on to the Ten Tails. Merely flicking the harpoons and tow cables at the RX-79-99 Devil Gundam's leg with a finger, the beast prepares to face Team Kyoji similar to the Sage of the Six Paths. In the Middle the fight against Cloud and the Ten-Tails, Simon throws his body in front of the Juubi's Tailed Beast Bomb protecting Erza. He falls to the ground and with Erza by his side. Simon then confesses his love to her and sadly dies. With the combined efforts of the entire Hylian Federation, tailed beasts were freed from the Mobile Armor halting the Infinite Tsukuyomi. ([1])

Shinju RisesEdit

Unfortunately, Ten Tails was revived again after the another Apsalus Dragon captures the Nine Tailed Beasts and was transformed and finds and become one with Three Mushasame and let's her to become it's host thus forcing her.find and become one with her and let's her to become it's host and was forced to attack San. Paul Gekko comes, finally saving Mushasame by awakening Noel's voice and mind, but sacrifice his shield to injure his arm and splits the Ten Tails in Thirds the Yang Shinju was a Giant Rabbit leaving the it's Ying sealed in the pickle jar. As the Jing Half of Shinju was prepared for the final attack on the Gekko Family, Shimiza Clan and the Renato Clan, Hotaru and Hotaru Uchiha met face to face with the Monster. Paul Gekko saves the Two Hotarus from the Monster and seals it within Hotaru Uchiha but this costs a heavy price, Hotaru thanked and offered Paul Gekko for saving she and her friend from the Monster asked him to become her second teacher which Paul Gekko accepts and she then resolved to allow herself to be sacrificed thus bestowing the technique to him, unable to bear the thought that she would never see her Utakata again and Paul protested, but Hotaru had made her choice. Hugging Paul Gekko, there was enough energon to enter Tailed Beast State in the Process. Utakata suppressed the explosion by transforming into his full Six-Tails form. With the Process completed, and Hotaru safe, Utakata accepts his role as Hotaru's master and train with his new student. However, it was revealed Obito managed to resist Madara's control from the start, and the 1/4 of the Ten-Tails being sealed thanks to Paul Gekko, foiling Madara's attempt at revival. Now the beast's jinchūriki, Obito was able to understand Paul Gekko's regrets and love for his Clan. Obito turns the Ten Tails into the Original Shinju and has it absorb the chakra of nearby ninja, taking their cloaks and draining their life. however Paul Gekko managed to get the Other People including Utakata and Hotaru to safety. Obito encourages Paul about being a Hero. Naruto refuses to believe him and rallies the surviving forces. Similar to Riku, Paul Gekko summons Simon to battle against Obito, and the Shinju uses the Altair ability to shoot the Altair Cannonballs, Only to find that, Erza Scarlet and Natsu detaining Paul Gekko for breaking of the guild's rules and gets in front, hoping that he won't attack them. Paul Gekko tells Simon to Protect the Natsu and Erza from the Tailed Beast Bomb, Simon runs in and blocks both Natsu and Erza from the attack. Simon uses his Magic to try a fend Altairis off, but it proves to be too much for him. Erza sees that Simon is in front of her and that he used his body as a shield to protect her. Simon collapses and though Erza tries to keep his eyes open, Simon confesses his love for Erza, and then dies. Erza screams in anguish Paul Gekko saw Simon dying for Simon. Obito tells Paul Gekko that it's pointless to cry in the middle of the War and Jellal belittles him for Paul Gekko's weak summoning and tells Paul Gekko if the Flower Blooms it will be pointless to stop Infinite Tsukuyomi. The Shinju give Paul Gekko the Chakra Fruit to increase his own power, only to find that Natsu is furious to hear Jellal's words and punches him down. Then, meaning to replenish his strength, he eats the Chakra Fruit from Paul Gekko. At first Natsu's body digested it, but soon, his powers increase, his skin becomes scaly, and he bulks up. An image of a burning Dragon appears after him; proof that his body is absorbing Etherion. Natsu's counterattack is vicious. He punches Jellal several floors down through the replica version of the Tower which the Tree created. Natsu then says that there's no freedom for someone who's trapped by a ghost, and punches Jellal, sending him flying into Tower, destroying the entire structure and the Tree was turned back into the Ten Tails. Naruto and Sasuke join forces, combining their own senjutsu abilities against him to increasingly greater effect. Obito pushes Paul Gekko out of the way to save him only to be hit by Naruto and Sasuke with their aid of their classmates from Konoha. It is all too much for Obito and he gave Paul Gekko the fragments of the Ten Tails' chakra, before giving the Alliance a chance to pull it from his body. Though he tries to the Struggling to keep the tailed beasts, the chakra of the nine tailed beasts is removed from him and he falls to the ground, his power and transformation gone and his battle lost. Obito again finds himself reflected on what could have been with Paul Gekko seeing his thoughts. Seeing Naruto before him, stating that they are the same in how they lived as children, Obito begins seeing Paul Gekko and him along. Paul Gekko helps the defeated Obito, accepting his fate. Obito then states that Rin was the only light in his life and that losing her left him in darkness. He further explains that he felt the world was hopeless afterwards and that everything he's seen along his path confirmed that belief. Obito bestowed the Rinnegan to Paul Gekko to prevent Madara from obtaining it after Madara became the Ten Tails Jinjuriki. As Madara congratulated Obito for finding and removing the cursed seal he placed on him, the older Uchiha revealed that Obito's entire fall into darkness was in fact his doing; having the Three-Tails being sealed into Rin and ensuring her demise as Obito's pure heart would make him an ideal pawn once corrupted. As Obito began to absorb the horrific truth, Madara decided to reclaim his left eye from Obito. (Thomas Anthem)

Aftermath ArcEdit

Zygarde and the Statue of Paul Gekko and Juubi

Paul Gekko Statue

After the Ten-Tails Arc, Paul Gekko went to Paula Fon Fabre's House only to find Paula awakened from her deep sleep. Paul Gekko's aunt shows up and is about to hurt the entire Four Noble Clans for what just happened. Paul Gekko's Pikachu explains to Ezra and Kagura that Paul Gekko's Aunt has a Sister by tugging her pants, shocking Erza and Kagura. Satan is first mentioned Paul Gekko reads the Bible about Satan tempting Adam and Eve to eat the Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil which God forbade. Paul Gekko receive a message from Hand of God that Princess Yulia was kidnapped by the Serpent. Against Kagura Gekko's warnings, Paul Gekko resolves to find and rescue Princess Yulia. Though Kagura no Mikoto saw Paul Gekko being informed that Simon no Mikoto was killed by the demon. Kagura and Erza does not hesitate to join Paul Gekko in his search at the Bottomless Pit. The Three searched for Satan; mention of his name causes the sea creatures to flee in terror. Satan wakes at the sight of a school of tuna swimming nearby. Opening his great eyes, he pursues the fish with his mouth open, tearing through the ocean. When Paul Gekko saw Satan approaching, he flees for his life, pushing past the tuna, though he is nevertheless consumed by Satan. The sprightly Erza escapes his jaws, but, on discovery that Paul Gekko and Kagura has been swallowed, tries to enter Satan's now closed mouth. Erza tries to get in but he won't open his mouth. Inside Satan's belly, Paul Gekko reunited with the Princess roposes that they escape in a raft (constructed by Humans) when Satan opens his mouth. When told that "everything comes in...nothing goes out" of his jaws, Kagura use the Sword to make Satan Open it's Mouth. Satan wakes at the sight of Erza angry for swallowing Kagura. Satan Tempts Erza to knocke multiple times to make Satan Sneeze. He begins taking deep breaths; while his mouth is open, Paul Gekko and Kagura and Yulia try to escape and Erza gets on the Raft and was shocked about Yulia and her Sister; they succeed when Satan finally sneezes, sending them flying out onto the sea. (Sailor Moon Theme)

Heritage in the NightEdit
Juubi Attack

Juubi vs Orochi

Paul Gekko was reminded about the Shinobi Heritage after he was fallen to the water but was saved by holding on with it's arms by his brother and was lifted to the shores by spirits of his Mother and Father. After Heritage, He helped the Tank Platoon from Izumogakure deliver the medicine to the hospital and succeeded. Paul Gekko easily killed the Giant Barracuda, who was responsible of killing the Child's Mother in the attempt to save the Princess of Luxara. Paul and the Autobots teamed up to defeat the Perfect Megatron and his army of Decepticons that was draing the energy feom his home planet. Paul Gekko feared that ressurection is drawn near, He have extracted Megatron's Hearts to separate Megatron's Body Parts into Nine Pieces and Scattered all across Dens (The Left arm in Minccina, Right Arm in Izumo, The Head in America, The Torso in Torabia, The Left Leg in North Kaiser, The Right Leg in South Kaiser, The Gun in Kagenato, The Left Shoulder in Luxara and the Right Shoulder in Katina) and then he sealed away the Heart in the Altar bounded with Chains which was treating with the Plasky Particles inside the Raka Shrine. (Fly Gundam)

Mecha Ghidorah and the Mighty NaroiEdit
Simon's Death

Simon's Death

Paul Gekko is at the Mountain where he leads Yuki Uzuki to the Ancient City of the Jurakings and shows her the way through the ventilation system to a small space under the building and Summoning Mecha King Ghidorah, using Yamata no Orochi and summoning Izanagi to apparently project a image of the Northern Lights on the wall gazes at the lights, "its beautiful" she says "yeah, beautiful," Paul Responds. But was interrupted by Naori Gekko Face to Face from the Rusty Vent. Yuki runs away crying, Paul follows her and says he's sorry for taking her to see what was wrong with , Yuki says that she's glad he did, they hear a loud noise, which turns out to be Naori encountering Paul. She was determined to save him from it so he would accept his fate and reality. Paul and Yuki take off with Raikō Shimiza saving them from Naori, two Shinobi which came out to be Raimei Shimiza and with a light come to see what all the noise. A user of the Izanami, Naori activated the technique on her comrade, shimiza and her fiance; and in the end, he and she ultimately gave up and finally accepted his true fate, thus being freed from Izanami's loop plus realizing the Truth about entering and realizing Izanagi and Mecha King Ghidorah at the Temple. Tatsuya then asks Paul about how he defeated the Ten-Tails where Paul tells him that he was able to defeat him thanks to his Students. However Paul tells him that is not interested in Gunpla battles, so he gave up on him. Hearing about Takashi increases Tatsuya's curiosity over him. Then Mira Gekko enters the room, telling Paul that there is trouble, where she points outside, showing Takashi doing a wrestling move on Monta Gonda. After Paul stopping him, Monta asks Tatsuya why he is allowing Takashi to enter the school grounds, where Tatsuya lies to him saying he invited Takashi and Shinka to the school for his piloting abilities, and how he was the one who defeated the Ten-Tails. Monta asks Tatsuya if Reiji can show his abilities, and that he would like to Gunpla battle against him. Tatsuya allows it, where afterwards he becomes the judge of the Gunpla battle between Paul and Takashi's RX-79-9 Banshee Gundam and Monta's MRC-F20 SUMO. During the battle, after seeing Takashi's unique piloting abilities, he becomes fired up. Takashi charges and wins the match. However Tatsuya Yuki challenges to a match in his MS-06R-AB Zaku Amazing, which made the 6th World Championship. Mr. Ral explains that Tatsuya's immense piloting skills had given him the nickname of "The Crimson Comet". Reiji charges into the fight, but the Zaku Amazing manages to dodge Takashi's attacks with its high mobility, and manages to disarm the Banshee Gundam. Paul and Takashi are stunned they were only defeated in seconds. Tatsuya is seen monitoring the school grounds with Monta, where he sees that Sei is busy designing the Banshee Gundam's new equipment.

As Prince HoumeiEdit

Host of the Eight Tailed Dragon activates Chakura

Paul Gekko with Spirit of the Era-tino Orochi

Paul Gekko have pulled the Sword of Summoning from the stone that causes the awakening of the Sacred Beasts and Arceus. Arceus lends the Sacred Beast to Paul to make Kagenato rich and fertil. Paul uses the sword wisely along with the Sacred Beasts have turned Kagenato the wasteland into a beautiful fertilizing Paradise with the Cookie Crops, Pizza Ovens and the simple Veggie Crops. Arceus parts away to the dimension leaving the sacred beasts into Paul Gekko's Possession and then transforming him into a handsome prince of Izumo thus having a Indian Elephant with a Monkey Tail as a Transportation. The Sacred Beasts goes into hiding after leading a parade to the Izumo Palace. Paul Gekko although offending Yuki Uzuki appearing as another typical rich and self-important prince, eventually wins Yuki's Love by taking her on a romantic ride on the flying magic carpet. Afterwards, the carpet takes them to Luxara so he deceives her by telling her that he really is a prince and had just pretended be a commoner in order to escape the restrictions of konoha life, much like what Yuki did. Paul Gekko ended up with Yuki Uzuki falling in love with each other. The Emperor of Izumo crowned him as the Emperor. Paul Gekko looks up to Luffy as a Senior of the Pirates wants to be a Pirate King. Luffy leaves Paul Gekko the New Pirate Ship, White Fox as a parting gift, telling him to return it once he wants too see him again. (Prince Ali)

As Emperor GekkoEdit

Orochi's Full Appearence

Future Orochi's True Appearence

As the Emperor of Izumogakure, Paul Gekko and Paul Kiske are at the hospital where Yuki Uzuki gave birth to the youngest son named Ventus Gekko. Paul Gekko became Father and Paul Kiske became a brother to Ventus. After Paul Gekko trained his Child, he met Aqua and Terra in the academy before the Team Okaina was reborn. (Gundam)

Gundam Build Fighters ArcEdit
First DayEdit

Sometime before the 14th World Tournament he won an award in an "Artistic Gunpla" building contest. Paul Gekko meets Professor Karima and Juvia visit the 1/1 RX-78-2 in Odaiba, Japan. In awe over its size, Juvia and Paul visit the merchandise store where there are many HGUC kits. While Juvia purchases an ecopla version of the MS-06F Zaku II, Paul Gekko tries to grab the last remaining 1/144 HG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. G30th, but a girl grabs it instead and Paul runs right into the Gunpla stand. A box falls on Haru, and it is the Tornado Hydra. Later, while watching 30th Gundam Perfect Mission, Paul Gekko decides to start building the Beginning Gundam. This causes Paul Gekko's Uncle, Manny D. Kyosuke to reminisce about the times when he used to build Gunpla and how they had advanced since the late 70s. To help him out, Karima lends Paul Gekko a pair of clippers and a modeler's knife to get rid of the excess gate plastic. While Paul Gekko is hard at work building, his friend Maya Ōtsutsuki, an avid fan of Gunpla, stops by to visit. Paul eventually completes the Tornado Hydra and heads to the Axis Hobby Shop to participate in a Gunpla Battle. When the trio arrives at the store, Juvia introduces Paul to the manager of the store. They then enter a Gunpla Battle room for 6 builders. After Haru suits up, another Gunpla Builder and ladies man Koji Matsumoto looks at the Beginning Gundam and is unimpressed by the suit. He then reveals his own RX-93-ν2 Hi-ν Gundam, given the color scheme of the original RX-93 ν Gundam. Koji then challenges Haru to a Gunpla Battle against his two female companions Igawa and Iwamoto. Since the Tornado Hydra wasn't in Koji's collection, he makes Haru a deal. If Paul wins the match, Koji would buy any Gunpla Paul wanted, but if Paul lost, he had to forfeit the Beginning Gundam. Though Paul hesitated, Maya stepped up and accepted the challenge for him. Paul suits up and launches in Tornado from White Carrier. With the playing field a simulation of Shizuoka City, Haru is teamed with two guys named Ono and Urushibata, who pilot a MS-09 Dom and a NRX-044 Asshimar respectively. While entering the battlefield, Iwamoto's blue MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type starts taking shots at Haru, but he fires the beam rifle at the Zaku's leg stand and defeats it. Ono gets distracted by Haru and his Dom is defeated by Igawa in her pink AMX-107 Bawoo. While trying to take out the Bawoo, Paul is intercepted by Koji, who grapples the Gundam before deploying the Fin Funnels. Haru has a tough time against the Fin Funnels and loses the Beginning Gundam's left arm and crashes into the Bandai Hobby Center. Meanwhile, Urushibata's Asshimar is taken out by Koji's funnels. Suddenly Haru emerge from the ground and deploys 3 beam sabers to defeat the Bawoo. Koji and Haru battle again, and Haru manages to knock Koji into some netting, preventing him from deploying the funnels. As Koji struggles to break loose, the polycap holding the leg together snaps, to which Koji blames the manager for building it poorly. Paul said that the point was to build one's own Gunpla and stabs straight into the defenseless Gundam and wins the fight. At some Point, 2 Years Ago, Paul Gekko won the Gunpla Battle against his Big Artist of Gunpla, Yuuma Kousaka in his GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster with his custom OZ-15AGX Hydra Gundam. (Brave Legend)

Second DayEdit

Paul then starts to repair, paint, and panel line the Tornado Hydra as Juvia changes the gold on the Hyaku Shiki to white, naming it "Byaku Shiki". The two return to the Gunpla store and the manager introduces Juvia and Paul to a young guitarist named Tatsu Shimano, as the manager says that they need to learn about the history of Gunpla and has Tatsu take them on in a 2 on 1 match. To prepare for the national tournament, Mr. Ral brings the Try Fighters to a Gunpla store. But just as they prepare for a trial battle, someone from Yuuma Kousaka's past returns to haunt him. Juvia and Paul then suit up and launch from the White Legacy into a Space Colony Yuki. Suddenly, the duo are attacked by Tatsu in his GPB-06F Super Zaku Custom F2000, a heavily armored version of the MS-06F2 Zaku II F2. Tatsu, now completely sadistic, bombards the two with heavy fire. Tatsu manages to chop off the legs of Juvia's Byaku Shiki with a custom heat hawk pole. In the real world, both Boris and the manager are observing the battle with great interest. The manager doesn't think Haru will win, but Boris explains that Tatsu sacrificed firepower for mobility. Paul notices that the Zaku's armor is cracking, and Juvia explains that the bond between the armor and the base Zaku was weakening. KJuvia then fires the Byaku Shiki's clay bazooka at the Zaku. Paul takes the opportunity and charges at Tatsu, winning the match. Tatsu then congratulates the two on winning with his personality back to normal. Tatsu noted that he learned a lesson and how it was foolish to use putty. Just then, Rina enters the store and shows off her newly customized GPB-04B Beargguy (a MSM-04 Acguy with a bear head and a schoolgirl backpack), perplexing the others. Elsewhere, Boris leaps on his horse and chats with a Bandai employee about a set of upgrade parts for the Beginning Gundam, which would allow it to match or exceed Boris Schauer' Forever Gundam. (Open your Heart)

Third DayEdit

Paul, Juvia and Maya watch the battles and decide to enter the Gunpla Battle Championship The Axis Hobby Shop manager then gives Paul some clear upgrade parts for the Tornado Hydra. Paul takes the parts and locks himself in his room while upgrading the Tornado Hydra. Maya tries to check in on Haru but his mother explains that he is in his room. Meanwhile, the Bandai employee confirms to Boris that he gave the parts to Axis Hobby Shop and is curious about how they'll do against the Forever Gundam Boris says that he'll wait and see in the tournament and takes off with his wingmen Sam and Diana Lee. The next day the tournament starts with numerous MS entering the fight, including a Zaku II attached to a Zakrello and a MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame. Rina and Kenta are unable to get to Haru, and Boris wonders if he got scared. Entering as the Axis Team, Kenta enters the battle in his new MSN-04 Sazabi from the Reinforce Junior while Rina launches in her custom GPB-04B Beargguy. Both Maya's inexperience in combat and the normal Acguy being operable only on Earth lend to her being saved numerous times by Juvia (including kicking a 1/99 MA-08 Big Zam). Juvia then engages Koji's Hi-ν Gundam with their respective Funnels. Maya and Juvia are surrounded when Koji's Hi-ν is soundly defeated by Paul, who arrives in his reborn Tornado Hydra. After their reunion, Paul's friends are challenged to battle by Boris Schauer, Diane Lee and Sam, who are piloting a MS-18E Kämpfer and a RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny Unit 1. Paul and Boris blast off each other's shields, while Rina holds off Diana Lee's Kämpfer with the Beargguy's Beam eyes. Juvia eventually defeats the Blue Destiny with his funnel supply depleted. Both Paul and Boris are giving everything they got to win, finishing off a team of mobile suits on the surface of A Baoa Qu. Yuuma who then charged into A Baoa Qu to take revenge on Paul Gekko for 2 years ago. Sekai then jumped in to help his team Mate but he was also defeated but they were saved bye the Arrival of Meijin Kawaguchi in his Perfect Gundam 3 Amazing Red warrior. The battle is ended by Allan, who doesn't want his student to fight at damage Level B. Kawaguchi tells his old friend to do a better job of keeping his students in line. Paul Gekko is now becoming a full fledged Gunpla Meiser along with his friends talking with two children looking at their custom Gunpla in Shizuoka. (Return)

Birth of Ventus ArcEdit
Ten Tails vs Paul Gekko and Paul Ichijou

Paul Gekko and Paul Ichijou facing the Ten Tails in the Final Battle

Paul Gekko found Three Members of the Shadow Clan and one of the Members of his Clan in the Rusty Village. After a distraught Legacy about Paul Gekko, During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Black Zetsu was supposed to be a Fossil. He declared that he is in reality "the will of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki". Following this declaration, Black Zetsu proceeded to revive Kaguya in Vandesdelca Musto Fende's place. She activated her Byakugan, noticing that the two youths had similar chakra to her sons and Hagoromo's children, before coming to the conclusion that Hagoromo had bestowed the powers to them. She then teleported Team Okaina, Team Kyoji and Team Takashi to into a Village where the Battle of the Eclipse take Place. Kaguya, still crying, then stated she hated her two sons for what they did to her. Natsu's final attack sends Motherglare, Rogue and himself hurtling towards Eclipse, and the resulting impact destroys the gate. Kaguya revives the Black Demon to prepare for the Final Battle to save Paul Gekko from Being Hurt. Kaguya decides to return to her Battle with Paul Gekko where she revives the Juubi from the Pickle Jar. The Juubi, Kagya and the Black Demon prepares the Bijuu Bomb like it was 67 Years Ago to strike Paul Gekko. Unfortunately Simon uses his Magic to try a fend Altairis off, but it proves to be too much for him. He collapses and though Erza tries to keep his eyes open, he proclaims his love for her and dies, remembering Erza when she was young and leaving the world with a smile. Obito Uchiha, in an act of selflessness, used Kamui to teleport the attack heading towards Paul Gekko to safeguard Kakashi and Natsu Dragneel. As Obito's body started to crumble, a sorrowful Paul Gekko tries to heal Simon and Obito. Accepting his fate and his role, Obito explained to Paul Gekko that as a result of fighting alongside him, he was happy and that he could once again remember the feeling of wanting to be Hokage. Obito then told Naruto and Paul Gekko that he knew he would definitely become the Hokage, before dying with a smile on his face as his body crumbled away. Simon dies, leading Black Zetsu to comment that Obito was a cockroach for having last so long rather than a regular insect. Natsu is furious to hear the Black Zetsu's Words and punches Kaguya, Cutting her Left Arm, which the sleeve contained Black Zetsu, to be killed by the Hands of Paul Kiske. Kaguya tells Paul Gekko there was no need, as finally seeing the Love of Magic and Friends freed her soul. She then crumbled, leaving behind a pile of earth and ash. Paul Gekko manages to save Yurin and seal the Ying Juubi back into the Pickle Jar. Before Paul Gekko can do that, Yurin put the Juubi in the path of the Motherglare the Dragon crashing into the Eclipse Gate taking the blow for Riku. But Paul Gekko got the Unconcious Yurin and heal her and Riku was relieved. Riku and Yurin are together once again. The Ten Tails uses Zeref Form to attack the City of Corcus. Paul Gekko and Paul Ichijou defeated Kaguya and executed an enhanced Chaos Control which stopped the Ten Tails and sealed it completely into a Pickle Jar. Afterward, Paul Ichijou fell to the Dens and was presumed alive because Model J megamerged with him and was able touch on the ground. Ichijou has experienced what it’s like on the battlefield, but his classmates haven’t had that luxury. Ichijou doesn’t hesitate at all when it comes to killing the enemy. It has to be quite a traumatic experience for the other students. With the Aftermath of the Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Paul Gekko and his Friends decide to go on a treasure hunt. It turns out that the treasure is buried inside the Aztec Temple which they avoided traps and obstacles and succeeded on getting the Treasure. Paul Gekko found Annie floating in the water and Gem under a cliff. Paul Gekko takes them to Isle Delta's Izumo Plaza for treatment. After Annie and Gem were Healed, Annie tells Paul Gekko about the defeat of Kuro Akatsuki and the Black Demon. Gradually the three became best friends. Paul Gekko gave them some food. Annie impressed them by making an elaborate flower out of the paper wrappers left behind as a sign of gratitude. (Sacrifice)

World War IIEdit
World War II Arc

World War II

Paul Gekko senses the War breaking out in the Pacific Coast of America and the Coast of Izumo. The United States had renounced its trade treaty with Japan and beginning with an aviation gasoline ban in July 1940 Japan had become subject to increasing economic pressure. During this time, Japan launched its first attack against Changsha, a strategically important Chinese city, but was repulsed by late September. Despite several offensives by both sides, the war between China and Japan was stalemated by 1940. To increase pressure on China by blocking supply routes, and to better position Japanese forces in the event of a war with the Western powers, Japan had occupied northern Indochina. Afterwards, the United States embargoed iron, steel and mechanical parts against Japan. Other sanctions soon followed. In August of that year, Chinese communists launched an offensive in Central China; in retaliation, Japan instituted harsh measures in occupied areas to reduce human and material resources for the communists. Continued antipathy between Chinese communist and nationalist forces culminated in armed clashes in January 1941, effectively ending their co-operation. In March, the Japanese 11th army attacked the headquarters of the Chinese 19th army but was repulsed during Battle of Shanggao. In September, Japan attempted to take the city of Changsha again and clashed with Chinese nationalist forces. Paul Gekko was determined to stop the Pearl Harbor Attack by entering Tailed Beast Mode to destroy the Planes. Paul Gekko warns the Pilots of Japan not to go suicide but was soon rescued by the USA Military. United States had renounced its trade treaty with Japan and beginning with an aviation gasoline ban in July 1940 Japan had become subject to increasing economic pressure. During this time, Japan launched its first attack against Changsha, a strategically important Chinese city, but was repulsed by late September. Despite several offensives by both sides, the war between China and Japan was stalemated by 1940. To increase pressure on China by blocking supply routes, and to better position Japanese forces in the event of a war with the Western powers, Japan had occupied northern Indochina. Afterwards, the United States embargoed iron, steel and mechanical parts against Japan. Other sanctions soon followed. In the Pacific theatre, American forces accompanied by the forces of the Philippine Commonwealth advanced in the Philippines, clearing Leyte by the end of April 1945. They landed on Luzon in January 1945 and captured Manila in March following a battle which reduced the city to ruins. Fighting continued on Luzon, Mindanao, and other islands of the Philippines until the end of the war. On the night of 9–10 March, B-29 bombers of the US Army Air Forces struck Tokyo with incendiary bombs, which killed 100,000 people within a few hours. Over the next five months, American bombers firebombed 66 other Japanese cities, causing the destruction of untold numbers of buildings and the deaths of between 350,000–500,000 Japanese civilians. As Japan continued to ignore the Potsdam terms issued to them on 27 July, the United States let's Paul Gekko use it's Tailed Beast Bomb on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in early August. Like the Japanese cities previously bombed by American airmen, the US and its allies justified the atomic bombings as military necessity to avoid invading the Japanese home islands which would cost the lives of between 250,000–500,000 Allied troops and millions of Japanese troops and civilians. Between the two bombings, the Soviets, pursuant to the Yalta agreement, invaded Japanese-held Manchuria, and quickly defeated the Kwantung Army, which was the largest Japanese fighting force. The Red Army also captured Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands. On 15 August 1945, Japan surrendered, with the surrender documents finally signed aboard the deck of the American battleship USS Missouri on 2 September 1945, ending the war. Paul Gekko was finally promoted to a Pizza Deliverer at Pizza Hut. (Return of Amuro)

Part IIIEdit

Meeting OlviaEdit

Paul Gekko meets Olvia

Paul Gekko meets Olvia

At some Point he has the Descendants; Zaku, Zako and Ryuken who is the Father of Uryu. After Paul Gekko's Death, The People from the Land of Haro built a shrine and a Tomb for Paul's Resting Place. When Sensing Olvia's courage, Paul Gekko was resurrected to save her from the attacking Sabertooth Wizards, Momo and Kira allowing Olvia to escape to her meeting. Tōshirō Hitsugaya saves Paul Gekko from the Fight between, Kira and Momo and places both of them under arrest.

