Darth Omega

Darth Omega

Kento (健人) is a Legendary Sith Lord of Planet Dens. He is known as Darth Omega. He has a Descendant named Paul Skywalker.




Kento was an extremely ambitious and talented individual who held great potential within the Force. He was a competent lightsaber swordsman.



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End of Creation ArcEdit

Kento was once a Sky Knight and a Friend of Thunder Strike. He was part of a small Jedi community living there during the years that the Black Demon's defeat. Despite this prohibition, Kento was trained by a Jedi. Upon witnessing the death of his Master in a Disease, Kento became a Sith Lord as Darth Omega.


Gochi-in no Tajima has five sons, Tajima's four of them grow up to begin a new life and being independent, and was left with Paul Skywalker. Tajima was pleased nonetheless that this member of the Shadow Clan is a Desciple of Yulia Jue and a Friend to Thunder Strike.


  • Paul Skywalker- Descendant

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