Kaguya was a close friend of Paul Gekko.


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After the Yamata no Orochi arc, It is revealed that she has a Family: Her Mother was a Princess and Her Father was a Gunpla Pilot, Her Older Brother was a Uchiha, Her Three Sisters were Uchiha with the similar trait called Mythology Mode. After Paul Gekko single-handedly put an end to all the wars that plagued her Village in North Kaiser, Naori Gekko apparently upon learning that Naruto had also come to know the truth, asked him not to reveal the truth so that the Kuro Akatsuki may not get their hands on the secret Recipe of Hatred. Kaguya tells Paul Gekko about the similarity of the loss of her Parents and the loss her Older Brother. During the Final Battle of Ka Boa Bu, Kaguya assisted Naruto's Proper Name sink the MSN-09 Extra Blaster Zeong by taking out the smaller engines.


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  • Her name and title are likely references to Princess Kaguya, the main character from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter (竹取物語, Taketori Monogatari), which is said to be one of the oldest Japanese legends in written record. According to the legend, Princess Kaguya wears a hagoromo (羽衣, "feather mantle") when she returns home to her kingdom. The name Ōtsutsuki (大筒木) roughly means "big bamboo tree" and is derived from an obscure passage in the second volume of the Kojiki about the genealogies of Emperor Suinin, eleventh emperor of Japan, which states that he had a consort named Kaguyahime no Mikoto (迦具夜比売命), the daughter of a king named Ōtsutsukitarine no Miko (大筒木垂根王); tradition holds that these individuals served as the basis for Princess Kaguya and the old bamboo cutter in the aforementioned tale.

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