Going on a JourneyEdit

Paul Gekko is reassuring Olvia while writing away at something. The two discuss the ruling at the meeting earlier that day and Momo asks if she can stay with him to help her feel better. Before going on the Journey, Paul Gekko and Oliva encountered Bagengi Zaku and the Yellow Scarves troops. Paul Gekko was known to help Olvia destroy the Bagengi Zaku, and the remaining Yellow Scarves troops retreated, recognizing the Host of the Yamata no Orochi.

Battling the Chous BrothersEdit

Paul Gekko and Olvia arrives at Eisen, but they spot other armies have already surrounded the Yellow Scarves' stronghold. These armies are part of the Imperial Subjugation Army, led by the general Shushun. Inside the stronghold, Chouryou, along with Choubou Bolinoak Samaan, are panicking over the sheer force of the army outside. However, Choukaku Palace Athene is not afraid, and has a plan to counter them. The East Wing of the army is led by Sousou.The Chou Brothers believed they have escaped successful, but they are soon stopped by Paul Gekko and Olvia. Chouryou exclaimed that these are the ones that defeated Bagengi Zaku, and Choukaku decides to show their true power. The Chou Brothers combine to form the powerful Kouten. Paul Gekko and Olvia's Kusanagi no Tsurugi is able to finish off Kouten. Paul and Olvia are travelling, when they collapsed from hunger in front of Joshuu (徐州). The villagers welcomed them into the village and fed them up. They are in the residence of Token, the Governor of Joshuu. Though sickly due to old age, Touken warmly welcomes the travellers after hearing Olvia's ambition of helping people in need. Just then, a report of the scouts states that a large army is approaching from the west. Paul Gekko and Olvia steps in to fend off the army. The army is the Kuro Akatsuki. The General of the Kuro Akatsuki reminds Paul that the Cold Emperor's desires everlasting peace, true peace that is maintained by force. Paul Gekko disagrees Lyon's view, saying that it's just the same as Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's Rule with the Black Zetsu. The two then battles it out. At a draw, Kuro Akatsuki retreats, much to the relief of Olvia. However, there's trouble with Token. Token is nearing his last breath, but he worries about the next Governor of Joshuu. He decides to let Olvia be the next Governor, and wishes to see Joshuu having continued peace and happiness. Touken dies soon after. With heavy hearts, Paul Gekko contemplates why she was chosen by Touken while the villagers urge him to fulfill Token's last words. Paul Gekko comments that the people who requires their help is right in front of their eyes. Olvia, understanding Paul Gekko's words, becomes the new Governor of Joshuu. Paul Gekko teaches Olvia the Quincy and Ninjutsu just like his Father did. Ryofu is engaged in battle with Paul Gekko, Olvia and the Anti-Toutaku Alliance. Chouryou rush in to protect Ryofu but was shocked to see the resurrected Paul Gekko Screaming for Peace. The Gyokuji begins to glow, and flies out of Toutaku's hands, signalling the arrival of the Tengyokuyai. Shiba-i marvels at the sight, contemplating on which form the Tengyokuyai will take. Paul Gekko uses his Tailed Beast Form as his Tengyokuyai in Souryuu (蒼龍) form. Olvia gives praises to Paul Gekko's God-like Form to which Chouryou denies.

Numerous PathsEdit
Paul Gekko destroys Totaku

Paul Gekko kills the Totaku Emperor

Paul Gekko and Olvia got involved into the War between Sousou's Army andd Enshou's Army. Enshou is infuriated that Ryofu has yet to defeat Sousou, and Denpou is trying his best to calm him down. However, even worse news comes in, as Enshou's rear camp is being attacked by Ryuubi, Chouhi and Chou-un. Denpou has not expected the three to arrive so quickly, and Enshou goes into a panic. He then remembers the Gyokuji, and comments that this is the time to use it and with it, he will be granted unlimited power needed to defeat all that oppose him. Denpou objects to the idea, fearing that Enshou will be possessed by the Gyokuji, and suffer the same fate as Enjyutsu. Enshou retorts that he's not as weak as his brother, and that the only way is to test it. He proclaims himself Emperor, and touches the Gyokuji, resulting in a huge explosion of dark energy that kills Denpou in the blast. Ryuubi, Chouhi and Chou-un are nearing Enshou's main camp, when they witness a huge pillar of dark energy rising into the sky. Within the dark energy pillar, Enshou combines with Enjyutsu's Hishou Keitai armour, and transforms into a four-armed behemoth, the Ryuuhi Keitai (龍飛形態). With amazing speed, he flies towards Sousou. Ryuubi, Chouhi and Chou-un arrive at what is left of Enshou's main camp, and sees Denpou's corpse. The three are left in disbelief at the scene. Enshou soon arrives with a huge bang, and challenges Sousou. Sousou accepts, but Kakuka comments that Sousou will not be able to stand up against Enshou with the Gyokuji. However, Shiba-i reiterates that Sousou is a descendant of the Three Sovereigns. The duel begins, but Enshou easily overpowers Sousou, while Sousou curses at himself for the sudden lack of strength. Enshou then unleashes his finishing move, hoping to burn Sousou to ashes. However, Paul and Olvia were able to save Sousou from the finishing move. Olvia sings the song which Olvia's Mother taught her causes the Gyokuji to glow, thus summoning forth the Tengyokugai in Enhou (炎鳳) form. Enshou is shocked at the development, as Sousou declares that Enshou will be the downfall of Mirisha, and that he will be the one to bring justice back. Sousou easily overpowers Enshou, and in the resulting explosion, Enshou declares that if he can't rule Mirisha, he will rule over Hell instead and perishes. Sousou is impressed at the Tengyokugai's power as his troops celebrate his victory. Ryofu, seeing the glow of the Tengyokugai, stops his duel with Kan-u and Chouryou, and calls forth Sekitoba, rushing off towards Sousou. Kan-u wants to give chase, but Chouryou is too tired from dueling. Ryuubi, Chou-un and Chouhi continues their advance towards Sousou's main camp. Back at the main camp, Sousou is still donning the Tengyokugai, as his troops celebrate his victory. Shiba-i is very pleased that the Tengyokugai has descended upon Olvia, cementing as a descendant of the Three Sovereigns. Ryofu intercepts Sousou in midair, and demands a duel with him. Paul Gekko and Olvia steps in to help fight Ryofu, but after Ryofu claims that Sousou is one of the strongest, and that he only duels with the strongest, Sousou accepts. With Ryofu's spirit, the Gyokuji glows even brighter, granting Sousou even more power, and the duel begins with the 2 unleashing their finishing techniques, the techniques colliding to become a fire tornado, the stage for the duel. Chou-sen, Chinkyuu and Koushun cannot stand and watch the duel, and enters the fire tornado to support Ryofu. Within, even though Sousou has the upper hand, Ryofu is still giving Sousou some trouble. However, it isn't long that Ryofu succumbs to Sousou. Before Sousou can hand the finishing blow, Chinkyuu throws his spinning saws, which Paul Gekko have caught it. Koushun throws his club to Ryofu, as Chou-sen uses her butterflies illusion. Olvia was distracted by the Illusion, but gets clubbed by Ryofu. Ryofu stands up again, as Sousou curses at Ryofu being able to land a hit on the Tengyokugai. Incensed, Sousou calls forth the Enhou spirit within the Tengyokugai, shocking Ryofu. The Enhou spirit devours Chinkyuu and Koushun, with the two saying farewell and promising to meet Ryofu in the afterlife. As the spirit approaches Ryofu, Chou-sen steps in, and Sousou deals a finishing slash on Chou-sen and Ryofu. As Chou-sen dies in Ryofu's arms, Ryofu comments on how he has finally realises his own spirit, and the two are devoured by the Enhou spirit. The Tengyokugai returns to the heavens, and the Gyokuji flies off into the distance. Jyokou wants to give chase to the Gyokuji, but Sousou stops him, saying the Gyokuji will return one day. Sekitoba appears before Chouryou, and he knows that Sekitoba is the only one to survive. The episode ends with a shot of the battlefield, with Ryofu's halberd stuck in the ground as a Chou-sen butterfly flies towards it.

Battle of Mako MountainEdit
Battle of Mako

Battle of Mako Mountain

On their way to Mako Mountain, Paul Gekko and Olvia saw the Tekkousenkan Shinkahouou Battleship and Sousou stands atop his battleship, and declares war on Sonken. Paul Gekko let's Olvia barrow the Kusanagi no Tsurugi to help Ryuubi and Sonken's Army. Paul Gekko board and uses the Tailed Beast Bomb to destroy the battleship's engines causing it to crash into a cliff, and gets grounded. Paul Gekko and Ryuubi starts his duel with Sousou, with both exchanging their views on the future of Mirisha. They are evenly matched, but Sousou edges out in the end. However, Ryuubi doesn't give up, which irks Sousou even more. Sousou summons the Gyokuji, and challenges Ryuubi, stating whether his ambition, or Ryuubi's compassion is Heaven's will. Over at Sonken's ship, they managed to fish up Shuuyu, who's barely alive. Tashiji is shocked at the pillar of light from Sousou's battleship, and Sonshoukou fears the worst. Sousou summons the Tengyokugai in Enhou form, and continues the duel. Ryuubi is seriously outmatched, but does not give in. Sousou unleashes another attack, to which Ryuubi blocks head-on, however both his Ryuuteiken and Shin Souryuutou (真爪龍刀) shatter in the attack, and he is seemingly defeated as he plunges into the river. Paul Gekko dives in to save Ryuubi Sousou declares his victory over Ryuubi, as Sonken, Sonshoukou, Kan-u, Koumei, and Chouhi are in a state of disbelief. Deep in the depths of the river, Ryuubi seems to be in a state of limbo, as a strange blue light beckons to him. Ryuubi soon encounters Kousonsan, telling Ryuubi that he is not ready to die yet. Roshoku appears as well, asking what is Ryuubi's source of dedication. Ryuubi remembers his cohorts, and is renewed with new energy. Roshoku comments that Ryuubi is ready to mature into a real dragon, as Kousonsan, Kougai, Touken, Sonken Zephyranthes and Sonsaku look on. Ryuubi calls out to the blue light, which is revealed to be the spirit of the Dragon Emperor, and combines with it to become Shouretsutei Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam. Ryuubi and Paul Gekko returns to the surface, much to the surprise of everyone. Shiba-i states that whether is written in the G-Chronicles is coming true. Sousou is further enraged as Ryuubi and Paul Gekko states that Sousou isn't the only one with a power bestowed from the Heavens, and they will will defeat Sousou once and for all. On Sonken's ship, Shuuyu regains consciousness, and states that the Koteitou is glowing. Sonken ponders if this is a sign of the Three Sovereigns calling out to him. Sonken joins in the battle, calling out to Sonken Zephyranthes and Sonsaku for courage. Sousou and Ryuubi are evenly matched, as Sonken interferes. Sousou is enraged at Sonken interfering with his will, the Heaven's will. Sonken comments that he'll do anything to protect his family, and Ryuubi comment that it's Heaven's will to help the people. The 2's conviction impresses Sousou, but he will not let the 2 interfere in his ambition. Just then, the Gyokuji glows and leaves Sousou, bathing Ryuubi and Sonken in its golden light. Shiba-i and Kakuka rushes to the deck of the battleship, and witnesses Sonken in Tengyokugai Douko form, and Ryuubi in Tengyokugai Souryuu (蒼龍) form and Paul Gekko in it's Orochi Form. Kakuka is shocked to see 4 Tengyokugais, as Shiba-i explains that the 3, having inherited the souls of the Three Sovereigns, have shaken the foundations of Heaven itself, and that the following battle is one of legendary status, one that the G-Chronicles has failed to predict. The four heroes summon up their Sovereign spirits as they fly towards their final battlefield, outer space. The four clash with all their strength, and at the final blow, a huge star (one would recognize it as the star of Ryuubi's Dragon Star Slash) forms over Mirisha.

Paul Gekko and Olvia

Paul Gekko and Olvia sensing Ryuubi

Paul Gekko and Olvia returned to the Joshuu Village only to find the Enraged Momo Hinamori chasing Ryuubi, Kan-u and Chouhi, and as they are part of the Chase, Ryuubi, Kan-u and Chouhi recap the Enjyutsu's downfall. After they manage to elude the Angry Soul Reaper, When they hear some rustling from the bushes, Kan-u and Chouhi fear it's the wild boar and prepare to attack, when Ryuubi notices it's the villagers of Joshuu. They are making their way back to Joshuu, after it is left ungoverned since Enjyutsu's defeat. And coincidentally, Joshuu lies beyond the forest. The villagers wish for Ryuubi to become the Governor of Joshuu again, and help rebuild the peace it once had. Ryuubi, filled with gratitude, accepts the offer again.

Quincy ArcEdit

Meeting UryuEdit

Uryu was born after Ryūken married Olvia which happened after the infection of Masaki, to whom Ryūken's mother originally intended him to marry. Six years before he befriended Ichigo, his mother lost consciousness on the same day Masaki died, 17th June and died herself three months later as Yhwach performed his Auswählen technique and took her powers. Uryu attends the live broadcast of Don Kanonji's TV program in Karakura Town. When Kanonji attempts to exorcise an earth-bound Plus by placing his staff inside the partially open hole in its chest, Uryū is about to intervene when Ichigo vaults over the barrier. Uryū is later seen in his classroom, and as he tries to leave, a girl named Michiru Ogawa hands him a ripped doll to fix. He then takes a sewing set out and easily (but with great drama) repairs the broken doll. As he heads home, he spots Ichigo following him. He mocks Ichigo for not being able to hide his spiritual pressure, and for his inability to sense others with high spiritual pressure.

Lyon ArcEdit

After Olvia's Death, Lyon has started attacking the Joshuu Temple while looking for the Light Stone, having captured Iris, Cilan, Looker and Cedric Juniper, Underground, Uryu notes to Paul Gekko that he can hear the voices of the Pokémon above, indicating that his future self have collected the Nine Tailed Beasts and puts them in the Mobile Armor, Apsalus. Lyon's servants began the Eye of the Moon Ceremony and the Regeneration of the Apsalus into Ten Tails. Paul Gekko and Uryu start to hunt for a way out, only for the cave to start collapsing. Once out, Paul and Uryu try to stop the Kuro Akatsuki from reviving the Ten Tails, but Team Plasma's Scientist, Colress turns the machine on Pikachu, causing Pikachu to fall under his control. After continuing their onslaught in the White Ruins, Team Plasma's plan starts to take shape. With Anthea & Concordia returning, being worried about N, they try to stop Team Plasma. However, their Pokémon soon succumb to Team Plasma's control. Soon after, the Light Stone glows and Reshiram is awakened, but before it has a chance to help against Team Plasma, Colress is ordered by Ghetsis to use the manipulation machine on it to gain control. With Reshiram attacking everywhere, things look bleak. Meanwhile, Ash and co. try to escape after being captured, but Colress decides that he needs Pikachu. As he goes to control it with his machine, Meowth appears, with Team Rocket and Looker, and blocks it. Despite Colress succeeding in zapping Pikachu with the device, he resists and shocks Reshiram to wake him from the trance. Paul Gekko uses the Tailed Beast Bomb to destroy the Control device and revealing the fully regenerated Ten Tails. With the revival complete, Lyon atop the beast, from which two tendrils manifested and connected themselves to the Cold Emperor wanted to test the beast's power first. As the beast attacked Paul Gekko and Uryu, it quickly landed a blow on Uryu before he had time to retaliate. Landing on either side of the Shinobi King. Paul Gekko and Uryu launched a barrage of simultaneous Tailed Beast Balls at the beast only for the Ten-Tails to counter using one of its own, completely nullifying the oncoming attacks. With the battlefield now shrouded in mist and all sensory skills being jammed, the question of whether they thought they were hiding was raised. With a single swipe of its tail, the beast is able to dissolve the mist. Just then the Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique is used to counter, and when the mist cleared, it is revealed that the rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces had joined the battle. The Alliance launched a barrage of techniques in order to incapacitate the Ten-Tails, so that they could get to Lyon. As the beast is subsequently immobilised in what was effectively cement, Ten-Tails bursts forth from its prison and proceeds to devastate several towns. Paul Gekko was determined to save Lyon and so ultimately cast the Rinne Sharingan on him in order to get him to see the error of his ways and come to accept fate. He was successful in this and Lyon was able to finally accept the truth and break the endless loop the technique had plunged him into. completely into a Pickle Jar and the tailed beasts were extracted from the Apsalus Dragon. Paul Gekko entrusted Uryu of becoming a Jinchuriki and a Biometal User of the one of the Prototype Tailed Beasts which Uryu accepts it as his offer.

Part IVEdit

Cobrasaurus ArcEdit

4,000 years ago, the leader of the Mountain tribe, Pacha, attempted to steal the Emeralds for use against his enemies. Yuki, his foster daughter, resented this idea, worrying that it would upset Cobrasaurus and it would bring wrath to them, but Pacha did not want to hear it. His warriors stormed the shrine, where the Emeralds reside. Paul Gekko rushes in to stop the Mountain Tribe and saved the Chao and Yuki but awoke the Monster. Pacha was then killed by Cobrasaurus when the creature used the seven Chaos Emeralds, who then proceeded to wipe out all of the Mountain Clan. Paul and Juvia drained half of the Snake's Life Force, forcing it to flee from God's Vessel thus Making Paul Gekko the Prince of the Temple in Samurai Island.

Part VEdit

Return of the Shinobi King ArcEdit

Legend of Korra ArcEdit

Team Angel saying the last words, good bye after graduating from the National Magic University Affiliated First High School. They went on board the White Fox the Mothership of the Ninja Pirates. They head to the Land of Alpha.

Land of Alpha ArcEdit
Meeting LaharEdit
Lahar and Paul Gekko

Lahar as the President of the Land of Alpha

Years Later, Lahar was the President of the Land of Alpha. Lahar meets Paul Gekko again and his Descendant, Uryu. Tatsuya and Miyuki have another far too intimate moment, embarassing Leo and Erika, but sending Mizuki into a fangirl moment. Tatsuya then explains Cast Jamming and the 8 Types of Magic and the 3 exceptions. Usually, Cast Jamming only works with the military heavily restricted resource Antinite, but Tatsuya has created his own mock Cast Jamming spell, which is insanely difficult. He explains why he doesn't make this knowledge public. The next day, the 1st Course students seem to be intentionally attacking him. He is attacked by a mysterious person who then runs off. Tatsuya has become famous, occurring to his friends, causing a stir in the school as to how a 2nd course could take on 1st course students and win. Sayaka asks him to talk with her in the cafeteria. Miyuki worries about how when Tatsuya's true power is discovered, people will flock to him out of selfishness. He thinks that it will be fine if his secret is revealed, as he lives for Miyuki's sake.

Battle of BaticulEdit
Battle of Baticul

Battle of Baticul

Before the Nine School Competition Starts, Team Angel was shocked to the see the Egg Fleet preparing the Invasion. The Shiba Siblings and the First High School were told about this Situation. Armed Eggman Robot-like assailants assault the main hall, but are easily countered by Tatsuya after he inspires the other students to resist. Cardinal George confronts Tatsuya on using a top-secret technique used by STARS called Molecular Divider, but Tatsuya ignores him, saying that he doesn't have time to explain himself. Asuza casts a charm to calm everyone in the hall, and the evacuation begins to an underground shelter via an emergency underground tunnel. Tatsuya's group lead the counterattack against the main terrorist force attacking the center. Shizuku uses her family's knowledge to take the group to the VIP conference room so they can use the network to get a better idea on what's going on outside, then meet with the rest of the First High student council members in the green room to discuss their next move. The group deciphers the enemy's motive to be to raid the Magic Association's main database. Just as the group decides to evacuate to the shelter with everyone else, Major Kazama and Fujibayashi arrive and dispatch new orders to Tatsuya, revealing to everyone's great surprise there that he is a JSDF operative. Major Kazama tells everyone that this is confidential information, and his status must remain secret. Miyuki unlocks the seals on Tatsuya's powers and activates him to answer the JSDF's call to defend the city.

Cold Emperor ReturnsEdit
Ten Tails revived in Land of Luna

Ten Tails revived Again

In order to the Egg Fleet from Attacking, Team Angel makes their way through the minor warships, all the way to the central flag ship, the Final Fortress where they confronted Lyon and his Battleship, the Black Demon. Uryu was able to capture the Giant Battleship by trapping it inside the Battleship-size Cage. After the Battle, Team Angel note that the statue's chakra was the Ultimate Weapon, thus the revived Ten-Tails appears from the clearing smoke in it's Zeref Form. Mylene declares that it is was indeed the Time to let Lyon take over the World as Dr. Lyon Eggman. After Dr. Eggman witnessed Lyon carrying on Eggman's Will to take over the World, the doctor was pleased that there would be some for him to create his Eggman Empire on. It's Fleet appeared as a means for Dr. Eggman to conquer the world with the Ten Tails. Taking command, Paul Gekko devises a battle strategy to face the beast launching a continuous Jet Stream Attack, which culminates with Uryu's Quincy Arrow seemingly being decimated by the Ten-Tails' Tailed Beast Ball, but it was later revealed that Kei and Kirihara takes the Shot and dies to save Paul Gekko's Descendant. As the opposition notices this, and his team-mates already somewhat incapacitated. Miyuki arrives, eliminating the Eggman Robots using Cocytus and calls for Tatsuya, who uses his magic to restore both Kirihara and Kei before departing to support another area. While he is cheering over his apparent victory. Lyon explains everything that The Ten Tails can use the Chaos Emeralds to command his fleet to prepare the Invasion. Dr. Eggman announced to the world that the Eggman Empire would arise and dominate the Earth.

