• Kenji's Tree Form
  • Kenji's Beast Form

Kenji (健二) or simply Deliora (デリオラ, Deriora), reputed as the Ten Tails (十尾, Jū-bi) is a Giant Tree of Ancient Izumo.


Eternal Tsukuyomi

Ten Tails being unleashed

Kenji is a tremendous tree, which, despite being weaker than its parent, dwarfs the Shinju in sheer size similar to Shinseijū. When viewed from space, the tree can easily be seen. Up close, it is a large leafy tree, with many rope-like branches hanging down. Its trunk is truly enormous, and its roots can spread out for miles. In it's Tailed Beast Form, It possesses a large torso and two large arms that end in large, scaly hands. In addition, he has two large legs that end in feet that resemble the feet from a large bird, he also has large spikes on the back of his feet. His hair is mane-like in shape and it flows down to the nape of his neck. He has a pair of horns that point upwards, starting from a plate on his forehead. He has large pointed teeth as well as two hollow eyes and ten wip like tails. He could open its mouth wide to reveal a rafflesia-like attachment when producing a Tailed Beast Ball.


Like the Shinju and the Shinseijū is a tree of tremendous chakra. As a result, anyone able to harness its power becomes immensely dangerous. In its tailed beast form, the Shinseijū becomes capable of combat. In this form, the creature is capable of using its tails to absorb chakra, by opening up the tails to reveal mouths capable of sucking up the chakra of their victims.


Kenji possesses a gargantuan amount of chakra. It's chakra can take on four known natures; fire, earth, yin, and lava nature. Upon taking on its tailed beast form, the tree's chakra is noted to be ever larger and far more potent.

Chakra FruitEdit

Kenji's Chakra Fruit

Kenji's Chakra Fruit

Kenji is also capable of producing a fruit imbued with tremendous chakra. In order to create a fruit, the tree must take root on the planet and begin to absorb both the natural energy and chakra from within. Once ripe, the fruit can then be eaten, granting the one who eats it comparable power to that of the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki. In addition to this, the tree can also produce fruits that grant the user one of its numerous chakra natures.

Tailed Beast TransformationsEdit

The Person eating the Fruit may have the power to transform into a Tailed Beast. The result is a monstrous tailed beast form, possessing ten wip like tails.


  • Kenji's Beast Form resembles Deliora from Fairy Tail Series.



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