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Kenzo and Rai

Kenzo (賢三) more commonly known as Raiko (ライコ) is an Older Brother of Rai. He is tied to the Legend of Susanoo.


Main article: Shinto Christian Mythology

Before the end of the Yamata no Orochi arc, Rai was orphaned as a child along with her older brother, Raiko. Over time, Rai looks up to Raiko. After Susanoo Uzumaki sealed the Eight Headed Serpent, the night about five years ago she woke up during the night only to find her brother poisoned by Orochi's Wheels and was slowly, but surely, dying. Knowing that he was terminally ill and about to die at any minute, Raiko told Rai to report to Yuki Uzuki that he would not be able to see his friend again. Before telling her to go, Raiko told Rai that she must develop her feelings to her friends. Satisfied by seeing what he believed to be "good times", Raiko peacefully passed away, happy his friends were all with him at the end. Rai mourns over her brother's body. God's son Jesus takes Kenzo's Soul to heaven.


Paul Gekko reveals that he holds no grudge and forgives him, lifting his fist. Rai sheds a tear as she realizes that Paul is still her friend, and they bump fists.


  • Rai- Younger Sister
  • Hakura- Wife

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