Kusanagi ReturnsEdit
Uryu vs Eggman's Battleships

Battle of Yoshi Island

Team Angel heads to Yoshi Island to see the Amusement Park, Eggmanland. The Ten Tails emerges with Dr. Eggman and his Loyal Servants to attack the group again only to be saved by Kusanagi Gekko who doesn't have the luxury of mourning. Kusanagi is pained but grateful that His Son has this small thing to keep him from completely losing Bianca's will to live. As the beast attacked Paul Gekko and Uryu, it quickly landed a blow on Uryu before he had time to retaliate. Landing on either side of the Shinobi King. Paul Gekko and Uryu launched a barrage of simultaneous Tailed Beast Balls at the beast only for the Ten-Tails to counter using one of its own, completely nullifying the oncoming attacks. With the battlefield now shrouded in mist and all sensory skills being jammed, the question of whether they thought they were hiding was raised. With a single swipe of its tail, the beast is able to dissolve the mist. Just then the Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique is used to counter, and when the mist cleared, it is revealed that the rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces had joined the battle. The Alliance launched a barrage of techniques in order to incapacitate the Ten-Tails, so that they could get to Lyon and Dr. Eggman. Minato Namikaze then used a Contract Seal on Lyon to release the the Ten Tails from it's Control. Unfortunately, The Ten Tails is receiving any from Dr. Eggman not from the Cold Emperor. With this, a powerful blast sets a Explosion from the frozen Tundra with the Fully matured Primal Ten Tails the Eggman was on top of it's Head. The Ten Tails is still receiving and commands from Dr. Eggman. Paul Gekko explained his history and the origins of the Kuro Akatsuki. He then thanked Uryu for everything. However, the doctor managed to use Ten Tails' Power to turn Lyon into it's Jinchūriki much to the horror of Paul Gekko. Paul Gekko and Uryu is repeatedly knocked down in his attempts to restrain Lyon. The struggle between Paul Gekko and Lyon continues. Uryu and Paul Gekko eventually reaches Lyon who was able to help him control the Ten Tails much to Eggman's Surprise.

Return of the Ten Tails ArcEdit

Land of ChaosEdit

Hotaru asked Uryu to become her teacher, much to his surprise. During one such training session where the two sparred, Uryu noted that Hotaru was improving greatly and that she should retain her resolve for for revenge on the Tailed Beast killing her father as it would make her stronger. At some Point, Uryu has a son named Zaki. Scorpio Zirconis releases a powerful growl, glaring at the humans standing before him, sending waves of terror through their bodies. Seconds later, the Dragon bursts out into laughter as Team Angel stare at him in shock. Zirconis states that seeing the faces of humans chickening out cracks him up every single time, leaving them dumbfounded. He tells them his name, his alias and begins to look for the Lernaean Orochi, considering the fact that she is the only one with the ability to call forth the souls of the dead Dragons. He looks down and sees Zaki kneeling on the ground with his hands together in a praying position surrounded by a Magic circle, he approaches her and comes face to face with her. He calls her a cutie and is amazed to learn that she was the one who woke him up. He is then asked by the Hylians to give them information as to why there are Tailed Beasts and Humans, to which he refuses to reveal any information about just because he is being asked by humans. Nonetheless, after the Animals tell him that they are cats dogs and others, he changes his mind and begins to tell them the story of four hundred years ago; stating that Dragons were the ultimate rulers. Zirconis tells them that the humans were nothing more than just food; until a certain Dragon Couple raising a human child, Ryos appeared, who believed in a world where humans and deities would live in harmony; they spread their ideas to others. Not long after, a civil war among the Dragons who supported and those who opposed started, with Zirconis siding with the opposition. Before he continues his story; Uryu asks about one of the Tailed Beasts that are from the same Dragon Race. He continues by telling them that the battles had scarred and ripped apart several lands, causing the pro-human side to teach humans the art of Dragon Slayer Magic and entering them in the war, which, according to Zirconis, was a grave mistake. He states that the power of the Dragon Slayers made a significant change, almost granting victory to the pro-humans if not for a miscalculation. The Dragons had given far too much power to the humans, and those who wished for peace with the humans were also turned into Deities of Hatred. Among the humans was a man who turned the Tree into the Ten Tails is Mr. Kisaragi shocking Natsu and the others. Zirconis tells them that the Dragons resting where they are standing were all Shinobi. Seconds later, Zirconis bids farewell. As Team Angel converse, Arcadios and Yukino approach them, Arcadios revealing to them that such a thing is impossible. Stating that he heard everything the Shinju is a creature similar to that of Cagalli Yula Athha, and that he believes that Cagalli is the Princess based on Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. He then explains that defeating Kaguya is the first step to beating the Black Zetsu.

Reborn Team AngelEdit

Zaki was supposed to be attending to himself within the confines of his dressing room but when his manager is pressured into ascertaining the reason behind his absence from the set, she discovers that he is instead weeping copiously over the fact that his body is so cold despite just taking a shower. Zaki meets Raimei Shinto, Hotaru Uchiha and Gau Haro. They reveal that they have received a letter from Doctor Eggman telling them of a new ultimate weapon, the Ten Tails that will be ready within three days to help the doctor in conquering the world and challenges them to stop him, if they can. Zaki, competitive as ever, accept the challenge. Hotaru and Raimei, who is disturbed by the message and unsure what will happen, Gau is confident that there is nothing to worry about. Zaki, however, tells them that he would not miss this adventure and the three heroes band together once again to foil Eggman's plans. They receive an emerald and then defeat Eggman in the Egg Hawk. They then save a city under the control of Eggman, getting another emerald. After this, they battle in Casino Park, with 24 more hours. Then they defeat Eggman in the Robot Carnival and entered Rail Canyon. They realize the Eggman is a fake, revived the Ten Tails, and to stall for time as the fleet of Eggman's battleships filled the skies. They encounter the Kuro Akatsuki and advance through a haunted castle and the village. Paul Gekko joins in the Adventure. They board the Egg Fleet and were encountered by Fairy Tail Wizards, Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Gray Fullbuster. The Kuro Akatsuki distracts the Fairy Tail so that Team Angel raced to the Flagship where Team Angel fights Dr. Eggman and Kuro Akatsuki riding on the Ten Tails. However The Ten Tails accidentally used Chaos Control warping everyone including everyone at the Guild of Heaven Tail to another world parallel to their world, Earth. Paul Gekko was seeing strange surroundings and in turn, the humans are stunned at seeing a Strange Ninja. The police arrive onto the scene, as they try to catch him, but Paul Gekk' s too stubborn and quick for them and takes off towards the highway. As a couple of police drivers are driving through the highway sharing their excitement for capturing a fast Ninja who were shocked to see him Transform into an Eight Headed Dragon. His speed is so great that he actually soars for awhile, looking down at all the beautiful sights. Eventually, he starts to fall, but unfortunately falls into a pool and is not able to get up! Luckily, he is saved by Christopher Hikari, who is shocked that Paul Gekko can talk so they become friends. Paul Gekko has unofficially taken residence at Chris' luxury house. Sonic then hears on the TV that Gau Haro and Raimei Shimiza were by authorities, indicating that Paul Gekko is not alone in this new world. Chris' grandfather, sees this and agrees to help Paul find his friends. Gau and Raimei have been taken to Area 99; a top-secret research military base. It is very tight on security, so Chris gives Paul an infrared scope to find his way around. finds Cream and Cheese in a lab being tested. He breaks them out, but then the security cameras detect the trio and start firing their lasers at them. Paul, Raimei and Gau evaded the laser blasts and despite of some difficulties, they all managed to escape from Area 99 aboard the RX-79-9 Banshee Gundam, piloted by Kyoji Gekko who has unknowingly helped Paul, Gau and Raimei at some points and the heroes fly back to Chris' house to reunite.

Part VIEdit

Adventures of Paul Gekko ArcEdit

Episode 1Edit
Paul Gekko facing Eggman Robots

Paul Gekko saving the Day

Kyoji Shimizu and Bianca discuss about the recent events that have sent Paul Gekko and his friends to this new world only to lead to a conflict between the two. Dr. Eggman devises a plan to take over this new world and uses a giant robot named E-23 Missile Wrist and the Droid Army. Not long, Missile Wrist has successfully filled the city of Station Square with feared citizens and destruction and even the police forces' efforts are useless to keep order. Eggman makes his introduction and reveals his intentions for world domination to the civilians and everyone in Chris' house learn of this. Kyoji and Chris set off again; this time they will try and stop Dr. Eggman. When the duo finally arrive, Eggman orders Missile Wrist to destroy Chris and Kyoji and although they narrowly avoid Missile Wrist's attacks, they are unable to defeat the robot. Kyoji and Bianca also join in the fight but even they are unable to defeat Missile Wrist. When it seems that all is lost, Paul Gekko steps in and destroyed the Missle Wrists and goes berserk everywhere attacking the Eggman Robot Army. Ichijou Masaki brutally kills attackers while his allies look on in comparable horror. The main personnel evacuation continues through the tunnels despite resistance, Mr. Tsuzura prevents a ceiling collapse that would have killed many of the people in the tunnel. Mayumi and Shizuku call their fathers to lend helicopters to evacuate the personnel who were unable to reach the bunker, and everyone is extracted. Tatsuya takes to the skies in the flight suit, which R&D had improved beyond his own design, and begins by destroying the attackers' recon drones.The battle for the city continues, with notable First High members and Crimson Prince fighting back the attackers. Five Egg Walkers starts to attack Paul Gekko but Kirihara and Kei saves Mibu Sayaka, Paul Gekko and Chiyoda Kanon by taking the Shot from the Egg Walkers stating that Paul Gekko has Friends to stop Eggman too, but Miyuki arrives, eliminating the attackers and the tripping the Egg Walkers sing Cocytus and calls for Tatsuya, who uses his magic to restore both Kirihara and Kei before departing to support another area. The heroes all return for home on the Tornado but Kyoji Shimizu leaves to go on his own path.

Episode 2Edit
Gekko Clan meets Senju Clan

Senju Clan vs Gekko Clan at Earth

Chris finally learns about Chaos Control from Gekko Clan and they light up at the optimism that Sonic and his friends are able to return back to their home planet. Meanwhile Chris gets a new teacher named Mister Stewart at school who is a actually an undercover government agent in order to learn about Sonic and his friends. A Chaos Emerald appears in a construction site which causes machines go haywire. Both Sonic and his friends and Dr. Eggman learns about this and are determined to find the emerald. Eggman "hatches" a giant bird robot named "E-11 Beacon" and the Gekko Clan use the Tornado 2 to search for the Emerald while Paul goes on his own. Paul Gekko clashes with Beacon but the robot bounces the ninja around, rendering him helpless. Meanwhile, Chris has found the Chaos Emerald but Eggman snatches it and takes off into the sky, with Chris holding onto the Egg Mobile. The two fight over the emerald but Chris manages to retrieve it but falls off the Egg Mobile. With the Help of Paul's Clan, Paul Gekko knock out Beacon and rushes to Chris' aid and saves him. At the Hikari Mansion, everybody celebrates on the collection of the Chaos Emerald. Kyoji Shimizu is sitting a dark alley and Lyon speaks to him into believing that Paul Gekko is enjoying the new world who is connected to his Ancient world which Paul, his friends, Family and Eggman originally come from. Kyoji's rage takes over him and he vows to fight Sonic and take his Chaos Emerald. Bianca informs Chris and Kyoji Gekko of possible suspicion of a Chaos Emerald located in Silver Valley and they take the train after Sonic declines an invitation. When nobody is seen to be finding the emerald, they settle for a picnic and Eggman's robot, E-47 Pumpty, attacks and traps the trio inside. Paul Gekko meets up with Kyoji Shimizu and they begin to fight for a while. Meanwhile, Team Angel attempt to free themselves. Kyoji Shimizu finally figured out that Lyon was the Leader of the Kuro Akatsuki and together, Paul and Kyoji managed to free his friends and destroy Pumpty respectively. Kyoji goes his own way once more with protest from Chris and Yuki Uzuki. Chris is glad to hear that his parents are coming home for a visit. Meanwhile, Eggman plans to brainwash the kids so that they could convince their parents to see Dr. Eggman as a magnificent ruler. He sends out his robot "E-51 Intelligente" to replace Mr. Stewart. The robot does well in pleasing the kids, although he is not getting the kids to please Eggman. Meanwhile, Chris' parents have arrived. Paul Gekko rushes to Chris' School, bringing his Younger Brother only for his Clan to be attacked by Hashirama Senju and his Senju Clan, who is transported to earth after all and believed if the two most powerful clans joined forces, nations would be unable to find clans to stand up to the unified clans and would cause shinobi clans to stop selling their services because it would mean suicide and would cause the non-stop adventures to end. As Tobirama and Soma met, Soma was chased when Tobirama was able to catch him Paul Gekko came to his rescue. Paul Gekko recalling his childhood memories with Hashirama proceeded to accept the truce, only for his Brother Sōma Gekko to talk him out of it believing it would miss School, causing Paul Gekko to see his Friend and saying that he will accept the Truce later. Paul is able to help Soma pick the Class that Chris is in.

Episode 3Edit
Paul Gekko on Emerald Coast

Paul Gekko (Episode 3)

Chris' mom suggests a dinner party and invites Chris' uncle. Upon hearing this, Prince Maxus and Maya Ōtsutsuki wanted to help in the party. Mr. Stewart invites himself to the party by Chris' surprise. Mia Ōtsutsuki causes another mess in the kitchen by accident before escaping. Mr. Stewart and Sam Speed arrive for the party. It is from this point on, Paul and co. are able to roam throughout the mansion without any problems. Sōma initially gets defeated by Paul Gekko in their first fight and Paul promises to return again. In the meantime, Sōma trains to get even stronger for their next fight. It is also revealed that Paul Gekko is in fact Sōma's biological older brother. The Gekko Clan explaining the possible magnificent activities to do at the newly opened Emerald Coast. are all excited to visit the Emerald Coast as they get themselves ready for the trip. Chris reminds them to not get noticed by the public but Paul Shiba insists that they will be fine as long as they remain near a villa that Chris' family has established. Chris wanted to accompany the group rather than being at the opening ceremony party at the new resort at the Emerald Coast in place of his mother but Paul SHiba tells him that the opening ceremony won't be long and he can return to the group. Paul Gekko refuses to go along with the gang to the Emerald Coast, leaving everyone, especially Amy, shocked and runs off. Chris wonders why Paul refused to go and Bianca explains that Paul hates water and that he can't swim, which causes Chris to remember the moment in which he rescued the drowning Paul from the swimming pool at his house. Renato Clan and the Gekko Clan take off to the Emerald Coast in the X Tornado while Chris, Ella and Mr. Tanaka drove to the opening ceremony in a car. Mr. Tanaka reminds Chris that he is representing the Thorndyke family during this trip, Paul is lying on the grass at a meadow and picks up a flower while looking at the sky, wondering who needs the ocean. At the Emerald Coast, Dan Renato and Ace Renato are seen splashing about in the ocean while Bianca snorkels underwater. The heroes agreed that they are happy to come to the Emerald Coast to have fun. During the opening ceremony, whilst the guests are chatting happily with each other Chris feels a little bored when Mr. Tanaka informs Chris to look interested. Bianca returns to the villa while creating the same bracelet for Paul. Prince Maxus wonders who Yuki Uzuki is making the bracelet for before suspecting it was for Paul but Yuki denies it. Suddenly, the Ten Tails in Zeref Mode appears over at the Emerald Coast resort. The guests screamed and turned to leave as The Egg Fleet approaches them over the Resort. Paul Gekko arrives into the scenery to save Chris, but Bianca and Juvia joins him. Bianca wanted to give Paul the bracelet, who explains to him that it will grant good luck and protection while in the water. While giving it to him, Paul then realizes how much his wife cares for him.

Episode 4Edit

Gau Haro locates another Chaos Emerald at a baseball field named Diamond Stadium. He meets Albert Butler, the stadium's groundskeeper, and learns about the stadium's history. Albert then holds a Chaos Emerald in close proximity with Gau when he shows his, causing a bright light to shoot into the sky where everyone including Paul Gekko nd co. and the Shimiza Clan. The Kuro Akatsuki arrives at the stadium and steals Albert's Chaos Emerald and nearly steals Gau's as well, but Paul and his friends arrive at the stadium on time. To settle the dispute Paul Gekko, Chris and Dan Renato and the others face the Shimiza Clan and Kuro Akatsuki. The match between Paul's team and Lyon's team starts and naturally, Raimei Shimiza plays fair and takes an early lead, mainly because of the Shimiza Clan Members' powerful throws and swings. Nevertheless, Dan Renato's team eventually makes ground. Reporter Scarlet Garcia, who witnessed the bright light earlier, follows them to the stadium and starts reporting on the game pretty soon. The stands are then filled with people cheering for Paul's Team. Paul Gekko and Juvia finally edges into the lead with the Super Home Run. Paul And Juvia used the Iced Shell to face Perfect Chaos at Hyrule City, stopping the Space Colony from bring dropped to earth for it's Destruction by the wrath of Gerald Robotnik's Spirit. Until Naori Uchiha Showed up to see in time after Paul Gekko and co. is able to retrieve the Seven Chaos Emeralds. She was determined to save The People of Earth because, Paul Gekko has become a Great Hero too much. The Four Noble Clans were reunited to face the Kuro Akatsuki and Dr. Eggman in the True Final Battle. They then save a city under the control of Eggman, getting another emerald.

Episode 5Edit
Paul Gekko vs Cobrasaurus

Paul the Dragon saves the Day

Naruto Uzumaki causes trouble throughout City, most recently having placed graffiti all over the Hokage Monument. Much of the village dislikes him for it, but he enjoys the attention garnered from reprimands, as he had no parents or friends due to the villagers abusing him daily for no apparent reason. Despite claiming to be a talented shinobi who would someday become Hokage, Naruto is incapable of performing basic techniques such as the Clone Technique. When this leaves him unable to graduate from the Academy, one of his Friends in the Office Vector and Espio were inside their office. Shunji and Kyoji complained that Mikazuchi was late. Kyoji seemed to be in a bad mood and tells him that they have more important things to worry about. He wondered where they were while Kyoji was puzzled as to why is the Moon so White. Mikazuchi arrives carrying a newspaper, lands on Kyoji's nose and tries to show him the newspaper. Kyoji ignores it and tells him to get off his nose. Shunji asked Mikazuchi where they were, but Mikazuchi didn't know, shocking her brother. Kyoji reads the newspaper seeing Sonic save the day, surprising him and Erza Scarlet. Shunji tells them they will be famous like Paul Gekko. In the relatively peaceful Station Square, the civilians are enjoying their daily activities when suddenly they hear a rumble underground. While Sam Speed warns an overspeeding driver, columns of water suddenly rocket upwards from all of the drain sewers like geysers while more water emerges from buildings and roads creating fissure cracks. While Sam escorts civilians to a nearby safe building, a tsunami forms, washing Sam away. One trail of water emerging it's Face was the powerful deity of After successfully stealing the scroll, Naruto is caught by another instructor, Iruka Umino, who realised that Naruto had been tricked. Iruka protects Naruto from the Mizuki who is planning to take the scroll for himself. decides to solve the case after some talking about learning to be a detective which Naruto agrees. He goes on to explain that the villagers hate him for the monster he contains and that Iruka, whose parents were killed by the Nine-Tails, must hate him the most. Iruka said this was not the case, as he did not blame Naruto for the beast's actions, and that in fact he, having grown up also craving attention, sympathised with Naruto. The Four Noble Clans take off to the flooded and ruined Station Square. The government attempts to shoot down Chaos with choppers but their weapons prove no match against the water monster's watery skin.launches the missiles destroying the choppers but the pilots survive. Meanwhile, Paul attempts to take down Cobrasaurus but serves no match to it. Cobrasaurus creates another tidal wave to drown Sonic only for the blue hedgehog to be alive surfing on a wooden plank. Chris rescues him back on to the X-Tornado. Chaos then tries to shoot down the X-Tornado using spears of water but the X-Tornado dodges them and flies past Cobrasaurus. Suddenly a bright light blinds Cobrasaurus and the X-Tornado's passengers as the X-Tornado lands. The light reveals itself as Yuki who has arrived in the past who also wishes to stop the water monstrosity. Cobrasaurus then summons the Chaos Emeralds, now glowing. Yuki says that Cobrasarurs is only full of hatred and sadness and suggests sealing him back in the Master Emerald before it is too late, but Paul states to her that it will not work and if they do that, the same thing will only happen again and they have to solve this problem once and for all. Iruka said this was not the case, as he did not blame Naruto for the beast's actions, and that in fact he, having grown up also craving attention, sympathised with Naruto for repent of the Sins that Paul left behind. The crowed cheers the Paul Gekko on; suddenly, the Chaos Emeralds started to glow and rise up. Their powers transform Paul Gekko into Super Megaman Model O, much to the surprise of Tikal who thought that the Emeralds could only be awakened by hate and anger. Yuki and Maxus states in response that there are other more powerful feelings such as caring and friendship. With his new powers, Super Megaman proceeds to fight with Cobrasaurus. Despite of Cobrasaurus' attacks, they proved ineffective against the super-powered hedgehog though at one point it fires a laser at Paul's friends but Naruto arrives to the scene and stops the laser. With one final punch combining with Naruto's Multiple Shadow Clone Technique stopping the laser and charging into and defeats the water monstrosity for good but Cobrasaurus; he is not defeated entirely yet and is still alive. A Chao colony arrives, much in the favor of Cobrasaurus and Tikal tells The Giant Snake the truth that the Chao are living in Earth at peace, then Cobrasaurus and Tikal returned to the Temple where they belong on Samurai Island. Naruto believes Iruka and uses his newly-mastered Multiple Shadow Clone Technique to defeat Mizuki. Amazed by the complicated technique that Naruto has learned, Iruka officially makes Naruto a ninja by giving him his own forehead protector, and notes that he may one day have the potential to become Hokage.

Episode 6Edit
Paul Gekko and Mr. Stewart fighting Eggman Robot

Paul Gekko Fighting with Friends' Help

Paul Gekko and co. entered Rail Canyon. They realize the Eggman is a fake, and to stall for time as the fleet of Eggman's battleships filled the skies and the Ten Tails was on board the Flagship. Mr. Tanaka praying to a statue. The Four Noble Clans and Chris are all waiting for a bus which would transport them to a beautiful valley which is notable for being Mr. Tanaka's homeland as a youth where Mr. Tanaka is waiting for them to set up camp there. Sonic also tags along but instead of participating in the camp with everyone else, he visits the city side for sightseeing. The camping gang quickly settled in to the campsite and participated activities such as cooking and catching insects. However, Hashirama finally caught up with Paul Gekko who was cornered to the Mountain Wall in exhaustion. Tobirama attempted to finish Paul Gekko off but Hashirama forced Tobirama to stay out of it and approached Paul Gekko once more to create peace between their clans; however, Paul Gekko already accepted the Truce. After the truce, Paul Gekko questioned his friend Tobirama asking whether giving them away for free wasn't all right. Silenced by his brother, he listened on as the proceedings continued. Eventually, he shared the tailed beasts to other villages in an attempt to maintain peace and equalise the power between the nations thus ending the dispute between them. Paul Gekko eventually found the children attempting to filter the mud out of the polluted lake in the Chao colony. He then filters the mud out of the polluted water using his speed. Later that night, the cast sit and laugh around the campfire as Mr. Tanaka mentioned he stumbled upon a Chao colony when he was a youth. Once more, Paul Gekko and co. board the Egg Fleet and defeated Lyon. But Paul and Co. fights Eggman and the Kuro Akatsuki and Lyon on the Ten Tails in Zeref Mode once again. Naori has found out that Paul Gekko and his Clan only has three minutes to return home or else they could be stuck in Ninja Land Forever. Naruto Uzumaki gets Paul Gekko to see the error of his ways and come to accept fate. She was successful in this and The Ten Tails was forced to use Chaos Control. Before the Ten Tails can do that, Paul Gekko has to say goodbye to Christopher Hikari and promise him to see each other again. Paul Gekko and everyone who are from Planet Dens are returning to Planet Dens. Everyone from Planet Dens stands in the same way that where they are fighting on Egg Fleet. They spent time in hopes of finding the Deity's gate and to remember his friend. Paul Gekko was shocked to see The Deity's Gate. Paul Gekko uses the Chaos Emeralds to open the Gate to Earth. Lucy mumbles that the portal should not be opened, for she believes that the gate is only for Shinobi King to go in. Paul Gekko agrees and Paul Gekko is already the Ninja King. Finally, Reunited as Chris promised and they became good friends Again.

