Katana is a monk in training from the Land of Fire's Fire Temple. He is also a Ten Tails Jinjuriki.


Katana has shoulder-length, dull blueish-grey hair in an asymmetrical style with a single lock falling into his face, and brown eyes. He wears sandals and the standard monk uniform with a long right sleeve, due to his right bandaged arm which he conceals because unlike a normal human arm, it can resemble a beast claw when Sora is angry or using the Ten-Tails demon chakra.


Jinchūriki Transformation Edit

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Katana's has been shown to have high levels of stamina and chakra. When using the Shinseijū's Chakra, he had all the power and resistance to injury and attack to the likes of an unsealed Ten Tails. He could also used enhanced version of his wind techniques. he possesses around the same power as one. Katana gained access to a Version 2 transformation. Katana enters Tailed Beast Mode and chakra that took on a darker colour. Each of its Ten Tails ended in dragon-like heads.


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Paul Gekko ArcEdit

Kuro Akatsuki ArcEdit

During the Kuro Akatsuki's defeat, Makoto meets Katana and the two became friends. As a child, Sora's only known family was his father, who he looked up to greatly and wanted to follow in his footsteps, later believing him to have been killed. After his father's presumed death, Katana went to live with the monks of the Fire Temple. At the temple, Sora trained hard in hopes of some day avenging his father and clearing his name, as Sora refused to believe what a horrible man people claimed him to be.


At the end of the Final Battle in the Ka Boa Bu, Apsalus Dragon was finally transformed into the Ten Tails' Alter Ego Dice and meets Seven Jinchuurikis of the Eight Headed Serpent, Yamata no Orochi. They are intrested in the Peace Treaty after the War. Unfortunately, Scuttle comes with an attack force of various sea creatures to attack. This causes Dice to Transform into the Dragon Form of Ten Tails and thus being sealed within Katana, who is a closest friend of Makoto. With the combined efforts of the entire Hylian Federation, the tailed beasts were freed from the Mobile Armor halting the Infinite Tsukuyomi and saving Katana.


  • Katana resembles Sora from Naruto Series.

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