Kanji Kamatari

Kanji (鎌足漢字) was a Member of Team Okaina, the Team that was given command on endless mission that was completed for 40 years.


First, it was supposed to be male-appearing on the surface, but it would act like a woman or the exact opposite, erotic and sedutive, but manly on the inside. Then, the decision came down to just 'a pretty girl', which apparently had positive results, since Kamatari was placed 10th in the popularity contest. Watsuki also has stated that he credits Oda Eiichiro for Kamatari's creation. The visual model for the face is Ikari Yui from Evangelion, with only some small changes, like the hair and forehead. The body was influenced by Rei-Rei from Vampire Hunter.


Kamatari's scythe actually exists, although the blade was made a bit bigger than it's supposed to be. This scythe is called Ogama and Kamatari uses his own style called Honjo-Ryu. Honjo-Ryu has two different techniques: the first is Midare Benten, wherein he spins the scythe causing the chain and the ball to form a sphere around his body to destroy anything that comes into contact and to block anything that tries to attack his body; The second is Benten Mawashi and can only be done when Kamatari's weapon is broken: using the steel forked tip of the handle, Kamatari spins the blade and chain rapidly as an attack.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

A crossdresser, Kamatari appears like a typical attractive woman to the degree that he throws Sakura Haruno off completely when Kamatari reveals that he is a man. He practices Honjō-ryū, his own style of martial arts with his scythe, and three of his special techniques are seen in the series, two of which are named after Benten, the only female of the Buddhist Seven Lucky Gods: Midare Benten (Disheveled Benten) is when the scythe is whipped over her head, and the chain forms a sphere, therefore creating both an offensive and defensive attack. Benten Mawashi (Unwrapping Benten) makes use of his broken scythe by twirling the blade and chain rapidly like the blade of a helicopter. The third was unnamed but is an offensive move used by swinging the iron ball at the end into the opponent if the scythe can not be used. When Paul Gekko became Emperor, Kanji was revealed to be one of the Four Guardians of the Temple of Hatred that guards the Great Artifacts. At the Time, it has been revealed that Kanji has Parents and his younger sister.

Birth of Ven ArcEdit

Many Years have passed, Future Paul Gekko was now with the ressurected Black Demon. Ventus and his team managed to stop Future Paul Gekko's Plan, to save the Gekko Clan and the Other Clans.


  • Kantai Kamatari- Mother
  • Paul Gekko- Guardian
  • Kaitachi Kamatari- Father (Deceased)
  • Kamtai Kamatari- Younger Brother


  • Kanji was loosely based on Honjo.
  • Kanji was a relative of Honjo Kamatari.
  • Paul Tennyson has the transformation of Kanji.

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