Episode 7Edit
Mibu and Super Paul Gekko

Paul Gekko in Super Mode

Yūichi constantly sneaks out at night, and to cut his habit, his nurse Akiko barricades his door to prevent him from leaving. However, she strikes a deal that if he is able to become friends with a new patient, she will lift her restriction. The new patient turns out to be Rika, a seventeen-year-old girl in the eastern ward who enjoys reading the works of Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. At first, Yūichi, with the assistance of Akiko, lies about reading the same book, but Rika easily sees through this act and demands that in exchange for her forgiveness, he must do what she wants. One day, Rika requests to go up to Mount Hōdai despite her weak, sickly condition because it was the same place her father hiked up before he died, and she believed if she is able to do the same, she will lose her fear of dying. Yūichi sneaks her out of the hospital with much success and realizes that he is doing favors not because she tells him to, and when he tries to tell her his true intent of assisting her, he faints. Paul Gekko and co. were being attacked by the Nine High School Students who knew Paul Gekko very well and his Heroic Deeds continues in Casino Park and BINGO Highway. Not long, Missile Wrist has successfully filled the Casino Park with feared citizens and destruction and even the police forces' efforts are useless to keep order. Eggman makes his introduction and reveals his intentions for world domination to the civilians and everyone in Chris' house learn of this. Kyoji and Chris set off again; this time they will try and stop Dr. Eggman. When the duo finally arrive, Eggman orders Missile Wrist to destroy Chris and Kyoji and although they narrowly avoid Missile Wrist's attacks, they are unable to defeat the robot. Kyoji and Bianca also join in the fight but even they are unable to defeat Missile Wrist. When it seems that all is lost, Paul Gekko steps in and destroyed the Missle Wrists and goes berserk everywhere attacking the Eggman Robot Army. Ichijou Masaki brutally kills attackers while his allies look on in comparable horror. The main personnel evacuation continues through the tunnels despite resistance, Mr. Tsuzura prevents a ceiling collapse that would have killed many of the people in the tunnel. During a stormy night in the laboratory of his lair, Dr. Eggman is cooking up his perhaps most diabolical scheme yet. Orbot and Cubot stand by in terror and watches as Eggman picks out one of his mustache hairs and places it in a large machine which goes to work. With a loud "ping", Eggman's creation is done, which the doctor reveals to his minions is cookies. Orbot is dumbfounded over the fact that that is what Eggman was making, but Eggman assures him that they are "evil cookies": in truth, these cookies contain Eggman's DNA and anyone who eats them will become a clone of him, complete with personality patterns and intellect. During the day later on, one of Eggman's robots places a basket of the doctor's cookies at Paul's shack. Paul Gekko soon finds the cookies but before he can eat one, he gets a message from Kyoji who needs his help stopping his own rampaging vacuum-robot. Sonic therefore leaves the cookies behind, much to Eggman's frustration who is spying on him. While Paul is away helping Kyoji stop his rogue robot, Raimei, Yuki and Ace Renato come by 's shack one by one and fall under the effects of the cookies by eating one of them each, which only frustrates Eggman more. When Paul returns to his shack with Kyoji, only one cookie is left. Paul tries to eat it, but Kyoji convinces him to let him have it as he likes cookies with chocolate chunks. This saves Paul Gekko from being affected by the cookie but it instead affects Kyoji. Paul Gekko sees the two last Cookies in the Basket. Just as Paul Gekko is about to eat it, Kirihara and Kei saved Paul Gekko and eats it gets affected. Miyuki arrives and calls for Tatsuya, who uses his magic to restore both Kirihara and Kei before departing to support another area. Later at Eggman's Fleet, Kyoji, Raimei, Yuki and Ace have gathered there (each having grown a mustache like Eggman's) where they now are evil geniuses and plot Sonic's destruction. Though that was not planned for, Eggman is delighted as he now has four evil geniuses under his command. Because they start arguing due to lack of experience however, Eggman decides to give them a crash-course in villainy. Eggman then begins tutoring Kyoji, Raimei, Yuki and Ace in berating their underlings, surveillance of their subjects, proper mustache care, lesson numbering, and target practice with laser guns. Lyon and Paul Ichijou though, cannot handle suffering under so many evil geniuses so they find Paul Gekko and tell him of what has transpired. Inside his Flagship, Eggman is holding exams for his new allies where the topic is how to capture Sonic. Just then, Paul Gekko breaks in and Eggman orders Kyoji, Raimei, Yuki and Ace to attack him. Sonic however, does not want to fight back against his friends and tries to talk them out of it but without success. As Sonic is cornered by his friends and robots alike, Eggman proclaims that he has finally captured Sonic. However, Kyoji, Raimei, Yuki and Ace quickly begin to argue over who deserves that honor which breaks down into an all-out brawl. Paul and Eggman take cover from the fighting and Sonic gets an idea after seeing Eggman's evil cookie-making machine. Blasting his way over to the machine, Paul makes a cookie with Sonic's DNA which he feeds to an involuntary Eggman. Now turned blue and endowed with Sonic's heroism and powers, Eggman helps Sonic fight his evil friends and robots. Paul Gekko then has Eggman hold them off while he runs back home to find hair from each of his friends that contain their original DNA which he brings back to the lair where he and Eggman make evil cookies from them. Paul then has his friends eat their cookies, turning each of them back to their normal selves. The good Eggman now thinks that they will be working together from now on, but Team Angel is not happy about that idea, so Sticks feed Eggman one of his own cookies, turning him back to normal too. Eggman then tells Team Angel off and goes back to plotting evil schemes.

Episode 8Edit

Paul Gekko is confronting his nemesis, Doctor Eggman, on Eggman's flagship. Eggman then activated the ships defense systems, activating the cannons and bringing forth a horde of Egg Fighters. After seeing the obstacles, Paul Gekko boosted forward and began dodging the batteries fired from the cannons. bounding across the flagship, Eggman brought forth his Mech and unleashed a flurry of machine gun fire. After running across the ceiling while dodging missiles, Sonic ran through the Flagship's hallway. Eggman fired his Mech's grappling hook-like arm and grabbed Sonic. After being pulled to Eggman in the Mech's grasp, Paul Gekko summoned the Chaos Emeralds from within himself and became Super Paul the Dragon in order to stop him, destroying Eggman's mech, Eggman fled in his Egg Mobile and fled from his Flagship. After chasing Eggman through space and destroying half of his fleet, they finally arrived at Eggman's Research Facility and knocking Eggman himself to the ground. As a trap, Eggman pretends to plead for mercy. When Paul Gekko is close enough, he activates the Chaos Energy Cannon, which traps Paul Gekko in the center and begins drawing the Chaos energy out of Sonic and the Emeralds in a fashion that is clearly extremely painful for him. After the weapon is charged, Eggman fires a laser at the Space Colonies to wake a Nation known as the ZAFT splitting the Colonies and Januarius and awakening God within Paul Gekko. The dark energy of the Emeralds is brought out by the ray, transforming Paul Gekko into Athrun the Soilder and rendering the Chaos Emeralds gray and powerless. Eggman then opens an airlock which sucks Paul Gekko and the drained Emeralds out into space and down to the Space Colony Januaius but was saved by the Athrun Zala's Gundam getting exploded with Kira Yamato's Gundam causing the shockwave of the blast, injuring him to some extent of Time Traveling back in time to where the Two unknown Mobile Suits fighting was over. While Paul Gekko is saved from a fatal landing due to an unknown energy source, he still ends up taking a heavy fall. After pulling himself out of the dirt Paul Gekko fainted about the Two Gunplas getting pounded in the Explosion. Back at the Minerva, the ZAFT recruits were rejoicing and watching over Paul Gekko's Return and Rey congratulates the latter for the escape from the Fall. Cagalli Yula Athha and Orb forces find Paul Gekko in Athrun Form that was mistaken that it was the Real Athrun. Paul Gekko regains consciousness on the Orb transport ship, where Cagalli points a gun at him and demands to know what happened to Kira. Paul Gekko show his Name to the Princess of Orb as Paul the Dragon. Paul Gekko said to Cagalli about the Diary about Project Naruto, but justifies it by saying that Kira had killed several ZAFT comrades, including Athrun Zala's friend Nicol Amalfi. Paul Gekko tells Cagalli that Kira and Athrun and he survived the explosion but his vengeance have to destroy the Nations as Cagalli explains some of the teachings her father, that killing for vengeance will never bring peace but simply more conflict and asks him again how his thinking will ever bring about peace and the distraught and disillusioned Athrun is tipped off. Before releasing him back to his Firend and Family, Cagalli returns the five Fully restored Chaos Emeralds to and gives Paul Gekko a red stone pendant sacred to Haumea (the goddess of fertility and childbirth worshipped in Orb), and says she does not want anybody else to die. After exploring the city of Apotos, in the Plants,Paul Gekko took an instant liking to the Ice Cream Vendor's Chocolate Chip Sundae Supreme. After buying himself some of Ice cream, shortly after visited Mazuri where Paul Gekko saved the villagers from Eggman before he pursued and drove Eggman off. Back at Eggman's Flagship, Lyon presented Eggman with his dinner and reported his plans were behind schedule, which Orbot constantly noted was the doctor's own fault while pointing out the undesired results of his hasty actions. As Eggman contemplated on how to capture God's Host, Orbot gave his suggestions, but was brushed aside when Eggman had the idea of attracting them with an energy pulse. As Eggman's plan proved to be successful, Lyon commenced Project Dark God upon Eggman's clearance. Dark Gaia appears as Dark Energy have increased Paul Ichijou's Strength to prepare for the Dark God Project. In Januarius Egypt , Paul and co. were at Yuki Uzuki's 100th Anniversary by the Pharaoh of Mobigypt. Paul Gekko encountered the girl with Red Orange Hair. Paul Gekkothen asks the girl what her name was and the girl couldn't remember his own name or history (which Paul Gekko thinks he landed on him, causing the memory loss). Paul agrees to help the Girl restore his memory during their journey. When the two arrived in Apotos, the girl took an instant liking to the Ice Cream Vendor's Chocolate Chip Sundae Supreme. After buying themselves some of these, the girl was given the name "Jelly" by Paul Gekko after the ice cream. Jelly is interested but Paul Gekko is rather frightened by the Haunted Castle. The photos of Paul Gekko impresses the girl therefore the Zaft Soilders continue to scare Paul Gekko to win her heart. Athrun who was enraged have caused Paul Gekko to be scared numerous times in the Haunted House. However, the Haunted House was actually the Giant Battleship Minerva. As Jelly cowers in fear, Paul Gekko transforms into his Eight Tailed form upon seeing the full moon and scares the Minerva crew in a surprise.

Epiosde 9Edit

After saving Mazuri from Dr. Eggman, Paul and Jelly began pursuing Eggman to Savannah Citadel when the doctor headed for the Gaia Temple. When Paul and Jelly caught up to Eggman, Paul fought the doctor's Egg Beetle and destroyed it, forcing Eggman to retreat. Hiryuu meets Paul Gekko during his Journey. After Hiryuu along with the first four dragons had cleared the kingdom free of evil, their mission had ended. The red dragon inside of Hiryuu became tired, fell asleep and thus, Hiryuu died. The four dragons mourned Hiryuu's death and then walked separate pathways; leaving the tribes they left behind to develop on their own into the five tribes in the kingdom, today. Paul Gekko is very sad and he yells how he can't save anyone like Girouette.

Episode 10Edit

During her stay on Earth, Stella the Loussier meets Paul Gekko personally, when he saves her from drowning after she falls from a cliff, but neither of them knows who the other is. She panicked when he said her block word, "die", Paul Gekko, knowing that Stella was scared to die, he hugs her and tells her that she won't die. He also told her that he will protect her. Stella, knowing that was the same phrase that Lyon said to her, she starts crying in Paul's arms. He apologizes for scaring and upsetting her, and tells her to stop crying. He wraps a handkerchief around her ankle to stop the bleeding. Stella takes Paul Gekko 's hand, puts it on her face, asking him if he will protect her. He says that he will protect her. Stella became attached to Paul Hikari and they grew closer to each other. Jelly builds a campfire to dry his shirt and her bra and dress. When she stood up to get a pink shell, he felt embarrassed around Stella because she's topless. During this time Shinn swears to protect her, but when she comes back to the Luro Akatsuki her memories are stored. When the Minerva is attacked by the joined forces of the Earth Alliance and the Orb Union Stella again fights against ZAFT and during this battle she inadvertently kills the new pilot of the Minerva, Heine Westenfluss, whose unit was disabled by Kira Yamato. When the Minerva investigates the extended facility in Lodonia – the place where the Extended are created – Stella attacks the Minerva but is defeated by Paul Gekko and Yuki Uzuki and becomes a prisoner on the White Angel. But because of the changes in her body her condition becomes worse and to save her life Shinn violates orders and brings her back to the EA. Although the EA stabilize her condition, she is assigned to be the pilot of the gigantic Monster called the Ten Tails. With her new suit, she destroys many cities but Paul Gekko appears and distracts the Ten Tails on the Egg Fleet, while Jelly and Paul Hikari get both the Chaos Emeralds and the People to the higher ground during the Evacuation of Berlin and later Shinn also joins the fight, and once again, Shinn and Stella are enemies on the battlefield. Paul Gekko tells Shinn that he will take care of the Descendant of Stella, he tries to calm her with his words and is successful but Stella's Ancestor sees her descendant in pain. Stella Loussier attacks again, and in return, against her Descendant, Paul Gekko damages the cannons above the cockpit of the Destroy Tank Destroyer saving Stella's Descendant. Stella's condition was at the Hospital hoping that she will feel better on the Wheelchair.

Friendship ArcEdit

Meeting Jelly in TruthEdit

Paul Gekko and Co. saved Jelly from getting hit by a Car. For generations afterward, Chris and the Four Noble Clans became Friends with Jelly. Jelly telling him he was like Black Wind, a legendary hero on her planet that once protected their people from their enemies like Doctor Eggman and Lyon. Jelly then pulled Leon aside and asked him about the Chaos Emerald, which he claimed never to have heard of, but at Kyoji Gekko's inquiry, remembered a meteor that looked like a white gemstone crashing on the planet that was now stored with the other minerals in a mining building far away. When awakened, Robotnikhotep willingly gave the sixth Chaos Emerald to Jelly because he no longer wanted to live forever with the pesky Mummified Hedgehog. After giving Paul Gekko's Friend the Emerald, Robotnikhotep disintegrated into dust. At the Jungle, Paul Gekko and Jelly are attacked by a pack of Cave Bear but were saved by and taken to the Volcano by a Mysterious Figure who was revealed to be Dan Renato's Father. Paul Gekko and Jelly discovered the seventh Chaos Emerald. Magma the Volcano God does not allow anyone to have the Chaos Emerald unless they first make a sacrifice to him, which must be thrown into his lava. However, the lava is actually volcanic mud, so the sacrifice is not destroyed, but rather becomes messy, as it is what happened to Jelly when Dan's Father sacrificed her. After Paul Gekko and his Friends obtains the last emerald. The Spy informs Paul Gekko about the Dark God's Resurrection. When the Seven Chaos Emeralds were gathered Jelly reveals that Jelly is Paul Gekko's Descendant that guards the seal containing Dark God, and she lost her memories because, like the ZAFT, Jelly was prematurely awakened by Eggman's laser when Eggman started the Return of God in the Space Colony. Meer is then met by Paul, Jelly, Athrun, and Yuki Uzuki at an empty amphitheater, which was meant to be the grounds of Lacus's assassination. After Meer's personal attempt to shoot Lacus backfires, Sarah attempts to shoot Lacus herself, but because Kira's mechanical bird, Torii, informs Athrun of the attempt, both her and the remaining group's covers are blown. Because of this, the assassins are killed off and a more direct plan has to be exacted. In an attempt to kill the group, Sarah then throws a grenade, which is ricocheted by a bullet fired from Kira's gun and lands near her. Paul Gekko reawakens and, after seeing that Sarah was not dead, and fired one final shot at Lacus, but this ended up hitting Meer, fatally wounding her on purpose, attacks her by throwing Sarah off the roof for mocking him by copying his poses and Kira and Athrun then open fire on her at the sky. One of the bullets pierces her chest, which finally kills her. Meer gives Lacus a picture of herself before her cosmetic surgery, and after begging her not to forget her songs and life with a sincere apology and tells Paul Gekko and Jelly to stop Dr. Eggman from the return of Hatred which Paul and co. understands and she dies in a tearful Lacus' arms. Athrun carries Meer's dead body to the Archangel, where a brief but heartfelt funeral service is held for her in her honor. Later, Lacus and the others read Meer's personal diary about her life (with her voice-over again not reflecting what is written). At the funeral of Meer, Lacus tearfully promises Meer that she and her friends will never forget about her and her life. Paul Gekko and Jelly went to Eggmanland the Amusement Park to discover the Tomb of Dark God. Paul Gekko realized that it was his Grandfather. As he stood thinking of what to do, Paul Gekko saw his grandfather emerge from below his feet, but managed to avoid him. Face to face with his Grandfather with the help of Jelly. Dark God, However announced this was a battle for their lives, as there could only be one Ninja King in the world. Jelly agreed on terms, and Paul and Jelly clashed with Dark God in a long and intense battle between two opponents of equal might. As explosions erupted from the collisions between them, it became apparent to both Paul and Dark God that they could predicting the other's actions move for move due to them sharing the same thoughts, and as such, neither of them could gain the upper hand on one another, to which Paul Gekko replied was "strange". Their battle was temporarily interrupted by the untimely arrival of Dr. Robotnik and Sara, as they crash into the Egg Mobile, with Sonic landing on the top and hurting his groin, but Sonic quickly recovered to resume his fight and accidentally freed Sara from Robotnik in the process. The battle between Paul and Dark God became increasingly fiercer as the two of them literally tore the icy wasteland apart in the wake of their fight, with Paul Gekko receiving some solid blows from Dark God and otherwise, but they could still only fight to a stalemate. Paul Gekko, however, slowly became more and more exhausted from their prolonged battle, thus allowing his Grandfather to grab Sonic in a chokehold. Before he could get killed, however, Paul was saved by his Father and his Uncle who managed to overload Dark God's system with the swords, paralyzing him. Paul Gekko then took the opportunity and hit Dark God directly with a powerful Spin Dash, sending him flying into the horizon. As their fight continued however, Metal's damage became increasingly more extensive, and Dark God found himself overwhelmed by Paul Gekko and crashed into the windshield of the brother's ship. As the ship was about to explode however, Sonic's personality overtook his Grandfather's programming and Dark God saved the Paul Gekko's Brothers and Sisters. After saving them, Dark God started to malfunction again, which caused him to be knocked into a lava pit by falling debris. Heavily damaged and nearly unable move, Dark God saw his Grandson trying to rescue him, and began crawling towards him. To Pauls's surprise however, Dark God refused Paul's rescue and announced to him that "There is only one Sonic...", as Dark God now realized that Paul was the only one of them that could remain. Accepting his fate, Dark God returned to dormancy inside his Tomb where he was sealed away in Heaven Tail Guild.

Part VIIEdit

Samurai Kings ArcEdit

Naruto Super SluggersEdit
Meeting Date Masamune and Sanda YukimuraEdit

Paul Gekko and Co. has received the letter from Lyon telling them of a new ultimate weapon that will be ready within three days to help the Doctor Eggman in conquering the world and challenges them to stop him at Samurai Island, if they can. Paul Gekko, competitive as ever, accept the challenge. Unlike Jelly, who is disturbed by the message and unsure what will happen, Dan Renato is confident that there is nothing to worry about the Four Noble Clans. Jelly however, tells them that her Hero would not miss this adventure and the Four Heroes band together once again to foil Eggman's plans. Paul Hikari, arrived to see that his friends were holding a surprise birthday party for him. During the party, Dan's Father saw Shingen Takeda sending the ambitious Yukimura Sanada across the mountain pass to attack Kenshin Uesugi at night. The Four Heroic Clans and the Kuro Akatsuki encountered Date Masamune, also after Uesugi. Rivalry stimulates when Yukimura, Paul Gekko as Paul the Dragon and Masamune engage in an intense fight until dawn. Yukimura, Paul Gekko and Masamune return to their respective camps and withdraw from battle in the meantime. The next day, when Takeda sets out to attack Ujimasa Hōjō, Yukimari comes across Masamune in the battlefield, following him in pursuit.

Reunion with Ancient Erza ScarletEdit

Erza comes back to the guild to see it rebuilt and in great condition; but her happiness is interrupted when she finds that Gajeel Redfox has joined Fairy Tail. She voices her concerns with Makarov, but as he gives her his confidence, she petitions to have Gajeel watched. Later, when a reporter from Sorcerer Magazine comes to Fairy Tail to interview the members, she wears a modified version of her Heart Kreuz Armor. She surprises everyone when she expresses her desire to be interviewed. Paul Gekko sings the Sonic Heroes Song about Paul the Dragon and the Chaos Emeralds. Erza, looking at Paul Gekko, is marveled at the revelation, as she thinks about Simon and Mikazuchi no Mikoto. Mikazuchi explains that even though they did not live a wealthy life, they were content nonetheless. However, when the Ten Tails came, Paul Gekko and Mikazuchi has to help the citizens escape. Ever since then, Mikazuchi questions Erza about Simon being transported to the Earth. As she can continue, she is interrupted by Erza. She tells Mikazuchi that it was not Metal Jellal's fault that Simon died, but instead it was because of her own weakness, angering Paul Gekko. Makarov tells them Fairy Tail will be famous. Several minutes later, Millianna bears witness to Paul Gekko's arrival. She glares at Paul as the Green Hedgehog as he helps Erza defend herself against the Eggman Robots. Despite Erza's attempts to calm Millianna down, the latter is determined to take revenge on Jellal for Simon's death, as well as for the slavery of her friends and herself. However, Ultear the Star arrives and reveals to Millianna that Ultear Milkolvich was the one behind Jellal's actions, as well the one responsible for Simon's death. She then leaves, after telling her that she will gladly receive Millianna's revenge, if she can survive the Dragon invasion. A shocked Millianna is left speechless after the recent revelations, and Erza tells her that they all have to try and move on. Mikazuchi comforts Paul Gekko for the memories about Girouette.

Return of Stella the LouiseEdit

Dr. Eggman claiming that he was going to take over this Island and Earth. As Decoe gives him a pack of cards with various robots on them, he can't choose which one to unleash upon Station Square. He then uses a slot machine device to choose for him and it turns up with Egg-Zilla's picture. With the decision made, he and his robot set out. Underneath the main streets of Station Square, Amy and Knuckles are wandering in the sewers discussing about how Sonic's actions led them into this new world. Knuckles blames Sonic for the cause of this but Amy responsed that Sonic was only attempting to stop Eggman. Even if Dr. Eggman was causing trouble, Knuckles said that Sonic shouldn't have pushed too far to trigger Chaos Control which warped them to this world, causing an argument between the duo. The very next scene skips to the beach where Eggman's robot bursts from the waters and terrorizes the people who are currently having fun there. It wastes no time in using its missile wrists to destroy the cars and structures around the area. Eggman flies overhead in his Egg Mobile saying that now they had established a beach head, it was time to set their sights on the city. Chris comes outside to see Tails washing the Tornado II with Chuck while and Cream and Cheese having their own private tea-party. He asks Tails to tell him where Sonic is. Cream overhears and tells them that Sonic was supposed to be exploring downtown. Chris fears that the police might catch Sonic if he was not careful but Tails denies this, saying that Sonic likes danger and it is unlikely that he will ever be caught. Chris tells Tails that they need to search for him. Eggman has reached deeper within the city and a massive panic is now unfolding. The police officers try making a blockade and shoot at the robot advancing in their midst. However, both attempts with bullets and flamethrowers fail. Eggman deals them all the finishing blow and seeks out the tallest building he can find. Meanwhile, Chris, Tails and Chuck set out to look for Sonic both by land and air. Meanwhile Sonic was nowhere near Station Square however. He was off running in the mountains in an unknown location. Back in the sewer, Amy stirs up another conversation with Knuckles on their chances of being able to get back home. Knuckles responds simply by saying that he has to in order to protect the Master Emerald, no matter what the solution may be. They then hear the racket going on from above them. Knuckles sees the manhole and opens it up to see the trail of destruction left by Egg-Zilla. Egg-Zilla crashes into a tall building, frightening the people inside as they take cover. Eggman instructs it to proceed to the roof where they can do more damage. Eggman rides his Egg Mobile to the top while Egg-Zilla uses his arm as a grappling hook and pulls itself to the top. Numerous police cars gather underneath them which only prompts Eggman to get excited. Eggman says it's time to get the show on the road and somehow is able to project his image onto all the televisions and mechanical devices in the city. He tells them all his name and his intentions to take over the city and make it a part of his new Eggman Empire. The police shout up at him, telling him to stop his madness. Eggman responds by commanding Egg-Zilla destroy one of their cars. The police submits and agrees to bring in the Mayor so they can talk through surrendering the city. Unable to find Sonic, Tails and Chris set out in the Tornado II to try and deal with the situation themselves. At that time the Mayor of Station Square finally shows up and tells Eggman through his megaphone that he will not surrender the city. Eggman snaps his fingers commanding Missile Wrist demolish a nearby building, obviously demanding another answer. The Mayor responds saying that his charter technically doesn't allow for him to surrender the city. Completely disgruntled and annoyed, Eggman issues for Missile Wrist to destroy the city. However, Tails swoops down in the Tornado flying past Eggman. Eggman tells Egg-Zilla to blast them out of the sky. It proceeds to fire its missile wrists at the blue bi-plane. Tails tries to counterattack with the Tornado's bullets but Missile Wrist's armor is too thick to be budged. Missile Wrist succeeds in taking out the Tornado II's propeller. Tails quickly deals with the problem by having it transform into its secondary form (the jet version, which does not use a propeller). However, he's still unable to get in any kind of blow on the robot as they barely avoid the missiles fired by Missile Wrist. Knuckles and Amy finally reach the building where Eggman is carrying out his ambition. Amy states that they need to go to the roof and help Tails. Knuckles claims that he has more important things to do which upsets Amy. She goes in herself to help which prompts Knuckles to follow her knowing that she's only going to get herself harmed. Amy goes inside an elevator, with Knuckles attempting to reason with her but the doors close. Attempting to find another solution, Knuckles discovers a nearby door marked "Exit". Paul Gekko, having re-entered the outskirts of the city, sees the commotion on TV through one of the windows of a shop. Sonic smirks and races toward Station Square to deal with the problem. Knuckles reaches the roof, who then needs to plan a strategy to defeat Missile Wrist. Amy reaches the roof as well and charges at the robot with her hammer and whacks Missile Wrist's leg with it despite Knuckles' warning. Unmoved by the impact, the robot then turns and grabs Amy. Knuckles runs in attempting to save her but Eggman stops him, saying that if he tries then Amy's a goner. Missile Wrist emphasizes this by squeezing Amy's body tightly, making Knuckles flinch with anger. Paul Gekko isn't at all fazed by the attacks and even goes so far as to breakdance on the missile wrists. Eggman is only getting angrier however. Paul Gekko quickly jumped into the air before the attack landed. Eggman took his chance and had more missiles from Egg-Zilla's cockpit fired on to the hedgehog while he was suspended. That, however, failed as well even though they seemed to connect. Paul Gekko spins below and bursts through the Building, effectively destroying it causing the Egg-Zilla to crash into the destroyed Building. Eggman grumbles and flies off, covered in soot while claiming revenge. Shinn is shocked when he learns that Stella is the Egg-Zilla's pilot. While tied to a bed due to her violent behavior, she cries out for Lyon, and Shinn again attempts to calm her, though she does not recall who he is. When waking up again, tired and less aggressive, she sees Shinn and recognizes him this time, indicating the erasing of her memory was not completely successful. But because of the changes in her body her condition becomes worse and to save her life Shinn violates orders and brings her back to the Kuro Akatsuki. Both Paul and Shinn are confined as punishment and could have been executed, but are released on Gilbert Durandal's orders.

Part VIIIEdit

Great War ArcEdit

Beginning of the Great WarEdit
Chaos Merge Activation

Chaos Merge Activation

The Great War Begins when Paul Gekko, Juvia and Ancient Fairy Tail managed to save the Children from the Eggman Robots and Doctor Eggman aboard the Egg Fleet. Paul Gekko kills Lord Djibril and the Girty Lue, the ship Djibril was escaping on. Paul Gekko destroyed the Uhlenbeck Battleship to prevent Operation Angel Down from happening. (Sonic X)

Battle of IzumogakureEdit

In the White Fleet's Flagship, the White Carrier Karima speaks to Paul Gekko that his armada is over 8,000 years old, and that it is "The perfect machine... ready to impose terror in unimaginable ways!". His hyperbole is, however, cut short when, on the horizon, the piscine ship of the Archangel appear. As battle is joined between the White Fleet and the Archangel, simply makes directly for Kira Yamato's Gundam to confront his childhood friend personally. Athrun goes into SEED mode and saves Kira. In the Second Battle of Jachin Due, The White Fleet joined forces with Lacus Clyne's Fleet to stop the Great War. Paul Gekko is able to kill Rau Le Creuset in his ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam before Rau could kill Flay. Sadly, their reunion is bittersweet: Flay's shuttle is able to push Paul's Tornado Hydra to save Paul Gekko, thus the Justice Gundam destroying the Cannon GENESIS and Flay's sacrifice was shockingly right in front of the eyes of Kira Yamato, who's been trying to save her at the time. Flay could have said to Kira, expressing her deep regrets with sincere apologies, and assures him with great comfort that her true feelings will protect him. Feeling that he failed again, Kira goes into SEED mode and goes off to avenge Flay by rescuing Paul Gekko that was Floating in Space with his Space Suit which Kira did.

Desperate MissionEdit
Paul Gekko and the Gun Truck

Paul Gekko being Chased by the Giant Truck

During this period of time the Ninja King presents a speech around the entire world about the organization Logos and claims that by destroying them the war will end, and Shinn easily agrees, later when the White Angel is ordered to save other People from the Army of Orochis in the mission code-named "Operation Angel's Rescue", Paul Gekko gets his opportunity to stop the Archangel and the Freedom from invading the Village first. Paul Gekko was chased by the GUN Military Truck who is driven by Stella the Louise of Kuro Akastuki after passing the last Point Marker in City of Lacroa. From there, the Stella will chase Paul Gekko down through a section of the City where the city angle has been turned 180 degrees. During the chase, will also use three saw-blades attached on its cab to attack from afar, which Paul Gekko can avoid by moving to the side. Near the end of the chasing section, it will use its rocket boosters to chase after Paul Gekko on a vertical wall. until they reach the end of the chase where the GUN Military Truck will crash into a brick overpass knocking Stella unconcious. Shinn is shocked when he learns that Stella is the Truck's driver and one of the Kuro Akatsuki's Extendeds. After receiving the message that Archangel won't surrender, Shinn takes off on the Impulse and starts to fight Kira. Paul Gekko uses the Chaos Emeralds to use the Ultimate Battle Form to stop the Army of the Eight Headed Dragons but the Eight Headed Dragons responded to Fortress Gundam about the respected homes of hylians and humans. After the Eight Headed Dragons returned to the Forest at their homes, Kira however activates Seed Mode and cripples the Impulse. However, all backed up and ready, Paul Gekko was able to save Shinn in time and the Chaos Emeralds have shutted down and teleported the Archangel to the Space Colony Yuki's Hanger and to the Ocean which made Kira falter. Paul Gekko in his Battle Mode charged in and aimed straight at the Freedom's cockpit, disabling the Freedom for good. Unknown to Shinn, Kira survives the ordeal. While tied to a bed due to her violent behavior, Stella the Louise cries out for Lyon, and Shinn the Asuka again attempts to calm her, though she does not recall who he is. When waking up again, tired and less aggressive, she sees Shinn and recognizes him this time, indicating the erasing of her memory was not completely successful.

Battle in SpaceEdit
Egg Fleet at Space Colony Januarius

Space Colony Januarius invaded by Eggman

Paul Gekko went to PLANT's capital, Aprilius One to eat at the Pizza Restaurant with his Friends who are 900,000 Coordinators. Paul Gekko senses that the Egg Fleet has invaded Januarius 1 to 4 and December 7 and 8. Paul Gekko was able to warn the Coordinators in Aprilius One that the Doctor Eggman has the Army of Robot-like Naturals invading the City. Paul Gekko was able to save 900,000 Coordinators from capture by hiding them inside a Giant Cargo crates thus transferring them to the Space Colony Yuk but got caught himself as a result by the ZAFT Officers, Rey Za Burrel and Shinn Asuka in Mobile Suits. Chairman Durandal orders the ZAFT Moon Fleet to capture the Space Colony Yuki in return for that rescue from Djibril's Remaining Forces. Almost immediately after the assassination attempt in Copernicus City, PLANT chairman Gilbert Durandal appears in a global broadcast, taken aboard the ZAFT space mobile fortress Messiah. From the Messiah, he address the Requiem attack on PLANT, and assures the world that LOGOS has been defeated. However, he announces that there is one more enemy that humanity has to face, an enemy he addresses as "ignorance and ambition". He accuses Naturals of being too self-centered and conceited, essentially causing the suffering of others. Thus, he then announces that he has the solution to this problem, and reveals the "Destiny Plan" - every human and Coordinator will be assigned the role that they are the most genetically suited to. The Atlantic Federation is the first to decide not to follow the plan, and the Arzachel Lunar Base mobilizes its remaining forces in defense while the president of the Atlantic Federation (who is at Arzachel Base) attempts to contact chairman Durandal. Without even responding to the request for contact, Durandal uses the captured and repaired Requiem superweapon to destroy the Arzachel Lunar Base, destroying the base, part of the Alliance fleet and killing the president as well.

Battle of MessiahEdit
Battle of Takeru

Battle of Takeru

Subsequently, the Orb Union and the Kingdom of Scandinavia are the only other nations left to reject the Destiny Plan, and soon Orb and Terminal (the organization that the Three Ships Alliance grew into between the wars), understanding the message sent by Chairman Durandal through the destruction of Arzachel Base with the Requiem, mobilize their military forces to destroy Requiem. The Orb Union launches its space fleet from the lunar free city of Copernicus, consisting of the White Angel and White Fox, the Izumo class battleship Kusanagi and two other Izumo class battleships). Lacus Clyne's flagship, the Eternal, leads a number of Earth Alliance and ZAFT battleships loyal to Terminal: and Earth Alliance ships that survived the Requiem attack on Arzachel. Their Earth Alliance forces consisted of at least two Agamemnon-classs, at least two Nelson class battleships and four or more Drake class escort ships, and their ZAFT forces consisted of two or more Nazca class destroyers and two Laurasia class frigates. The Hylian Federation Fleet is engaging the ZAFT forces defending the Messiah space fortress and the Requiem. However, with Requiem's second station moving closer into firing position to destroy Orb, Paul Gekko, RT-55-09 Orochi Gundam, told the White Angel and Team Kyoji, pilots of ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice, to leave the Eternal and break through the Requiem's defenses and destroy it while he and the Eternal attack the Messiah. The defensive hole this left at the Eternal was filled in by Yzak Joule in his ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited and Dearka Elsman in his ZGMF-1001 Blaze Zaku Phantom. Paul Gekko was engaged by the ZGMF-X666S Legend, piloted by Rey Za Burrel, who blamed Kira for his flawed existence. However, Rey was shaken up by Kira's reasoning as to his own life, and the Legend was nearly destroyed when Paul Gekko fired all the Orochi Gundams's weapons at the Legend, with almost every shot connecting. In the meantime, Paul Gekko was attacked by Lunamaria Hawke piloting the ZGMF-X56S Impulse, Riku easily disabled the Impulse, but was attacked by the ZGMF-X42S Destiny, piloted by Shinn Asuka. Paul Gekko summons the Chaos Emeralds, Spirit of Stella Louiseer and his Entity within him. Shinn Asuka's feelings stop him from attacking Paul Gekko. Paul Gekko transforms to Super Paul Gekko to destroy the Messiah's Neo GENESIS superweapon with a mass missile attack at about the same time the Requiem was destroyed. The Great War came to an abrupt end after Paul Gekko destroyed the organization Logos. He spared the life of the boy and the other young kids, who are the Younglings of the Jedi to be raised by Paul Gekko. Paul Gekko in Battle Armor Mode charges at the hundreds of the ZAFT soldiers inside their Mobile Suits, Lunamaria interposes herself between the two, begging them to stop fighting which Paul Gekko accepts. The ZAFT surrendered, and the Great War came to an end. (Sonic the Hedgehog Song)


Paul Gekko wanders in thought for a moment about Chili dogs, but Team Okaina still successfully destroyed the Cannon on the Moon thus destroying the main energy core. Bianca calls to Paul Gekko that she found Kira Yamato's unconscious Body in the wrecked Freedom Gundam on the beach. Paul Gekko is able to get Kira out of there by his Snake-like Arm and brings it to the Hospital. When Paul Gekko heard of the Nurse saying, He is in a Comatose. Paul Gekko decided to be a busy man taking care of his own family until Kira may awakened. Back at Izumogakure, everyone celebrates after Paul Gekko and Bianca announce the defeat of Logos, followed by a passionate kiss between the two freedom fighters and for Athrun’s defeat into Victory. New political leaders are elected across various nations affected by Durandal's LOGOS campaign. Lacus Clyne becomes the new chair of the PLANT Supreme Council making her chairwoman and negotiated a peace treaty with the Earth Alliance and Orb Union to secure true peace between the three nations. (Anime Shudaika)

Destiny Plan ArcEdit

Meeting King RufusEdit

Shinn the Asuka, Paul Gekko, Auel the Neider headed up the Ministry of War in the King Rufus' regime, and was instrumental in winning the Great War for the monarchy and the Shinobi King's return. Furious by Paul's rejoicing at the apparent time of Peace over Kira's death, a distraught Athrun punches Paul Gekko in the face. Athrun adds that Paul killed Kira during the War but Kira never wanted to kill him. Rey counters that destroying Freedom and the Archangel was a direct order from ZAFT's headquarters, that all of them, including Athrun, were obligated to obey. Paul Gekko and his Family participate at the Banquet after dismantle of the military — from his perspective, this was because the War's end no longer necessitated it. Paul Gekko was sized by Hinata's Fighting Style in the Hyuga Clan with a Rinne Sharingan Eyes. Hiashi sensed Paul Gekko's warning about the killing intent with the Biolizard and activated the curse seal on Hizashi, his younger brother, causing him intense pain. He told Hizashi to leave as he would no longer tolerate incidents like this, telling him to never forget his duties.

Hyuga Clan CrisisEdit

During a visit to Konoha by a Head Ninja of Kumogakure, who had come to the village to sign a peace treaty, a young Hinata was kidnapped. Hiashi however saved her, quickly killing her would-be kidnapper, only to discover that it was the Kumogakure ambassador. Kumogakure demanded Hiashi's head in return for the life he had taken, or risk resuming open warfare between the two villages. Konoha, wishing to avoid another conflict, was compelled to comply, but was not willing to fulfil Kumogakure's desire of getting to study the Byakugan. Their father suggested that Hizashi be used as a body double, since his cursed seal would seal off his Byakugan upon his death. Although Hiashi tried to find an alternative to this, Hizashi insisted, saying that he would finally get to choose his own fate (to make up for his wrongdoings against Hiashi), and save his brother's life. Before going to his death, he asked Hiashi to someday tell Neji about why he had made his decision. Originally, Hiashi had trained Hinata to become the successor of the Hyūga clan. However, Hinata's lack of confidence ultimately led him to decide she was not worthy. He instead turned his attention to his younger daughter, Hanabi Hyūga.

Return of the Tailed BeastsEdit

Paul Gekko and Bianca has a Younger son named, Note at some Point. Paul Gekko senses Asuka and a Man Fighting in the Martial Arts Style. Paul Gekko is able to break up the fight with his Rinne Sharingan combined with his Partial Mode. Hiashi sensed Paul Gekko's reborn Eyes with the Spirit of the Sage of the Six Paths within Paul Gekko and used Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm technique to deflect the Orochi's beast's tail, which was headed straight for them only to see Paul Gekko looking at Naruto and Hinata. Afraid that neither Neji nor Hinata would not be able to deflect it in time, Hiashi watched in horror as the Shintotropolis being built in the center of Izumogakure. As Hiashi watched on at the Tenchi Bridge, he was bowing to Paul Gekko for forgiveness showed him that it was true that Paul Gekko is the True Shinobi King. Paul Gekko forgives Hiashi and sees the Fully Grown Naruto and Hinata. When it looked as if Paul Gekko is the King of Shinobi patting Hinata, reminding her of his Adopted Granddaughter, Naruto entered his six-tailed form. Even though Naruto's necklace reacted to the Chaos Emeralds that Paul Gekko sensed, Paul Gekko says to Naruto in his words: "My motto is Ultimate defence… That is what I, Paul the Hedgehog must Fly on!". Sakura Haruno recalls on who Naruto used to be, his happy personality, and his promise to her, then feeling guilt for the monster he had become and his suffering, she starts to cry and call for him to stop. Shukaku started to recognise Paul Gekko. Gaara asks Shukaku for its aid in using a collossal version of Desert Layered Imperial Funeral to help the Shinobi King control the Eight Tailed Biometal. The beast initially refuses, stating that it is no longer bound to Gaara and has complete free will. After Gaara states that he can easily ask another tailed beast for aid instead, and using this as an opportunity to surpass Kurama, Shukaku agrees to help the Kazekage. Son Gokū and the other tailed beasts also join Gaara and Shukaku in aiding Naruto. Utakata moved to save Paul Gekko. When Sakura approached him and Paul Gekko to try and bring them to his senses,but is attacked by Paul Gekko's Orochi Tail Jump. Gaara and Shukaku collaborate effectively, using the Wind Release: Sand Scattering Bullets to injure Paul Gekko, who praises on the techniques formation. Gaara answers however, by showing that the true purpose of the attack was to allow his sand to enter Madara's bloodstream, which allows Gaara to manipulate him from within. Binding Paul Gekko's movements fully, the tailed beasts uses this opening to attack. Yamato erects chakra-suppressing wooden pillars using his Wood Release to bind both Naruto and Paul Gekko before they do any more harm. Yamato forcibly returns Naruto to his normal state. Sakura tries to heal Naruto, but her medical ninjutsu has little effect on his wounds. In the end Utakata manage to save Paul Gekko averting him into his Normal State.

Part XEdit

Bakumatsu EraEdit

Meeting Edward FalconEdit
Paul Gekko and Edward Falcon

Paul Gekko and Edward Falcon relaxing

Paul Gekko and his son, Note encountered Pride Falcon. Pride explains to Paul Gekko and his Son about the legendary Power Stones. Upon Sun Land the Town, Paul Gekko and Note meets Edward Falcon, and Rouge, a fortune teller. Rouge then tells Paul Gekko and Group to travel on a journey to go around the world searching Sun Land, Wood Land, Fire Land, Gold Land, Dark Land, and Soil Land for Power Stones. Paul Gekko remembers and recognizes Professor Karima Gekko. Eggman was reviewing images of Renato City and plotting to take over Dens' Renato City and build his Eggman Empire on it. Cammy White enjoyed relative peace. Eventually, however, while investigating strange energy readings coming from the Amazon River basin, she discovered animals being captured by army of Eggman Robots. Chun-li, Cammy and Guile discuss the new fighters; another shift reveals the second person to be Guile, who is waiting for her as he talks about Charlie and the disappearances, believing Shadaloo is behind it. Meanwhile, Ryu is training in the desert, and he remembers Akuma talking to him at one point, saying that seeking anything but power is foolishness of the highest order, and that "the blood flowing through your veins calls out to you". Akuma also threatened to murder Ryu if he did not give in to the Satsui no Hado. Later, Cammy and her squad are sent to the Amazon to find whatever remains of the energy discharge. Upon finding out it isn't a natural depression, Cammy remembers finding out the images were altered and they find dead animals, and later human corpses, presumed to be the missing fighters. Guile and Chun Li find an old, yet heavily guarded castle, which holds a lab. Inside, they find another dead fighter and more valuable data, with Cammy joining them. At their hotel room, they find out about BLECE, the culprit behind the dead animals and their appearance, and find out Ryu is their target. They go to Ken in order to track down Ryu, but Cammy mentions that someone may beat them to it.

Street Fighter ArcEdit
'Episode 1Edit
Eggman Main Ship

Eggman's Flagship floating over the Temples

At at Dr. Eggman's Fleet, Dr. Eggman is claiming that he was going to take over this planet. As Decoe gives him a pack of cards with various robots on them, he can't choose which one to unleash upon the Renato City. He then uses a slot machine device to choose for him and it turns up with Egg-Zilla and Stella the Louise's picture. With the decision made, he and his Fleet set out. Meanwhile, at the Masters Foundation headquarters, Ken refuses to be interviewed by a woman named Maya. Later, he talks about his last fight with Ryu, the Satsui no Hado, and his personal life, now thinking he is no longer a fighter. Paul Gekko and Yuki Uzuki is at Professor Karima's side, stood upon one of the floating Fleet of White Angel Ships and the White Carriers. Karima boasts that his armada is over 2,000 years old to Bianca. "The perfect holy machine... ready to impose terror in unimaginable ways!". His hyperbole is, however, cut short when, on the horizon, the piscine orange ships of the Eggman Fleet appear and was heading towards the Renato City in the United States of America. Back at the Master's residence, Sakura tells Ken, upon his request, what she knows about the disappearances, and Ken blames himself for not knowing. Sakura herself was looking for Ryu because the kidnappers are after him. Then, the trucker Ryu was talking to calls Ken and tells him where Ryu is, and Ken, Chun-Li and Sakura rush to get to Ryu. Meanwhile, at the missing fighter's house, which is for sale, Ryu ponders about said fighter when Crimson Viper, who heard about Ryu's location through Ken's phone call via the bugged doll, ambushes him and fights till Cammy interrupts. She attempts to fend the secret agent off, but Paul Gekko, who is running to Renato City, bumped into Crimson Viper during the fight, but was saved by his Ultimate Dark Hadou combined with the Chaos Emeralds that forces Crimson Viper to retreat. Paul Gekko was starting to pursue Viper mistaking for an Eggman Robot with Paul Kiske and Note's help. But it forces Viper off a bridge. Paul Gekko has a seething rage along with Paul Kiske and Note, who nearly fell into the ocean below a bridge due to it's contsruction but were save by Cammy. Ryu, unwilling to hurt a powerful fighter who remembers Paul Gekko, attempts to reason with him by . Memories of the past wreak havoc on Paul's mind, and finally, through memories of his past with Ryu, Sakura and Kasugano runs up to Paul Gekko and Ryu wrapping their arms around them and manages to both keep him from pursuing Viper and return him to his senses, while Ken tends to the heavily-injured Cammy and contacts the rescue team. Ryu is left extremely shaken by this ordeal, and Sakura keeps him company. (Sonic Boom)

Episode 2Edit
Utakata Screaming

Utakata unleashes it's Fury

Paul Gekko and his sons are at the Ancient Relics, a post-apocalyptic New York City of the United States of America and starts to race to the Dan Renato's Mansion in the Renato City. Guy and his training partner, Riku, set out to meet up with Paul Gekko at the Renato Mansion. upon the arrival of the Renato Mansion, Paul Gekko and his friends encountered the fully revived Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Kaguya recognizes Naruto, Paul Gekko and Sasuke as inheritors of her son's powers and deciding that Paul Gekko is the only one that was on the White Fleet as his Family. Kaguya faces Paul Gekko head on up in the Sky where the White Fleet was Floating over the Island of the U.S.A. However, what would have looked like a moment of motherly love like Paul's Mother was cut short when, on the horizon, the piscine orange ships of the Eggman Fleet appear. As battle is joined between the armadas, Kaguya and Paul Gekko battling each other simply makes their way into City-like Realm for the True Final Battle personally. Kaguya uses her All-Killing Ash Bones as Missile for Battle which Paul Gekko is easy able to dodge them but Utakata helps Paul Gekko fight Kaguya. Kaguya complies and uses her All-Killing Ash Bones technique to keep poking Paul Gekko because she likes Paul Gekko's Blue armor and his Speed. Uryu steps in and uses the Quincy Bow and arrow to counter the All-Killing Ash Missiles. But the Missile keeps aiming at Paul Gekko's Armor because it's to ticklish him, However, Obito and Kakashi, empowered by a shared memory of their past friendship, place themselves in front of Paul Gekko as shields. Because his odyssey began by saving Kakashi from death by a boulder, Obito decides he must now end things by saving Kakashi's life again: he uses his right eye to teleport the attack aimed at Paul Gekko away, allowing the attack directed at him to connect. Obito's body begins to crumble and there is nothing anyone can do to save him. He warns Kakashi that he will not be around to save him a third time and places his faith for a better world in Paul Gekko and Naruto before dying with a smile. Paul Gekko Suggested they finish the fight they never got to start all those years ago but Kaguya tells him there was no need, as finally seeing Paul's drawing of Sonic meeting Paul and Kaguya, had freed her soul. she then crumbled, leaving behind her body causing Paul Gekko to be sad and mourning for his close friend. But, Naruto arrived noting he had not forgotten about it. Naruto comforts Paul Gekko for the loss of his Teenage friend. (Sonic the Hedgehog Recreation)

Episode 3Edit
White Fleet

White Fleet sailing in the Sky

Paul Gekko and his Family and Friends finds themselves on the outskirts of Hyrule, wondering about just who is this Naruto. It is from here that the Shinobi Prince watches with mild disinterest sky was filled with the Fleet of Colossal Ships floating over Hyrule However, the Flying Object swims over to meet the Future Shinobi King, and an apparition of Yulia Jue commands Paul Gekko to gather the Chaos Emeralds "as promised" before flitting away. While he's interested of God's commands, reasons that whether he likes it or not, if God has knowledge about his past, then he needs to collect the Emeralds and put the Deity to the question. Shortly after arriving in the city, Paul Gekko runs into the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog, who wants Paul Gekko to help him "show the Ninja Guys that we mean business" by repulsing the Shinobi invaders, who were invading Izumogakure. Conversely, after Paul Gekko grabs the first Chaos Emerald, Yulia Jue approaches (commenting that he is "on time"), and sets him with the task of going straight for the second Emerald. Chaos Controlling all over the place, Paul Gekko and his Sons, Note and Ventus recall the place had any previous significance to him, with a quick flashback of Prison Island from Sonic Adventure 2. He then remembers that Paul Ichijou and Shadow were released from cryostasis, escaped and was then captured. Then they started to wonder where they escaped from and why. Prison Island has gone vastly downhill after Robotnik's terrorist attack. While G.U.N. still maintains a presence there, they now share the island with free-flowing rivers of glowing radioactive sludge and rampant jungle overgrowth of the once-mighty military prisons. In fact, there are only mechs in this place, with no actual human soldiers at all, implying that the island is now pretty much uninhabitable and they run straight for the Chaos Emerald. (Egg Fleet theme)

Episode 4Edit
Eggman on T.V.

Eggman on Television

Having found the two Chaos Emeralds from Hyrule and the construction site of Shintotropolis while interested in Yulia Jue's entreaties, Paul is confronted by a hologram of Yulia Jue, happy for his obedience. Paul Gekko senses activity in the area, and proceeds to investigate. Paul Gekko and co. were presumably caught in the crossfire during one of his periodic treasure hunts. They accidentally touched the five jewels around the stage and reawaken the temple. In an effort to activate the long-forgotten power cores buried within the temples Reawakened, the temple ruins are able to levitate, and is able to find the body of the unconscious twins named, Kyosuke and Hyo and found the ancient city of Exodus. Meanwhile at Dr. Eggman's Fleet, Eggman was reviewing images of Exodus. Dr. Eggman claiming that he was going to take over the Planet Dens. As Decoe gives him a pack of cards with various robots on them, he can't choose which one to unleash upon Exodus. He then uses a slot machine device to choose for him and it turns up with Lyon and Raiko's Picture. With the decision made, he, Lyon and Raiko set out. Inside the Train, Paul Gekko and Utakta stumbled upon one of the four hidden tombs they came and were attacked on top of the Passenger car by Sora. When Sora was about to kill Naruto, Chiriku stopped him. After Chiriku stopped Sora and Paul's battle and Sora gave information about the one of the four hidden tombs. Paul and Naruto started to argue each other, but were prevented from fighting by Chiriku and Yamato. After the confusion, they went to the Fire Temple. The Eggman's robots bursts from the waters and the beach and terrorizes the people who are currently having fun there. It wastes no time in using its missiles to destroy the cars and structures around the area. Eggman flies overhead in his Eggman Fleet saying that now they had established a beachhead, it was time to set their sights on the city. Chris comes outside to see Tails washing the Tornado II with Chuck while and Cream and Cheese having their own private tea-party. He asks Tails to tell him where Sonic is. Cream overhears and tells them that Sonic was supposed to be exploring downtown. Chris fears that the police might catch Sonic if he was not careful but Tails denies this, saying that Sonic likes danger and it is unlikely that he will ever be caught. Chris tells Tails that they need to search for him. Eggman has reached deeper within the city and a massive panic is now unfolding. The police officers try making a blockade and shoot at the total of five Eggman Walkers advancing in their midst. However, both attempts with bullets and flamethrowers fail. Eggman in his Egg Mobile deals them all the finishing blow and seeks out the tallest building he can find. The Eggman rides his Egg Mobile to the top while Egg Walkers uses a grappling hook and pulls itself to the top. Numerous police cars gather underneath them which only prompts Eggman to get excited. Eggman says it's time to get the show on the road and somehow is able to project his image onto all the televisions and mechanical devices in the city. He tells them all his name and his intentions to take over the city and make it a part of his new Eggman Empire. The police shout up at him, telling him to stop his madness. Eggman responds by commanding Raiko destroy one of their cars. The police submits and agrees to bring in the Mayor so they can talk through surrendering the city. At that time the Mayor of Atlantis finally shows up and tells Eggman through his megaphone that he will not surrender the city. Eggman snaps his fingers commanding Missile Wrist demolish a nearby building, obviously demanding another answer. Paul Gekko was watching the view of Eggman's Fleet over the City and Tails the Fox came inform Paul Gekko that Eggman is here. The Mayor responds saying that his charter technically that surrendering the city is Paul Gekko's doing. However, Lyon knows better and Eggman orders the fleet to the Gekko Mansion at Acropolis. It was unknown that is following Paul Gekko to absorb half of his Chakra

Episode 6Edit

In the Snowy day, Paul Gekko is on the roof of the Gekko Mansion, staring out into the open sky before he decides to jump off and have a nice run to get the seventh Chaos Emerald. Returning to the front door a mere second later, he is greeted by Bianca who asks where he went. Paul simply replies "he's just out" before coming in. Bianca considers Paul Gekko mysterious. As the Eggman's Special forces enter the Gekko Mansion, General Kyoji Gekko orders full power to the energy shield that is protecting the mansion from bombardment. As Eggman previously ordered, the Eggman Robot forces, commanded by Rengoku, land outside the Rebels' shield and march overland to destroy the power generator. Bianca gives the freedom fighters instructions on the evacuation to leave the Gekko Mansion two to three ships at a time past the energy shield to a rendezvous point, which is beyond the city of Minccina and the Little Planet. The Gekko Clan pilots assigned to hold off the Imperial ground assault depart the Hoth base for the oncoming battle against heavily equipped Mahouka Imperial forces, who are armed with agile monstrous Eggman walkers. The Team Okaina snowspeeder group led by Paul Gekko commences the attack. Luke quickly realizes the Egg Walker's armor is far too strong for blasters and decides to use attached harpoons and tow cables to tangle the walker's legs. They manage to topple one of the Eggman Walkers. The main Eggman Walker, commanded by Rengoku, prepares to take their aim at the Gekko base's main power generator. Paul's Speeder manages to topple the second Eggman Walker but Paul's speeder is shot down by the Eggman Robots, and crash-lands in the snow. The Eggman Walker, being driven by Rengoku, gets within firing range of the power generator, then successfully blasts and destroys it. The Gekko Mansion is now under direct attack and Mahouka snowtroopers have entered the base, forcing the Gekko Clan's Team Angel to escape. Bianca gives the evacuation command for the Mansion as they leave. Angel and company, now realizing they are being followed by Rengoku (who has arrived personally on Acropolis), make their way to the Little in time to escape. As the Fleet flies off, Paul reaches R2-D2 and his X-wing-starfighter and finally departs Exodus with his Armada of Battleships to his Little Home Planet. Luke lands on the Little Planet with his Fleet.

Episode 7Edit

After the arrival of the Little Planet, The Egg armada appeared before Paul Gekko, above over the Little Planet. Eggman flies overhead in his Flagship saying that now they had established a Orbital View, it was time to set their sights on the Planet. Shizuo Heiwajima meets with Hotaru. As the two of them stare each other down, they are interrupted by a group of gangsters Izaya had humiliated a few minutes earlier. Shizuo makes short work of them but Izaya get's away in all the chaos. Afterwards, he is seen conversing with Celty, wondering about what Izaya was doing in Ikebukuro in the first place, considering his main office is in Shinjuku. Eggman in his Flagship has finished manufacturing a new line of the robot -like Magicians: the Mahouka Empire's Special Soldiers, A-Series: A-100 Bully, A-101 Gamer, A-102 Ultra and A-103 Zebra. He tests them by ordering them to destroy Sonic dolls Then he says it's time to create chaos, walks over to a Chaos Emerald and launches his Eggman Fleet. Paul Gekko was able get the Huge Emerald from Little Planet's Angel Island unwilling to leave behind when flying although Knuckles the Echidna tried to stop him. Paul Gekko realizes the Dream that a Robot capturing Hotaru and realizes that his dream was that Doctor Eggman giving orders to Bully, Gamer, Ultra and Zebra to find Blondie, blonde wavy hair and has the red Chaos Emerald. Bully, Gamer, Ultra and Zebra are still searching for Blondie the girl and they are near where Paul Gekko and Professor Karima are. Ami lives in the village of Toltus along with her brother, Chester. They live alone together, as their parents were killed while they were little. One day, Chester and his friend, Cress Albane, go hunting in South Forest. Ami gives Cress a stuffed doll version of him as a present, and Chester gives her an apple that the item shop owner gives him. Unfortunately, as Cress and Chester hunt,Zebra mistakenly grabbed Ami for Hotaru. Although Gamer hasn't retrieved a girl yet, he notices Paul and Karima have found Hotaru inside the shed with Naruto and Utakata but Gamer steals Hotaru from Utakata and Naruto Uzumaki afterwards. Paul and Karima followed Gamer on to the Egg Fleet after Fū absorbed Paul's Chakra in Half. The Magicians all displayed their girls including Ami with each claiming that they found the real Blondie until Decoe and Bocoe snaps at them to settle down. When Eggman sees the girls with colored hair he gets enraged at his magicians, but then he sees Hotaru in Gamer's hand and is delighted that Gamer succeeded. He then tells Decoe and Bocoe to eliminate Bully, Ultra and Zebra, much to the Decoe and Bocoe's dismay. Eggman then tells Gamer to get Ami. Cress says that someone is on top of the ship is because of the size of the Giant Bug and the Fū. Fū uses Paul Gekko's Chakra to Transform into the Seven-Tails. Paul and his Friends race outside and find Neo Metal Sonic transforming. He combines their data with the power of Chaos and becomes Metal Madness. Team Angel decides to fight Metal Sonic using the seven Chaos Emeralds. Fur hold Metal Madness until he becomes Metal Overlord. Paul Gekko uses the power of the emeralds to become uper Paul Gekko and defeat Metal Overlord, returning Neo Metal Sonic to plain Metal Sonic. Paul tells Metal Sonic to let him know when he wants a rematch and runs to his Home with his Family and Friends.

Part XIEdit

Shintotropolis ArcEdit

Reign in ShintotropolisEdit

Paul Gekko and Yuki Uzuki, Princess of the Izumogakure Village, are crowned Shinobi King and Queen under the King Rufus' regime and the Government of Izumogakure and the Council of Shinobi and rules with justice, friendship and compassion for all. Furious by Paul's reign in the Capital City of Izumogakure at the apparent time, a distraught Fairy Tail wizards, Three Ships Alliance, Five Great Shinobi Nations with their Raikage, Mizukage, Tsuchikage, Kazekage and Hokage, A, Mei Terumi, Tsunade Ohnoki and Gaara and the ZAFT adds that Peace under which Kingdom is understanding but it's only meaningful if the real world manages to accomplish it. Bianca counters that Shinobi Kings and Queens lived in perfect Harmony with Nature was a direct order from the President of the United States, that all of them, including Athrun, were obligated to obey. The Four Noble Clans, the ZAFT, the Three Ships Alliance and the Wizards of Fairy Tail, and his comrades cheer for the Couple at the Beginning of the Great Banquet. (Space Yamato Theme)

Prince Gekko ArcEdit

Utakata and Bianca are in the roof of a building and she makes fun of him. Utakata quotes that one minute the humans love them because they are unique and the next they want them jailed because they are different. Rouge teased him at this. Utakata was embarrassed and calls her "batty". Later that night Paul asked Shizuo about what happened earlier before heading home. Chris was worried that his fellow humans might take Sonic away. Vector and Espio were inside their office. Vector complained that Charmy was late. Espio seemed to be in a bad mood and tells him that they have more important things to worry about. He wondered where they were while Vector was puzzled as to why half of the moon was missing. Charmy arrives carrying a newspaper, lands on Vector's nose and tries to show him the newspaper. Vector ignores it and tells him to get off his nose. Espio asked Charmy where they were, but Charmy didn't know, shocking his teammate. Vector reads the newspaper seeing Sonic save the day, surprising him. Espio tells them they will be famous. They introduce themselves at the camera except for Charmy. Meanwhile Paul Gekko was running in a field and runs into Eggman, who was on the Eggman Fleet watching the Planet Dens. The next day the Chaotix decides to solve the case after some talking about learning to be a detective which Charmy agrees. They go to the Thorndyke residence hiding behind one of the hedges and find Cream inside talking to her friends. Charmy states that Vector located the manor with a map of stars' homes. The leader of the team laughs of the fact that Sonic hangs around with movie stars. Charmy calls him jealous of Sonic because the hedgehog hangs around with movie women. Vector gives first evidence of the case objective by saying they 'have a damsel in distress to rescue'. Vector know the house is guarded and Espio asked how to get in. Charmy suddenly hands Vector the telescope showing Ella, calling her a 'big, scary' security guard. They hide in the hedge when Ella nearly sees them. Meanwhile Paul Gekko was running in a field and runs into Eggman, who was watching the city. Back at the Thorndyke residence, Espio uses his Camouflage to sneak in unnoticed around and into the house. Hotaru was getting impatient inside and asked where Sonic is. Sonic told her that he would back at noon sharp. Tails tells her that he must have lost track of time. Hotaru swings her Piko Piko Hammer, telling them it's 'the last time he keeps me waiting' and accidentally hits Espio who is beside her, sending him out into the tree and onto the ground. Vector and Charmy was shocked to see this and asked Espio if he is okay. He replied 'I think so' and 'she sure can swing her mean mallet'. Charmy was upset at this and Vector decides to fight them. Paul and Eggman are talking while looking at the city when they are interrupted by someone who unexpectedly arrives, shocking Paul Gekko. Vector and Charmy confront Chris and the others. Maya asked what they want. Chris asked him if he knows Vector and Charmy and he replies that he never seen them before. Vector tells them to quit stalling and hand over Cream and Cheese to him or else and Charmy repeats 'Or else'. Cream asked them where are they taking her and Cheese. Ella tells her 'you don't think they have to take you' and she tells her she's only asking. Vector notices Ella calling her a bodyguard monster and grabs Charmy ready to sting them. Vector and Charmy fight them. Then Paul arrives wondering what's going on. Tails yells at him to help them - they are being attacked. Vector pushes Tails down, notices him and calls Sonic a kidnapper. Sonic shouts to Vector that he's 'no kidnapper' when the stranger steps in. Vector recognized her with awe. It turn out to be the stranger who was with Sonic and Eggman earlier and Vector's client was other than Vanilla - Cream's mother. She thanks and says it was nice to see Vector and Charmy. Sonic calls to Cream. Cream turns around, surprised. Her mother was happy to find her baby all right. Cream tearfully reunites to her mother and the others smile at that. Chris was surprised to see Cream's mother. Vanilla thanks Vector and Sonic for watching Cream. Sonic tells Vector who thinks Sonic is a kidnapper and Vector was surprised at that. Eggman was in his Eggman Flagship watching them impressed, and leaves. While Cream introduces her mother to Chris and the others Espio, who didn't join them in the event, was still in the bushes laying dazed with a lump on his head yelling for help.

Part XIIEdit

Akatsuki no Yona SagaEdit

Meeting Princess YonaEdit

At Shintotropolis, in the Kingdom of Kouka, the Hiryuu Castle was having a ceremony commemorating the 10th death anniversary of King Il's father, former King Junam. King Il was making his speech to his people about their small kingdom being free from any significant wars for the past ten years. Meanwhile Hak , one of the generals asked a servant where Princess Yona (who should be present at the ceremony) is. The servant told him that the princess is still busy preparing herself, to which Hak concluded that the reason for it is because "that person" is coming to the castle. At Princess Yona's room, Min-Soo asked Yona to come out to the courtyard for the ceremony but unable to do so because she is still left undecided on what to wear. Later on, King Il came to see her in her room. Yona asked about the ceremony to which the King replied that it was already over. Yona was apologetic for not attending the ceremony but King Il said it's fine because it wasn't necessary for her to appear before the people. Princess Yona then asked her father if there's something odd about her hair. But her father said there's nothing odd about it and that her hair surpasses any jewel. Yona believed that she was born with a cute face but she still questions why her hair is just so red and unruly. It pisses her off that her hair won't behave at all. King Il asked Hak's opinion on the matter to which the latter stated that if there's something that isn't right, it would be her brain. Yona got angry by Hak's statement and she began fighting him even asking her father to do something about Hak. King Il told Yona that she shouldn't be angry at Hak because he is her childhood friend and aside from that, he's one of the five generals who is protecting the castle. But Yona doesn't care about it because she'd rather want a guard who is lovable than an impertinent cretin like him. Hak reminded Yona that she should be preparing herself to look lovable since Lord Soo-Won has arrived. Upon hearing it, Yona rushed to see Soo-Won. King Il asked if Soo-Won is the reason of her getting conscious of her hair and why should she be this time. Hak answered that it must be that thing called a "maiden heart".Yona went on to see Soo-Won and Paul Gekko only to bump him on her way at the corridor. She blushed upon seeing him and Soo-Won was delighted to see her. Yona asked Soo-Won if he'll be staying for a little longer in the castle which he complied since he wants to attend Yona's 16th birthday which will happen in a week. Soo-Won then left Yona to see Hak and King Il, leaving Yona frustrated because Soo-Woon still treats her like a child despite the preparations she did to herself. Adding to her frustration was when Hak happens to hear her while she's contemplating. Paul Gekko encountered Paul Ichijou along with Dark Paul Gekko, who has a Chaos Emerald in his hand. Dr. Eggman witnessed a view of the Shinobi King meeting the Princess Yona at the Castle of Kouka, the doctor realized that there would be a chance to to create his Eggman Empire on if the Shinobi King knows. As Eggman continues his search, he uncovers, Diary of Dark God that reveals he has finished the final product of his project, Dark Gaia's Descendants. As such, Soo-Won has been recruited to the Eggman Empire. Eggman called the Eggman Fleet into action to conquer the City. King Il heard the talk and told them the marriage (Hak & Yona) may not be a lie after all. However, Paul Gekko asks King Il to be part of the wedding only if there is no threats like Lyon's Ten Tailed Jellyfish. King Il told Paul the Shinobi King that he shouldn't be angry at Hak because he is Yona's childhood friend and aside from that, he's one of the five generals who is protecting the castle. A few days later, the Hiryuu Castle celebrated Yona's 16th birthday. While Yona was busy attending to her guests greetings, King Il was in tears upon seeing that Yona has grown. Yona went to King Il side only to complain about her unruly hair which left the King hopeless upon hearing his daughter's sentiments. Upon seeing the presence of Soo-Won waving to her, Yona immediately ran to his side. King Il tried to call on Yona but Yona didn't listen. Soo-Won brought her to a nearby corridor and gave her a hair ornament as his birthday gift.

Kouka IncidentEdit

A few days later, the Hiryuu Castle celebrated Yona's 16th birthday. While Yona was busy attending to her guests greetings, King Il was in tears upon seeing that Yona has grown. Yona went to King Il side only to complain about her unruly hair which left the King hopeless upon hearing his daughter's sentiments. Upon seeing the presence of Soo-Won waving to her, Yona immediately ran to his side. King Il tried to call on Yona but Yona didn't listen. Soo-Won brought her to a nearby corridor and gave her a hair ornament as his birthday gift. On the horizon, the piscine orange ships of the Eggman Fleet appear to attack the city. Upon arriving at her father's room, Yona realized that the door was opened and that no guards were present around the area. Yona went inside and called on to her father only to find him being stabbed by Soo-Won with his sword. Yona was horrified seeing her father covered in blood. She tried to tell Soo-Won to call the doctor but he told her that King Il won't be awake anymore since he already killed him. Paul Gekko catches sight of the commotion and steps in to help Yona is happy to see Paul Gekko again. Eggman shows up and takes Yona from Paul Gekko so that Minamoto no Raikō can have her on Eggman's Flagship. Meanwhile in the courtyard, Hak was checking the area and noticed its unusual silence. He was disrupted by Min-Soo who brought him something to drink. Min-Soo asked Hak if it's alright that he's not with Yona. Hak told him that he shouldn't be interfering as she is with Soo-Won. Outside the palace, Yona is on the ground being surrounded by a number of guard robots. Yona called unto Soo-Won. Then Eggman takes the necklace that has the Silver Chaos Emerald. Just as the guard was about to feed Yona to Raikō, Hak appeared and stopped the guard from killing Yona. He also killed all the guards surrounding her. Seeing Yona in that situation, Hak questions Soo-won. That friendship has quickly evaporated as soon as Soo-Won killed Yona's father, Emperor Il, whom he shows fierce loyalty to, especially since Yona has seen the death with her own eyes and Dr. Robotnik can take over the City to build an Eggman Empire. As of recently, when Hak saw Soo-Won, he felt the urge to kill him and had to be pulled back by Jae-Ha, however, even Hak punched Jae-Ha just to get to Soo-Won. Both Hak, Paul Gekko and Yona ran away from the castle to save their lives from Dr. Eggman. (City Escape Remix)

Beginning of a new AdventureEdit

Hak, Paul Gekko and Yona wander in the mountains. Yona remembers the good times with Soo-Won, but then remembers that he murdered her father and was going to murder her as well. She breaks out of her reverie just in time to find herself in a snake pit, about to be bitten. Hak and Paul Gekko rushes in and prevents it cost of receiving a snake bite himself and Paul Gekko transforms into a Eight Headed Dragon, thus vaporizing the Snake Pit, then scolds her for wandering out on her own into such a dangerous place. Realizing that she can't let go of the past, or Soo-Won, just yet, Hak also returns the hair pin reluctantly. Soo-won focuses on reforming the country. Kye-Sook walks in and informs Soo-Won on the crimes happening in Kouka Kingdom, whilst he sees the book about the legendary four dragons and King Hiryuu on Soo-Won's desk- noting that it was a 'forbidden book'. As Soo-Won talks about the book, he concludes that fairy tales as such would not reform the country. Later, Yona, Hak and Yoon head towards the location of one of the dragon warriors, who lives in a secret clan atop a mountain. They stay in a nearby village for a short break whilst avoiding Fire Tribe pursuers. But Yona who continues to walk behind Hak's shadow comes to the resolve overnight that she must protect herself and Hak and Paul Gekko. After a narrow escape from some Fire Tribe guards, Yona asks Hak to teach her how to use the sword, however Hak states that he will only teach her bow for now after becoming convinced. Then the Hakuryuu detects that there is something stirring the usual tranquillity of the village. He questions his grandmother, to which his grandmother replies that there are unusual visitors inside the village. The Hakuryuu does not like this, as he thinks visitors could easily be secret assassins: no matter who the visitors are, they are to be removed from the village. He dresses quickly in the normal Hakuryuu village attire, and heads out to hunt this group down. The Hakuryuu declares how that he must protect others and use his power to stop anyone who comes to disrupt the village’s peace. Paul Gekko whilst declaring that if the Hakuryuu is not willing to offer his power to Yona, Hak must train her even more. The Hakuryuu then sees his targeted group of visitors in sight ahead of him and gets his dragon claw ready for battle. But as the Hakuryuu walks closer, towards Yona, Hak, Paul Gekko and Yoon, Yona’s hood is blown off and the Hakuryuu is greeted by Yona’s red hair - much to his shock. Suddenly, he feels a piercing, sharp pain in his dragon arm - almost as though the blood in his arm is flowing backwards. As the Hakuryuu struggles to cope with the pain, he hears the voice of the dragon god who tells him of his duty. Just like the past, the same words that the first Hakuryuu had once heard and been entrusted with have risen to the surface. The Hakuryuu then realises that this woman before him is the ‘master’ he has been looking for. He collapses, leaving nearby villager’s to call out to him in alarm.

Entering a New EraEdit

The Hakuryuu visions his father, and an old memory of his is remembered. His father calls him ‘Kija’ and tells him of the Hakuryuu’s duty and how the ‘king’ or his master from the past will appear once again and require his strength. He must wait until that time, and that time will come when he sees a bright, dazzling light before him. As the vision fades, Kija wakes up. Kija’s arm is burning from the impact beforehand, and he wakes up seeing Yona’s face. He thanks the generations of Hakuryuu’s before him for giving him this chance to meet his master, bows before Yona and calls her his ‘master’. The nearby villagers follow the Kija’s lead and bows before Yona too. After asking Yona for her name Kija smiles at her; as he stares straight at Yona, Yona is surprised and complements Kija for his appearance, noting him as someone ‘beautiful’ for having silver hair, pale transparent-like skin and how he doesn't seem real because of it. Kija blushes and reflects the complement back to Yona, saying that she was more divine compared to him. But afterwards, Yona begins calling herself a scoundrel, and how she only came to fulfil her selfish goals. As Yoon hurriedly tells Yona she should not speak so loud of these facts, Yona carries on, saying how she is also finding the other three dragons and wondering if the Hakuryuu accept her after hearing of her plans. Kija smiles and accepts Yona immediately. He could care less what she wants; all he is concerned about is helping his master achieve her ambitions - no matter what they are. Kija’s grandmother interrupts and announces a feast should be held for King Hiryuu’s revival and Hakuryuu’s achievement. Whilst the feast is being held, Yoon expresses his surprise on how Ik-soo’s prediction was correct and how easily the Hakuryuu joined them even after hearing what Yona said. Meanwhile, in his room, Kija struggles to deal with the pain in his dragon arm; Hak arrives at the door of his room and begins to look around the room in pots. As the white dragon declares Hak as insolent for entering a sacred dragon’s room without permission, Hak apologises without meaning. Kija asks why Hak is there, to which Hak replies that he is looking for goods for the journey. Kija, still angry, offers Hak a bag of coins and Hak thanks Kija for his generosity. But in reality, Kija just wanted Hak to take the bag of coins and leave. He believes that Hak has done enough protecting Yona to this point, and he tells Hak that he will protect Yona from here on out; this angers Hak immensely. Yoon begins to sense something ominous between the two as they head towards Yona. Hak and Kija both try to convince Yona that there is only need of one of them, and that one should leave. Kija states that it is wrong if he leaves because, from legend, it was always the dragon’s duty to protect their master; as Hak is not a dragon, he must leave. Despite this though, Yona steps out and says that Hak has been her friend for a long time and supported her, and, thus, he cannot leave her now, as she wants him. As Hak laughs almost evilly at Yona's words, Kija accepts his master’s wish, but Yona tries to make him feel that he is needed too, by stating that she needs him to protect both her and Hak, as she cannot. Kija takes this in a different direction and then thinks Hak of a weak man, as he needs his protection. This angers Hak and the pair faces each other head to head, with Hak calling Kija a ‘white snake’. A dark aura surrounds the pair and a rivalry begins to spark from the core. After the feast, the group set out to leave. As Kija prepares to depart, he says that it wasn't necessary for the villagers to see him off. The previous generations of dragons have waited for this point and now it’s his time to leave with his master. He also reminds them that even if he dies a new dragon warrior will be born as long as the village is safe. Therefore, the villagers must keep the village together even whilst he is out on his journey, which causes some villagers to cry. Kija’s grandmother then arrives, throwing Kija the following: a bag of rice balls, multiple amounts of coats, ten years' worth of medicine, serum to preserve his looks, and, finally, a beauty; Kija shouts back that he cannot carry all these items for his journey. After a short talk, his grandmother expresses how she will miss Kija and how she will feel strange as she cannot wake up the Hakuryuu every day like she usually does. As tears begin to fall, she promises that she will greet him first after Kija returns, and that even if she becomes blind she will still see his radiance, regardless. As his grandmother cries, Kija runs to hugs her, saying goodbye for possibly the final time before he departs.

Meeting the JinchūrikiEdit

Outside the village, Yona asks Yoon if Ik-Soo gave any more guidelines for the wherabouts of the other dragons. As Yoon tries to wipe the tears he had been shedding due to the emotional departing, he states he has no more leads from this point onwards. Kija begins to speak and states that he has the ability to sense the presence of the other dragons, as they are connected to each other, almost like siblings themselves - even though he has never met them. As Hak and Yoon begin to lead and walk off, Yona asks the Hakuryuu a question once more: what is his name? This leads to Kija becoming touched by his master’s words, as he is astonished that one would even want to call him by his real name - the name his father and mother bestowed upon him at birth. He smiles and states it. His name is Kija, he says. In a peaceful forest by a riverside, Kija walks towards the stream stating how pleasant the atmosphere was. Looking into the river channel, Kija sees the reflection of him and reminds himself on how the king he has waiting for has finally appeared. His clan’s greatest wish that has been passed down from the age of myth has now turned into reality for him; to the people he has left behind and the generations of Hakuryuu’s that didn’t get this chance, he vows how he will protect the king in place of them. He glances happily at Yona, only to be interrupted by someone calling him a ‘White Snake’. As Kija looks up, Hak approaches him teasing him on how the Hakuryuu must be exhausted from his short journey. Annoyed, Kija warns Hak on how the next time he calls him a ‘White Snake’ he will tear out his throat. Kija also informs Hak on how he is hardly worn out at all. Paul Gekko is known to see Fuu again. Gaara asks Shukaku for its aid in using a collossal version of Desert Layered Imperial Funeral to capture Paul Gekko. After Kija manages to make his way out of the hole, he spins around and pats his clothes with hope, to remove any more insects that are still clinging onto him. Even though it’s likely there isn’t any on his body, Kija’s fear makes him believe that they are still crawling all over him. Hak teases Kija saying how he is surprised to see that a dragon is actually weaker than an insect. Kija reacts quickly, trying to mend this mess up of his, saying how that is not true; he just simply detests ‘creepy, crawly creatures’. As a human who has been granted the legendary power of the Hakuryuu, such a trivial thing cannot stop him. Hak continues to tease him saying how there are more bugs on him as he talks, and how he is not expecting anything extraordinary from his dusty olden-age power. But before Hak and Kija could continue further, they both hear someone or something heading towards the group. Hak tells Yona to hide immediately and Yoon becomes alarmed saying how they are near the Fire Tribe’s land, which is why they know that there is a group in the forest. If they catch them here then this journey would all be for nought. Kija asks if the Fire Tribe is their enemy and Hak tells him that it’s pretty much the case. Yona asks Hak if she can use her bow but Hak doesn’t allow her to. Once again, he tells Yona to hide- which leaves Yona, Paul Gekko and disappointed. Shukaku agrees to help the Kazekage. Son Gokū and the other 3 tailed beasts also join Gaara and Shukaku in aiding Naruto on catching Paul Gekko.

Stampeding CanyonEdit

Yona, Paul Gekko and , Hak and Kija walked towards the stream stating how pleasant the atmosphere was. Looking into the river channel, Kija sees the reflection of him and reminds himself on how the king he has waiting for has finally appeared. His clan’s greatest wish that has been passed down from the age of myth has now turned into reality for him; to the people he has left behind and the generations of Hakuryuu’s that didn’t get this chance, he vows how he will protect the king in place of them. He glances happily at Yona, only to be interrupted by someone calling him a ‘White Snake’. As Kija looks up, Hak approaches him teasing him on how the Hakuryuu must be exhausted from his short journey. Annoyed, Kija warns Hak on how the next time he calls him a ‘White Snake’ he will tear out his throat. Kija also informs Hak on how he is hardly worn out at all. Such a short journey could not cause the proud Hakuryuu to lose the battle against tire. Despite hearing this, Hak continues to irritate Kija saying how he must be missing his village by now. But Kija dismisses this, saying how if his master Yona asked him to protect Hak if it becomes necessary then he must fulfil this- he has no place inside him to form any misses for his village. A short conflict between the two begins to form and Hak provokes Kija’s anger by questioning if a sheltered boy like Kija would really know how to fight, let alone protect anyone. A moment later, Yona shows up between the pair and hits the two of them on the chin to prevent further strife. Enough is enough. Yona refreshes Hak and Kija’s memories, voicing how if they are going to travel, they mustn’t fight. Since this is Kija’s first time leaving the village, it is obvious he must be anxious, so Hak should keep the teasing to a minimum even though it’s Hak’s basic hobby. Yona then tells Kija how Hak’s teasing shouldn’t be taken to heart, with Yoon encouraging the group to get going. As Yona walks freely with Yoon’s lead, Hak and Kija turns to look at each other once again, holding their actions and feelings within as Yona said. Kija watches closely, amazed by Hak’s strength even though he assumed he was nothing more than a helpless human. Even though Kija does not want to admit it, its possible Hak’s strength is on par with the Hakuryuu’s Claw. Yoon and Yona examine the battle, with Yoon commenting on how Kija isn’t something of this world and how Hak’s speed isn’t normal either. Yoon then turns to Yona and asks her if she will use her bow, but Yona tells him she will not. Yoon then convinces her saying how she has practiced for times like these and if she wants to test her ability, now is the time to do so. With Yoon calculating the distance from Yona’s decided target, Yoon manages to successfully teach Yona into shooting her target’s hand. Yona complements Yoon saying how he is a better teacher than Hak, with Yoon ending it, stating it’s easy for him to help others but hard for him to hit anything himself. As the tailed beasts go into catching Paul Gekko, group of bandits circle around Hak and Kija. As one of the bandits mention how they are impressed how they have found some prey in such a place, one other bandit says how Hak and Kija appear as though they have little on them. But the bandit from before corrects him saying how this is not true at all, as they have two women hiding in the bushes. Plus, they also have Kija, whom is wearing nice clothes. With his eyes and gaze upon Kija, the bandit places a knife towards his face saying how the bandit group could even sell him. Unimpressed, Kija then asks Hak if it’s alright for him to tear the bandits apart. Hak tells Kija that he could either do that or even hide. Kija smiles slyly, questioning Hak on whom exactly is going to hide? The bandit who is holding a dagger next to Kija’s face was unable to grasp the situation and conversation between the two and touches Kija’s arm. The bandit’s hand immediately burns, forcing him to move back towards his group. The bandit is confused on why his hand flared and even more confused on why his prey’s arm was flaming hot. In fact, Kija’s arm was preparing for battle all this time. As Kija declares that his hand should not be touched, he enlarges his arm saying how it was a power even he cannot control properly. Struck with fear, the bandits are in a position of being unable to move, as they do not know what is exactly happening before them. Kija then apologises to the arm of the Hakuryuu for staying shut down for ages until this time before charging at the bandits. A second later, Yona is dragged by a bandit from behind, who declares he will take her hostage. Hak and Kija arrive in time to save Yona, after they have finished off with their opponents. Kija asks Hak how many people he managed to strike down, to which Hak replies he doesn’t know. Kija proudly says how he got 28, with Hak saying he must have got 40 then. Provoked, Kija then calls Hak a liar and says how there wasn’t that many people in the first place. Suddenly, a sharp draining pain looms through Kija, leaving him on his feet. He was supposed to fight more elegantly than he should have he says. But Hak says that this should not be the case and he should care less about it, as he personally likes the Hakuryuu’s bloodthirsty style of fighting. During the period when Hak was in the castle, nobody had ever come up to him in a similar way. Later, Hak collapses from his previous injury. After Kija works out that Hak is almost like a monster, seeing as though he has the ability to move so swiftly after sustaining such injuries- he carries him with his dragon arm, since Yona is unable to do so. Kija then states how his arm has ten times the normal strength of a human arm, which leaves Yona placing her bow and arrows in Kija’s other arm. Then, Kija adds further information, saying how that it is in fact only his right arm, not both. In seconds, he slashes and clears five bandits; with the remaining bandits labelling Kija a ‘monster’. Kija continues to smile slyly as he slashes his sixth target due to the time has come to protect his master. This is the time he has been waiting for. Yona and Yoon are left to watch in surprise and Hak left to observe with excitement. This power Hak has been teasing all this time has finally come to the surface, shining and impressing him. As Hak mentions how Kija is actually more heartless than he looks, Kija then says how six is not enough to satisfy him. He then asks Hak if he needs him to protect him as Yona had told him to. Hak then prepares his spear, declaring how he doesn’t need any protection. With bandits charging at Hak, Hak runs towards them to battle them. Hak’s incredible speed slices through them easily, leaving the remaining little amount of bandits to shout that Kija and Hak aren’t normal. Hak then tells them how it was rude to call him abnormal, since the only one who isn’t normal is actually Kija, the ‘White Snake’. Moments later, an extended white arm passes towards Hak, almost hitting him. Hak manages to dodge it, leaving him to question Kija on what he was doing. Kija reminds Hak that earlier he did say he would tear out his throat wouldn’t he? As Hak tells Kija that his teasing really is just a hobby, Kija is reminded that he shouldn’t take what he says seriously. Hak notices how Kija is getting thrilled with his power and tells him that he may be attracting too much attention because of it. Kija then runs towards Hak saying that nothing would delight him more than protecting the princess. The only person in his way of protecting the princess is Hak. He runs towards Hak and as Hak’s spear and Kija’s claw clashes, they take a back-to-back stance. Kija asks Hak why he protects the princess, to which Hak pulls his tongue answering that he won’t tell an idiot he just met. Kija is left in surprise whilst Hak charges at his next group of targets.


Kija wakes up to realisation that he actually fell asleep for the first time outside of his village. He hears a piercing sound nearby and stands up to find the source of the noise. But after following the sound, he only finds Yona practising with her bow, shooting arrows ever so occasionally onto the tree-trunk at night. Kija is surprised, and calls out to her, only to be stopped by Hak. Hak tells Kija that Yona shoots 200 arrows every night, ever since she had started. Kija then asks Hak why she would continue to practice an art in archery when she has him by her side. Hak corrects Kija saying how she does indeed have him by her side, but nevertheless, Yona will not stop herself from practicing archery. Hak notices how Yona dislikes being powerless and ever since her father died and she exiled from the castle, it would be a shame for her to do nothing. She must find what she cannot do by herself and struggle to find what she must do as a result. Yona has had the option to do nothing, but to her, it’s simply wrong. Kija then quietly questions Hak if he would simply not stop her from using weapons. Hak expresses his conflicted feelings stating how he does indeed dislike her engaging in such arts, but at the same time he is happy to see her struggle like a normal human being would. This leaves Kija full of knowledge on the pain and struggle Yona has been fighting all this time just to become independent and strong. He slumps towards a tree and holds his suffering within. Yona’s pain is his pain. He really wants to be of use to her. Kija then works out that Yona is very similar to him. They both want to protect something and be of some use to protect the ones they care for. Paul Gekko leads the group away from his Eggman Walkers to Shintotropolis City to be welcomed by the Four Noble Clans. Paul Gekko and Kija helps out the preparing the Festival of Shinobi King and Hak and Yona helps on preparing the Tables. After the Decoration of the Ballroom is finished, All of the Citizens of Shintotropolis came and were having a ceremony commemorating the Birth of the Shinobi King and the heroic deeds. Paul Gekko was making his speech to his people about their small kingdom being free from any significant wars for the past ten years and thus begins the Festival of the Shinobi King. The festivities then take off: Kyoji Gekko grabs a microphone and tells the performing band to play "I am All of Me". Paul Gekko and Mikazuchi no Mikoto once again begin a Pizza Eating Contest and a Root Beer Drinking Contest. After the Festival, Gaara, Naruto and the other tailed beasts follow suit with fierce techniques. Using its body as a medium, Shukaku captures Paul Gekko, but before it could finish, Hak appeared and stopped the Seal thus freeing Paul Gekko. Paul Gekko thanks Hak for the rescue before being intercepted by Naruto and jointly tail-whipped by the tailed beasts but was intercepted by Kija's Talon Bullets that repels the tailed beasts all at once. Paul Gekko and the Yona's group suddenly notices there is an earthquake occurring and rushes out of his room in order to find Yona. However, the impact of the earthquake stops him from entering the path Yona was located in; plus within seconds, a blockage has formed, cutting Hak off from the others. As Hak observes in horror, he begins to lose control of his feelings. He begins to throw stones out behind him, bloodying his hands, dying them red. As he notices how worthless his efforts are, he calls out to King Il, hoping that he will not take Yona from him, just yet.

Meeting SeiryuuEdit

Yona has collapsed from the impact. Within her mind, Yona starts to admit her true feelings, stating she is very scared without Hak. Even though she sounded brave, all she really wanted was to do her best without him, yet she fails to. In the end, she still looks out to him in fear. A little later, Yona hears a voice, one that is calling her name. Yona then wakes up seeing Kija, and noticing how the earthquake has formed an obstruction blocking their exit. Some of the masked villagers that attempted to attack the group have become trapped also. Yoon then starts to panic, noting how that in their situation they may die due to lack of oxygen. With these walls blocked, a cramped room; they will not be able to breathe in this small space for long. They will die eventually. Yona is scared, but suddenly Kija speaks out loud, saying how he remembered Hak entrusted him to protect Yona. Yona feels a little better seeing that Kija is okay and still energetic, and does her best to make Yoon feel more secure. Outside, Hak is still trying to dig through the rubble, even though he is struggling to do so. Kija suddenly decides to unbandage his dragon arm, and announces that he will dig with his dragon claw. The villagers then realises that there is another ‘monster’ with them, whilst [Kija says he finds the villagers of the Seiryuu village pathetic. He has already told them that he was the Hakuryuu. Instantly, the masked villagers start to panic, unable to comprehend that there really are more dragons that possess ‘cursed powers’. But one of the trapped villagers has had enough. He begins to blame the Seiryuu saying how if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be living in this hole like they were now. Yona uses this chance to ask them about the curse, with another villager calling the Seiryuu evil. Outsiders would not be able to understand them, as for generations the Seiryuu has always been born in their village and they continue to fear its power. Even if the Seiryuu dies, someone else’s child will become the Seiryuu. They live in fear of thinking that their next child could be the next Seiryuu because of it. The villager begins to tell Yona of the time when the villagers witnessed the current Seiryuu; killing many soldiers with its eye abilities, just when he was a child. Because of the Seiryuu, they were forced to move away, as the deaths of the soldiers would bring many attackers. Those who become the Seiryuu are not allowed to leave the village in case they are hunted for its power or if their location is leaked to the outside. These are the set rules. Just how could this not be a curse? Paul Gekko then turns around, looking at the door leading to the room of the Seiryuu. Kija then says, "He's here." In the darkness, the group can hear a ring of bells. As a shadowy figure begins to walks out of the door, a man is revealed to be the one approaching the group and the villagers. It seems that the Seiryuu has come. The Seiryuu appears to be towering over the villager that dared to call him cursed. The villager is terrified and begins to walk backwards, hoping that the Seiryuu will not hurt him. However, the Seiryuu continues to walk towards him, almost as though he is angry at him; though he does not show it physically. Afraid, the villager knocks of the Seiryuu’s mask, and his face is revealed. The Seiryuu, a man with short blue hair and a face with breathtakingly beautiful eyes is uncovered.

Egg Fleet over Egg Uru

Egg Shelcoof being Deployed

The villagers begin to panic as the Seiryuu’s mask has been knocked off. One villager begins to hold his head, looking down in fear as he realises what he has done. The Seiryuu’s eyes are clearly visible, and the villagers begin to say how these cursed eyes have the ability to turn you into stone. The Seiryuu may have come to kill them. Yona dismisses this stating how she was saved by the Seiryuu, so it’s impossible he will lash out on them and kill them without any proper reason. With the villagers in a panic, the Seiryuu closes his eyes in consideration, to pick his mask up from the ground- almost as though he is telling the villagers that he doesn’t intend to harm them. Kija questions the Seiryuu asking why he has come even though he does not want to join them. The Seiryuu remains silent, only to pick up an axe off the ground that the villagers were using earlier in desperation to survive. He suddenly walks towards Kija with the axe in hand, and appears to be about to strike Kija though he aims for the wall instead. Kija is angry, stating how he was in despair that he may have had to fight with another dragon warrior. Kija then asks the Seiryuu why he was digging in such a spot seeing as though the exit was by the villagers and not by him. The quiet Seiryuu finally speaks, answering Kija, and tells him that it is quicker to break through here as it leads to the outside, rather than digging where the villagers are standing. Kija tells Yona he will begin to dig to the outside, though Yona offers to too. Kija is not happy about this as he believes it’s the dragon warrior’s duty to protect Yona, but Yona manages to convince him in the end. He suddenly walks towards Kija with the axe in hand, and appears to be about to strike Kija though he aims for the wall instead. Kija is angry, stating how he was in despair that he may have had to fight with another dragon warrior. Kija then asks the Seiryuu why he was digging in such a spot seeing as though the exit was by the villagers and not by him. The quiet Seiryuu finally speaks, answering Kija, and tells him that it is quicker to break through here as it leads to the outside, rather than digging where the villagers are standing. Kija tells Yona he will begin to dig to the outside, though Yona offers to too. Kija is not happy about this as he believes it’s the dragon warrior’s duty to protect Yona, but Yona and Paul Gekko manages to convince him in the end. Before leaving the room however, Yona tells the Seiryuu how she used to live her life unaware of how cruel the outside world can be, living in a world of her own for 15 years that was close to perfect. Yona tells him how her life was free from concerns and how she protected her own little happiness for all those years. But once her happiness was shattered and taken from her she learnt what it felt like to be hungry, how it feels to have a broken heart and how you must learn to breathe despite having this knowledge. This all comes down to the desire to live. She is alive and so is the Seiryuu. Nobody can tell him different. She tells him that she will tear down this dark world for the Seiryuu and take him to a ‘place’ where he will be able to stretch his legs and be himself. But the Seiryuu is unsure if a world like this exists. The Seiryuu has lived a life bathed in darkness for years, believing he was a cursed being from beginning to end. But even if he is uncertain, he feels as though he may know where this ‘place’ is. Paul Gekko, Shin-Ah the Seiryuu and Kija starts searching in Windy Valley for the Chaos Emeralds. Meanwhile, back at Casinopolis, Hak and Yona sees that police are investigating the crime that happened because of the hole in the building. Knuckles asks what the crime was, and a policeman says that a glowing object fell from the sky. Yona and the police go inside to look. When they find a Chaos Emerald, picks it up, but is transported to a version of Shintotropolis 4000 years ago. They walked around and finds an Uchiha named Obito and Hatake Kakashi, empowered by a shared memory of their past friendship, place themselves in front of Naruto and Sasuke as shields. Because his odyssey began by saving Kakashi from death by a boulder, Obito decides he must now end things by saving Kakashi's life again: he uses his right eye to teleport the attack aimed at Kakashi away, allowing the attack directed at him to connect. As Obito's body begins to crumble and there is nothing anyone can do to save him, Yona and Hak is transported back to Casinopolis of the present. The police decides to let Knuckles keep the Chaos Emerald and Knuckles continues his search. Back in Windy Valley, Paul Gekko,Shin-Ah the Seiryuu and Kija found Chaos Emerald is buried underground, and successfully finds the Cyan Chaos Emerald. Eggman arrives and charges at Kija, Paul and Shin-Ah and he misses. Kija drops the Emeralds, and Eggman steals them. As Eggman flies away, Paul Gekko jumps on-board his Egg Hornet, but Eggman activates his Egg Hornet Drills and knocks Paul Gekko off. Just as Eggman is about to drill a hole in Paul Gekko's body, Kija throws a Power Ring in Paul Gekko's hand and spins against a drill. Sonic destroys it and the Egg Hornet. Eggman tries to escape, but the Emeralds he stole fall into a lake. This is part of his plan, because Obito is in that lake. Using the Seven Chaos Emeralds, Obito transforms into Guardian Obito, a Gargantua Monster, that begins attacking the City of Shintotropolis, using his new abilities to overpower them and all others with ease. Attacks do not affect him and his Truth-Seeking Balls overcome every defense that is placed against him. Eggman go inside the Shelcoof, the Flagship of the Egg Fleet with Soo-Won onboard.

Battle of ShelcoofEdit
Super Paul Gekko vs Guardian Obito

Battle of the Shelcoof

As the Shelcoof floats above Shintotropolis, Kija and Shin-Ah hops on Paul Gekko and flies towards the Shelcoof, and the chase is on. Paul Gekko must defeat Soo-Won in order to free the Hiryuu Castle. Eggman fires a Cannon at Paul Gekko but dodges every attack and any missiles being fired and close enough to land. Yona and Hak reunited with the group and Kija senses Green dragon warrior named Jae-Ha. Jae-Ha joins the group to stop Soo-Won and Eggman from ruling Shintotropolis. Doctor Eggman starts launching missiles at Paul Gekko, but he easily dodges them. Just as Paul Gekko reach the Command Bridge to defeat Soo-Won, Paul Gekko meets Guardian Obito again only for Minato Namikaze, who is able to teleport to Obito's location using the same Flying Thunder God seal he branded Obito with years earlier. Minato and Obito only recognise each other after Obito has been pinned down. Paul Gekko and Jae-Ha were able to capture and arrested Soo-Won for it's Major crimes. Kija says that the ship is losing altitude. Despite being unable to float as much, Eggman was not finished yet; the ship’s riderless grey Guardian Obito merged with the bottom of the ship in an attempt to upgrade itself. Hak, Kija, Yona, Jae-Ha and Shin-Ah hops on Paul Gekko's Tailed Beast Mode and then leaves the Egg Shelcoof, thus Obito emerged from the giant cocoon, peeling away layers of a thick outer shell in a much larger form reinforced with grey-blue metal armour-plating. After the Group watched Egg Shelcoof stay afloat into the sea of clouds, Obito offers the group to join the Eggman Empire and Naruto is nearly shattered to stop chasing Paul Gekko, but is galvanized by Sasuke Uchiha's refusal to surrender and he rallies the Four Noble Clans. Suddenly a bright light blinds Obito and Paul Gekko's Group as the Paul Gekko lands. The light reveals itself as Rin Nohara who has arrived in the past who also wishes to stop save the Flying monstrosity. Hak suspects that Eggman initially somehow figured a way to revive Obito so he can use by Eggman to take over the world. Naruto believes Obito still has bonds with his friends, proven when he remembered his old team-mates to maintain control of his consciousness after the Ten-Tails took control of his body. Naruto remains determined to convince Obito to see the error of his ways. The Uchiha begins to reminisce more of his past with Team Minato, and how Rin always looked after and truly cared for him. Even though the Guardian Obito’s sheer size made Paul Gekko states that He and the group must seal Obito's evil Spirit away to prevent Eggman from using him to take over the world. Naruto states to Paul Gekko that it will not work and if they do that, the same thing will only happen again and they have to solve this problem once and for all. Kija, Hak, Yona, Jae-Ha, Shin-Ah and Sasuke Uchiha find the seven Chaos Emeralds inside Obito's Mouth and meet up with Paul Gekko. The crowed cheers the the Jinchuriki on; suddenly, the Chaos Emeralds started to glow and rise up. Their powers transform Paul Gekko into Super Paul Gekko, much to the surprise of Tikal and Rin Nohara who thought that the Emeralds could only be a Kinjutsu by hate and anger. Hak and Paul Renato states in response that there are other more powerful feelings such as caring and friendship. With his new powers, Super Paul Gekko proceeds to fight with Guardian Obito. Despite of Guardian Obito' attacks, they proved ineffective against the super-powered Jinchūriki though at one point it fires a laser at Paul Gekko's friends and Family but Super Paul Gekko arrives to the scene and stops the laser. With one final punch stopping the laser and charging into Guardian Obito and defeats the flying monstrosity for good but though Obito seemingly reaches his hand out, he shakes Paul Gekko's Hand because he remembers about the times when Paul Gekko and Obito. As Naruto forcibly pulls Obito's hand to his side, the Uchiha is deprived of his powers after the Allied Shinobi Forces succeed in freeing the seven Chaos Emeralds and Obito falls to the ground, his power and transformation gone and his battle lost; he is not defeated entirely yet and is still alive. As Obito lies helpless, Kakashi finally returns from Kamui's dimension with the resolve to kill him. Minato stops him and explains it's no longer necessary, as Obito's defeat by Naruto has finally shown him that he was wrong all this time and that deep down, he was living a lie fighting for the Eggman Empire. Obito, Paul Gekko and Kakashi, empowered by a shared memory of their past friendship. Now that Obito see Paul Gekko attending to turn the Egg Shelcoof into a Peaceful Flying Fortress, Obito opts instead of lying down helplessly, embracing his identity as Obito Uchiha for the first time in years. Paul Gekko and Obito teamed up together and soared off into the Shelcoof. Obito could do was witness the Ancient skyship responsible for destroying the Hidden Leaf Village,w ith blinding rays of white light overhead. The Egg Shelcoof starts to attack Paul Gekko with Missiles, But Obito bid farewell to his friend thus place himself in front of Paul Gekko .Because his odyssey began by saving Kakashi from death by a boulder, Obito decides he must now end things by saving Paul Gekko's life again: he uses his right eye to teleport the missile behind Paul Gekko away, allowing the attack directed at him to connect and to atone for his sins. With all scores settled, Obito apologizes to Paul Gekko for not saving Rin Nohara in the Past one final time for everything and the two part fully reconciled with Obito and Simon now free to join Rin in the afterlife by sacrificing themselves to put the Shelcoof to slumber and sent Paul Gekko away in a bubble. After putting the Giant Ship to slumber, Obito and Simon falls to the ground again to have a last breath to Paul Gekko again. Erza in a rage, successfully captured Paul Gekko only to find Simon lying down dying. Erza tries to keep his eyes open, Simon proclaims his love for her and dies, remembering Erza when she was young and leaving the world with a smile. Obito dies leaving Paul Gekko and Erza sad and cries out in anguish. Shinn the Asuka and Asuka Gekko lay Obito and Simon's corpse to rest in a lake. Shinn admits to Paul that paing a tribute to his deceased friends at the memorial would comfort Paul Gekko. (Panzer Dargoon Chase)

Part XIIIEdit

Birth of Obito JuniorEdit

After the attack of Obito Uchiha, Paul Gekko Yona, Hak, Jae-Ha, Shin-Ah and Kija visited Eggmanland. There, Yami no Mikoto welcome the group over the speakers while Paul Gekko took some pictures. As Yona sensed that Eggmanland is Castle Hiryuu, Yona and the Four Dragon Warriors bid Paul Gekko a Farewell Present, a Necklace with the Chaos Emerald. At some Point, Paul Gekko's Wife gave birth to Utakata Junior and Obito Junior. Paul Gekko with the Eight Headed Snake's Powers have built the Fortress for Utakata Junior as Birthday Present.

Birth of Toshiya GekkoEdit

Years Later, Paul Gekko was known to chose Unammed woman, who was Paul Gekko's Descendant as his successor to carry out his dreams and wishes. Paul Gekko is happy with his entire Clan.

Entering Galactic Interstellar Amusement ParkEdit
First DayEdit

In the Opening Day, Toshiya, Junya Gekko and their Family and Friends head for the park to see a full view of the Space Armada full of Soul Reapers and to see if Eggman is working on another plot at Sweet Mountain. At the Beginning of the Tour, they encountered Ichigo Kurosaki and became friends with his sisters. Prior to entering the Gunpla Academy, Toshiya was the first Gunpla Builder born to live in a Space Amusement Park.

Second DayEdit

After the Tour, Toshiya and Junya visits multiple planets. They went to the Colossal Space Armada to see the Plavsky Particle Parade. In their view of Sugar Mountain, They went to the Sugar Cruiser only to find piscine orange ships of the Eggman Fleet preparing the invasion Planet Bleach. Junya and Toshiya calls Paul Gekko into action to stop Eggman from invading other Planets. As the Sugar Cruiser is making the exchange fire with Eggman's armada, Paul Gekko simply makes directly for Eggman's flagship to confront Satan and Dr. Eggman. Just as Paul Gekko is about to confront Satan on Eggman's Flagship, Eggman and Satan retreats with the Eggman Fleet thus hiding from the soul reapers and I Uchiha.

Third DayEdit

When Nobuya and Kazuya enjoys eating Pizza at Sugar Mountain, Toshiya, Junya and Paul Gekko were surprised that I Uchiha came to see the Giant Space Amusement Park. I and Toshiya became good friends.

Okami ArcEdit

Meeting AmaterasuEdit

After having fun at the Space Amuesement Park, Toshiya and co. depart from it and their ship, Aizen accidentally crash landed to the Darkness and debris but were saved because of the protection of Konohana and its resident Wood Sprite, Sakuya. However, the curse slowly spread throughout the village. Toshiya and Paul Gekko asks Sakuya what kind of Planet is in the shadows, Sakuya answered it's the Okami Planet and Sakuya awakened Amaterasu's spirit from her statue at the foot of Konohana, knowing she was the only being who could restore Nippon. Although Amaterasu's resurrection was a success, the sun goddess had lost much of her power and memories during her 100-year slumber. Paul Gekko will help Amaterasu get her memories back. Amaterasu needs to cut down Sakuya's fruit, but it is too high, so she goes through a portal at the base of the tree to find her Celestial Brush Techniques again, accompanied by Issun. Only then did Issun realize Amaterasu's brush skills. Knowing that she could find all the brush techniques, he openly declared he would stick with her until she had learned all the Brush Techniques and he had copied them from her. The two and Paul Gekko and co. then returned to Kamiki and cut down the fruit, restoring the village.

Kamiki SagaEdit
Meeting SusanoEdit

The village had returned to normal, but the sky was still as black as night. Exploring the quiet streets, Amaterasu discovered all the villagers had turned to stone. After hearing another roar, Amaterasu headed to a sacred deck at the top of the village. She then rediscovered her own unique Brush Technique, Sunrise, and lit the skies once more the village was then restored. There she, Paul Gekko and co. Mr. Orange, the town elder. However, the village exit was blocked by a huge boulder. Destroying the boulder would require the assistance of Nagi's descendant, Susano. Susano, however, did not fit with the traditional stereotype of his ancestor and was instead a lazy drunk, but with Paul Gekko's humor of a Jinchūriki. After waking him up, Amaterasu was forced to bring him sake from the village's sake brewer, a beautiful young girl named Kushi, a descendant of Nami. After freeing the curse in the Agata, Toshiya was then greeted handsomely by the mysterious man named, Waka before challenging Amaterasu to a test of strength by fighting her. He notes she is still weak; it seems he has met her before when she was in a stronger form. He challenges Amaterasu and Paul Gekko again in Taka Pass continuing to taunt her and tell her about the Serpent Crystal at the Gale Shrine. After entering the Gale Shrine, Toshiya, Nobuya and Kazuya were attacked and chased by the Crimson Helm but was saved by Susano. However, he is still disturbed and rants at the gods. He goes back to Kamiki and holes himself up in his house on the night of the Kamiki Festival, which just happens to be the one-hundredth anniversary of the slaying and imprisonment of Orochi by Nagi and Shiranui. When Amaterasu comes back to Kamiki, she finds out that Susano has drunk all the 8 Purification Sake. While the villagers try to see what was his reason to do so, he reveals that he was the one to free the Egg Orochi. Toshiya was noted that causes the ship to crash land on the mountain.

Battle of the Moon CaveEdit

After Susano then refuses to come out even after Kushi is chosen as Orochi's sacrifice, Paul Gekko, Amaterasu and co. carried Kushi to the entrance of the Moon Cave, where Waka was waiting. Upon entering the enormous cave, however, they found it mysteriously empty except for a shrine in the center. After closer inspection, however, they found Kushi, right in the middle of the shrine. Suddenly, the ground around them exploded and Orochi emerged. The shrine was actually only an extension of the serpent's body, used to trick trespassers into a false sense of security. Amaterasu and Toshiya shed their disguises and battled Orochi, but the foul serpent's body was covered by a mystical barrier that Nobuya and Kazuya's Mobile Suits could not pierce. Just when all hope seemed lost and Kushi was about to be devoured, Paul Gekko and Susano came. Having realized his birthright and his adventures, Paul Gekko kept the Egg Orochi's promises of power and demonstrated the power of his bloodline. Susano's power awakened Kushi's Thunder Brew, turning it into the 8 Purification Sake. Using the sake's power, Amaterasu weakened and wounded Orochi. However, the evil serpent was not finished. As Susano called upon Nagi's power, Amaterasu used Crescent to form the moon in the sky. The light from above imbued Susano's blade with divine power, turning it to gold. With Amaterasu's help, Paul Gekko uses the Sacred Gates to immobilise the heads of the seven of Egg Orochi's heads. As Orochi is about to prepare the final assault on Toshiya, Susano sliced the last head in two with his Celestial Cleaver. Kushi was saved and she and Susano realized their feelings for each other. The divine sword Tsukuyomi was released from Orochi's remains, reborn as the Divine Instrument Tsumugari, Amaterasu's first Glaive. With their spirits lifted, everyone returned to Kamiki to enjoy the Kamiki Festival. Only one thing darkened these joyous proceedings: four dark essences had been released from Orochi upon his death.

Return of the Nine TailsEdit

Amaterasu knew Toshiya's adventures were not over yet ended, Amaterasu and Toshiya's group decided to travel to the main city in Nippon, called Sei'an City. After Toshiya destroyed Blight the curse that causes the fog, Nobuya discovered the Fox Rods at the edge of the river. Toshiya and co. went to the Temple's Throne Room and found Queen Himiko, dead, and Rao grieving, claiming that a "Dark Lord" (The being behind the Water Dragon's attacks) had killed Himiko. However, Amaterasu was not fooled by Rao's ruse, and swiftly removed the disguise, revealing Rao as the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord revealed that the real Rao had been killed by him before, and that he had simply taken Rao's body as a disguise. After a brief skirmish, the Dark Lord teleported away to Oni Island to summon his troops for an attack on Sei'an City.

Battle of Oni IslandEdit

Toshiya, Amaterasu and Paul Gekko and co. took off for Oni Island, which only appeared at dusk each day. The two, with the help of Otohime, managed to infiltrate the island, and, after a long trek through the fortress on the Gun Truck, found the Dark Lord, hiding in a constellation, on the top of Oni Island. The Dark Lord revealed himself to be Ninetails, leader of the evil forces on Ryoshima Coast. Paul Gekko and Amaterasu did battle with Ninetails, and managed to defeat him by destroying the spirits within his tails one by one. With eight of his nine tails gone, Ninetails was reduced to a simple fox with a sword, which was finished off easily by the sun god. When Ninetails died, and Himiko avenged, a shadow emerged from Ninetails and fled to the north. Amaterasu and Issun returned to Ryoshima, where they met Waka, who sent them towards the northern parts of the land.

Blizzard IslandEdit
Lechku & Nechku's DeathEdit

After meeting with Waka in Ryoshima, Toshiya and co. arrived in Shinshu field and used Catwalk on the cat statue on the wall. Then Amaterasu used the Thunderstorm ability to open the building at the top of the hill and entered through the door. They ended up in the frozen wasteland known as Kamui. Deciding it was much too cold to stay outdoors, the duo decided to find some shelter. They entered a home where they meet a man named Oki. Oki proceeded to fight Amaterasu, though he called it off after he realized that Amaterasu was more than a match for him. He proceeded to explain the plight of the village Wep'keer, and what had happened to cause their troubles: the reawakening of the twin demons Lechku & Nechku. Amaterasu and Issun, after dispelling another cursed zone, journeyed to Wep'keer to see how they could help. Paul Gekko is seeing Lechku & Nechku appear before them. However, the demons then use their trump card: they freeze time, allowing them to attack Paul Gekko easily. However, as the demons prepare to deliver the killing blow, Fortress Gundam exploded into Action and killed the demons, lifting the burden on Kamui. Toshiya traveled through the Spirit Gate and went to Kamiki Village 100 years ago and was found by Nami and saw her chosen as the sacrifice to the True Orochi. Toshiya entered True Orochi's lair a century past, many details of the legend of Orochi unfolded and Toshiya was being chased by eight of True Orochi's Heads which, of course, led to another fight between Paul Gekko and True Orochi. Toshiya was then saved by Nami who is able to lure the seven of True Orochi's Heads away but was save by Nagi who had became the hero, as he, in a fashion similar to Susano, cut off 7 of Orochi's heads and split the last one in half. Nagi began to brag about the incident, but a rock was created out of thin air and dropped on Toshiya's Head. Just as he was about to get squished, Shiranui, Amaterasu's old self from 100 years ago, shoved him out of the way and caught the rock herself, easily dealing with the weight. Nagi and Shiranui returned to the old Kamiki Village, while Amaterasu, Issun, the now rescued Lika and Toshiya, and a very embarrased Oki went back through the Spirit Gate to the present.

Fortress Aizen and the Ark of YamatoEdit
Entering the ShipEdit

At the base of Ezofuji, they happened upon Lika who prayed until the mountains finally relinquished a welcomed burst of flame,warming up the land. But the shadows that were Blight, Ninetails, and the twin demons all flew into the ark. Such was the occurrence that freed the iron vessel from the frigid waters of the lake. The ark, right before everyone's eyes rose into the sky,breaking apart the chilled blocks of ice beneath it. A bridge of rainbow light materialized from the entrance of the dreaded ship, inviting Amaterasu, Toshiya and co. to board. while Fortress Aizen is on Autopilot mode to stay docked with the vessel called Ark of Yamato. Amaterasu did not hesitate, and headed for the ark's dephs. Issun made a note that once Amaterasu and Toshiya gets onto the ark, there would be no turning back. The brazen deity and the young Gunpla Builder and co. continues to head for the ship, but Issun finally leaps form her head and stops her. He summarizes their shared adventures and then says that Amaterasu and Toshiya must go to the heavens alone. Waka agrees that Issun is not allowed to enter the ark. But Issun dismisses his arrival like always and starts to bounce away. Poking fun at the tiny Poncle, Waka exclaims that Issun was scared of the legendary ark. This had angered Issun in the process, but Waka pushed it further by saying Issun never had a ticket to board the boat bound to the celestial domain and says he never will. That comment had caused the tiny artist to spit furious and bitter insults at Waka and angrily attempted to get on the ark, but a barrier blocked the way. Dejected, Issun mutely sat on the rainbow bridge as Waka said not blame himself for the strange power and continues to speak. He said that only those worthy could enter and then asserts that Issun has become a Celestial Enoy. He silences just as the bridge began to diappear, prompting Amaterasu to jump on the ark but Issun was left to fall into the freezing lake below. Amaterasu barks, but Waka leaves a prohecy behind for Issun: 'It takes two to tango. The bond of the brush shall intercede". After shuffling Amaterasu's paws and dancing with her to display his point, he leaves. But the down-hearted god merely surveys the scene with a saddened stare. The hatch began to close, Amaterasu struggling to keep the envoy in her sight for as long as she could before it finally closes up. All Issun could do was watch her go as a goodbye. (Under the Sea Song)

Meeting YamiEdit

Amaterasu and Toshiya and co. ventures into and ark and finds one of the last Celestials. His spirit fleeting but holy; for he had a halo floating above him and a winged skull with white robes draped over him. His name was Marco. Amaterasu chats with him and departs to finish the demons that hide in the iron ark. After dispatching Blight, Ninetails, the Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, and Orochi while meeting 3 other fading Celestials. Doing that had opened a new path: the one that would take her to the final confrontation with the overlord of darkness himself. Just as she leaves, Marco sees her off and passes on the afterlife as the other Celestials had done. Amaterasu and Toshiya then goes to the final battle, where she finds Waka trying to hold his own against a vast shadow looming over them both. It was dark and he was injured, but he was alright enough to inform her that they stood before Yami, the ultimate symbol of darkness. Just then, a shake reverbrated all across the ship, marking the peak of the day of darkness. Outside,the skies blacken as the sun is consumed. But that had an undesired effect on Amaterasu, who was striped of all of her brush powers and redused to a mundane white wolf form. Yami absorbed all of the powers and revealed his true form: some sort of seal-like creature encased in a glass orb (similiar to Nuregami,the god of water). Yami then charges a focused,energized burst of light and heat meant to finsh Amaterasu, but Waka steps in to defend her with his remaining sword (due to the fact he had lost Pillow Talk in a failed attack just earlier). He then confesses to bringing the dreaded ark to the Celestial Plain that was meant to be a sort of rescue boat for the denizens of the plain, but he had been oblivious to the evil that lurked withen. When they had attempted to escape on it,the celestials were all slain; all except for Waka himself.

Yami had finshed the blast and started a new wave, the last blast had unveiled Waka's true heritage as one of the Moon Tribe.His golden hair now able to be seen after he had concealed it under his headgear. Paul Gekko pushes Yami out of the Giant Mobile Armor and Toshiya accidentally meets Yami's Orb thus Yami was trying to escape into it's Mobile Armor, Toshiya accidentally captured Yami thus making the Mobile Armor by grabbing it with it's teeth. Yami was soon inspired by his happiness and thus Yami surrenders to Paul Gekko completely. With a victory howl came Waka, who had praised Amaterasu and Toshiya. After their adventures, Toshiya receives a message from Dr. Eggman telling them of a new ultimate weapon that will be ready within three days to help the doctor in conquering the world and the fleet of Eggman's battleships filled the skies from Oni Island. Toshiya and co. says good bye to Amaterasu and Waka. Waka then says that they must embark on a new quest to restore the Celestial Plain to what it was and puts in coordinates meant to bring the Ark of Yamato to the Plain and Fortress Aizen to foil Dr. Eggman's Plans. The vessel leaves the land of mortals, Issun and Sakuya observing it's ascent with the comment that Amaterasu is going to have more believers than what she knows to do with. Then he says for her to take care of herself. Amaterasu and Waka together head to the Celestial Plain with their home and their own future in sight. When Toshiya's ship arrives on time, Nobuya realized that Eggman has built the Egg Fort III as the Ultimate Weapon and as the Flagship of Eggman's Fleet. After foiling Eggman's Plans, Toshiya and co. throws a party inside Fortress Aizen. Naori Uchiha, who was following Toshiya and went sneaking inside his ship, have discovered that Toshiya and co. were having fun and was then staying in Planet Okami to stop Eggman from ruling the universe. Naori was determined to save Toshiya and Paul Gekko from staying on Planet Okami and so ultimately cast Izanami on him in order to get him to see the error of ways in Planet Dens and come to accept fate. She was successful in this and finally used Chaos Control to transport Eggman and Toshiya's group back to Planet Dens.

Megaman Volnutt SagaEdit

Departure to Planet MegaEdit
Arrival at Kattelox IslandEdit
Egg Fleet meets Flutter

Egg Fleet and the Flutter

After having fun at Toshiya's Mansion, Toshiya and co. depart from it and their ship, Aizen arrived at Planet Mega where they land at Ryship Island. Toshiya and co. arrive in Burger Town to have a picnic at one of the delicious Cheeseburgers. Toshiya Gekko meets Rock Volnutt and became good friends after meeting Roll Caskett. Toshiya and Rock and co. are searching for refractors and the Mother Lode when they, Roll Caskett and Professor Barrell Caskett crash on Kattelox Island. There they battle against a family of air pirates known as the Bonnes and uncover the island's many mysteries. After Toshiya and co. enters the City Hall and the pirates are attacking the City Hall, The Bank, The Police Station and some Residential houses. Depending if Mega Man saves the City Hall and Paul Gekko faces and defeats Bon Bonne. Toshiya and goes to Wily's boat house in Uptown. He meets Wily and asked for a boat to Lake Jyun Sub Gate but he tells him all the boats are stolen except one which is broken. MegaMan talks the workers in the broken boat and the workers tell him only a big Refractor could make it work and He calls Roll. Roll checks the boat and looks inside and begins to fix it with the Yellow Refractor. Wily then arrives and asked what are they doing. Later after fixing it Roll climbs out and surprise to see Wily who was watching and apologizes and she fix the boat for him. Wily tells her you like machines and asked what's in her face. MegaMan tells her your face is covered in grease. Wily then leaves and MegaMan and Roll, Toshiya and co. hops on the boat ready to go to the Sub gate. However as they approach the gate they are attack by the Bonnes again. MegaMan manages to destroy the Such Gerats and Draches .Tron Teisel and Bon emerges from the cave nearby in their robot the Balkon Gerat and attacks them Roll maneuvers the missiles while Mega Man Manages to destroy the robot's arms and turrets then the beam laser. Teisel Tron and Bon escapes from the Robot as it explode and retreats back to the Gesellschaft. Toshiya and co. reaches the Sub Gate and they entered. The found a big Refractor and unlocks the shield. Mega Man slowly picks the Red Refractor and looks around nothing happened. However as he exits the room a big Reaverbot called Garudoriten activates and attacks Toshiya and his brothers. Mega Man destroys it by hitting it in the head and the group returns to Roll. Roll tells Paul Gekko to talk Barrell about the Main Gates. They go to The Clozer Woods Sub Gate where Teisel tries to dig it. MegaMan finds the control room to open the Main Gate but needs some id cards to activate it and the elevators are not working. He fights through the Reaverbots and finds the Generator and turns it on and the elevators are working and finds 2 id cards. He finds the last one after destroying 3 big Reaverbots called Karumuna Bash and returns to the control room and activates the controls and the Main Gate opens and returns to the Flutter. Roll then pilots the Flutter back to the Cardon Forest. While on their way there they are attack by the Bonnes again with their Gesellschaft and they hide in the clouds. Rock Volnutt destroys the remaining Draches and encounters the Egg Fleet. Teisel orders all turrets to destroy them. The Egg Fleet is able to destroy the Gesellschaft's weakness and the Gesellschaft explodes but the Bonnes escape on a robot called the Focke-Wulf and Teisel hurts his arm during the escape from the Gesellschaft. Tron takes over and attacks MegaMan, Roll and the Flutter. MegaMan manages to destroy the robot and the Bonnes sit down accepting their defeat and the Robot divebombs toward the ground to their apparent deaths, MegaMan and Roll watches them from the Flutter as the Focke-Wulf disappear behind the clouds. Mega man gets saddened and looks down in remorse thinking they are not gonna make it from the crash and wishing he had taken it easier on them. Toshiya and co. finds the Sub Citys in the city and destroys the Reaverbots and finds 3 special Keys. The Gekko Triplets and co. reenters the Main Gate and unlocks the three doors with the special keys and finds a chamber inside empty, Eggman Appears and Juno tells him about his past and traps him and leaves to plan to help Eggman Conquer the world. At the corner Tron and Teisel overhear this and Tron becomes extremely worried and tells Teisel to do something or Juno kills everyone on the island. They find Toshiya and co. and Paul Gekko and Mega Man trapped and frees him by turning the trap off. Tron checks MegaMan who was hurt by the trap and asked are you all right and MegaMan thanks her. Teisel tells him that Juno is getting away and he chases him leaving Tron and Teisel behind. Mega Man and Paul Gekko finds a giant Refractor called the Rainbow Refractor and fights through the remaining Reaverbots and finds Data who already went there where Juno was waiting for them with Eggman and Sera. Paul Gekko confronts him and Juno turns to his 2nd form after he defeats him and he defeats him and dies. Mega Man manages to stop the program and the island is safe and Eggman and Sera retreats with his Egg Fleet. Some time it's time for them to leave. Mega Man and Paul Gekko goes to the city to say goodbye to everyone and they thank him for helping then returns to Roll, Barrell and Data. They say Goodbye to Amelia who was with them and boards the Flutter. While departing Mega Man notices the people on the island are cheering at them and say goodbye.

Departure to the Forbidden IslandEdit

After recovering from engine failure two years later, Toshiya's group continue their quest for the Mother Lode and to stop Eggman. Verner Von Bluecher, Professor Barrell's companion, has built an airship named "Sulphur-Bottom", which he claims is strong enough to penetrate the storm hovering over Forbidden Island (an unexplored island that they've attempted to explore before). However, while en route, Yuna, disguised as a reporter, attempts to dissuade Von Bluecher, Barrell and all those on board to enter Forbidden Island. When she fails, she orders Gatz to fire at the Sulphur-Bottom, but Eggman reveals to Yuna that Mother Lode is not a Catastrophe but a Super Weapon called a Carbon Reinitialization Program, the Laser Cannon in Elysium thanks to the fully revived Sera and Geetz. The Egg Fleet have injured Gatz and damaged the Sulphur-Bottom. Gatz and Yuna crash landed on Toshiya, when he is watching the view of the skies. After traveling through Forbidden Island, Toshiya and co. found the Egg Fleet departing from the Island and Toshiya and Paul Gekko rescue the Sulphur-Bottom and its crew, which includes Barrell and Von Bluecher. Sera and Geetz were taken inside the Sulphur-Bottom where Geetz says they need to obtain four keys to unlock the Mother Lode. Bluecher requests that Mega Man, Paul Gekko and co. to search for the keys and so they embark on a journey that sees him fighting against Reaverbots and pirates to obtain them. After all of the keys have been collected, Sera and Geetz turn on Paul Gekko to let Eggman use the Carbon Reinitialization Program. As Geetz engages him in battle Sera escapes to Elysium with the keys. At the conclusion of their fight Geetz explodes, causing heavy damage to Paul Gekko. Working together Yuna and Data are able to repair Paul Gekko, and during the repair process, Mega Man recovers part of his memories as Trigger. Once restored to full strength, Mega Man and Paul Gekko and co. follows Sera to Elysium to stop Dr. Eggman from using the Carbon Reinitialization Program. After Eggman retreats to his foster base at Planet Mega, Yuna still resides within Matilda's body while Sera now resides in Yuna's original body, and with Mega Man and Toshiya Gekko are rescued by the unnamed Armada of Battleships led by Shisui no Mikoto and was reunited with Roll Casket and her friends.

Nobuya's multiple AdventuresEdit

After that, Paul Gekko bestowed the Yamata no Orochi in Biometal form to Kandy making her a Jinchūriki of the Eight Tailed Snake.